Air America

Some weeks before the Columbia disaster a schizophrenic man flew a plane over Frankfurt unless people paid more attention to astronaut Judy Resnik.

I discovered the transcript at The Hillbilly Sophisticate.


Excerpts from radio traffic between the plane circling Frankfurt threatening to hit a building…Start of recording: 15:60h. Steven (the pilot) asks for a connection to CNN.

TOWER: Steven, we can’t reach anybody at CNN. Can it be another TV station?
PLANE: Okay. If you can’t get CNN here, try CNN USA.
TOWER: We have the phone numbers of CNN in Frankfurt or Berlin, but they don’t answer the phone.
PLANE: I don’t believe that.
TOWER: We keep trying, we keep trying…
PLANE: Evacuate the EZB, please (EZB=European Central Bank).
TOWER: Repeat.
PLANE: Evacuate the EZB.
TOWER: (switching the phone to loudspeaker, you hear the answering machine of CNN “This is CNN Broadcasting. Our offices are not open at the moment…
TOWER: Steven…??
PLANE: Contact NTV, the german news station.
TOWER: We need the phone number.
TOWER: Steven, do you have a phone on board?
PLANE: Yes, but the battery’s empty.
TOWER: Empty?
TOWER: Steven, NTV isn’t open either, they also have their answering machine switched on.
PLANE: What about the BILD newspaper (BILD = German boulevard press paper)
TOWER: Do you have the number?
TOWER: We’re trying to find the phone number of Philipp Resnik.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: I think we’re in contact with NTV in Berlin. If you want to speak to them, speak slowly, we have to switch between the phone receiver and the radio mic.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Yes, hello, is this NTV Berlin? Please hold the mic farther away, it’s too loud.
TOWER: It’s too loud.
TOWER: Is this NTV Berlin?
NTV: Yes, this is NTV Berlin.
PLANE: This is Franz Strambach speaking, a great fan of Judith Resnik, Judith Resnik who died back in 1986 when the space shuttle exploded.
NTV: Yes, can you quickly tell us where you are now?
PLANE: I’m circling over Frankfurt and will end my life today and go to Judith…
NTV: Okay… you want to end your life?
PLANE: Too loud, softer please.
PLANE: I just want to say that I love Judith very much and I also have my homepage in the internet done for her:
NTV: Yes, you know, you are over Frankfurt?
PLANE: Yes over Frankfurt.
NTV: Do you want to put people in danger?
TOWER: Steven, did you get that? I will manage this from now on, first you, then the other one, else it won’t work… so that one speaks after the other one.
TOWER: The NTV representative may speak now.
NTV: You want to end your life and thus put the life of other people in danger?
PLANE: Good, now tell me what he said, I can’t hear him.
TOWER: So, please repeat again, NTV, repeat again.
NTV: He wants to end his life. Is he aware that he’s putting other people’s lives in danger?
PLANE: I’ve already said I want the EZB evacuated.
TOWER: Steven, again.
PLANE: I’ve already said I want the EZB evacuated.
NTV: What’s the purpose of this? We here don’t understand that…
PLANE: I want to make the world aware of Judith Resnik.
NTV: We don’t understand how this would be the right way…
TOWER: Steven…
TOWER: Steven…?
PLANE: Yes, I want to make the world aware of Judith Resnik, because nobody notices her anymore.
NTV: Certainly this is the wrong way, you’re endangering other people.
PLANE: I don’t want to endanger other people.
NTV: You can’t avoid that this way.
PLANE: Do you know Judith Resnik?
NTV: No, to be honest, I don’t, no…
PLANE: She was a Challenger astronaut.
NTV: Yes, the astronaut who died back then?
PLANE: I’m a great fan of hers, and I hope that we can get together, after so many years…
NTV: Yes, but why in this way?
PLANE: This is the only way to make people aware of her.
NTV: Tell me some more about Judith Resnik.
PLANE: She was an astronaut, born 1949, and died 1986 in the Challenger catastrophe.
NTV: Why is this lady so important to you?
PLANE: Because I love her…
NTV: No, I don’t think you love her…
PLANE: I was a great fan of hers even when I was 14 years old.
NTV: That’s not unusual, to be a fan of hers…
PLANE: Yes, I never forgot about her since then, everybody else did. I have now my homepage on
NTV: Why are you interested in this lady?
PLANE: She was a great woman, Jewish and she was the first Jewish astronaut
in the world.
NTV: How are you going to go on now?
PLANE: Well, I’m gonna do something to make her known… Judith Resnik, I mean.
TOWER: May I make a suggestion, Steven? If you land your plane here in Frankfurt now, you’ve got more publicity than when you fly into some building…
PLANE: I don’t want to fly into a building, that I won’t do…
TOWER: Well, then, I suggest you land your little plane here at Frankfurt Airport for once. How about it?
PLANE: But, I want this to be public. She won’t be known by such a simple landing.
TOWER: She’ll be more than known by this landing, the whole airport is shut down.
PLANE: I’d prefer a broadcast about Judith Resnik on NTV.
TOWER: Well, then listen for a moment, they’re just telling me they’re trying to go live with you. The problem is, it goes back and forth all the time. They would be very happy to continue the dialog after the landing.
PLANE: About Judith Resnik?
TOWER: The NTV lady said, of course about Judith Resnik.
TOWER: Continue, are you going to land now?
PLANE: I want to talk to Charles Resnik now.
TOWER: Alright.
TOWER: We have the connection, but on another phone. We’re trying to put you through.
PLANE: Excellent!
TOWER: We’re working on it, it’s difficult. The technicians have to help. The call has been routed to another office, somebody’s trying to put the call through to here.
TOWER: As said, just a moment… the call was interrupted. We’re trying to call the US again.
CHARLES RESNIK: Charles Resnik speaking…
PLANE: I have to apologize, I should’ve asked before making the homepage. I’ve made a big mistake.
TOWER: All clear, I’ve got Charles Resnik on the phone, and I would like to handle the call, as I did before.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Charles goes first.
CHARLES RESNIK: Hello, Charles Resnik speaking…
PLANE: Yes, hello, this is Franz Stramback. First I would like to apologize for the homepage, I made it without asking you first.
PLANE: Can you tell me the name of Judith’s dog?
CHARLES RESNIK: You mean our family dog?
PLANE: Yes, the family dog.
PLANE: T. r . a . c . y. ?
PLANE: This is incorrect. The dog’s name was Stacy.
CHARLES RESNIK: Okay, I can’t remember the name exactly, we had two dogs at the time.
PLANE: Can you then tell me the names of the three Musketeers?
PLANE: Can I talk to Judith’s father?
CHARLES RESNIK: That is impossible, he had a heart attack.

[The protocol gets garbled, but obviously the hijacker asks about Judith Resnik’s grandmother.]

PLANE: Okay, and how old was she?
CHARLES RESNIK: When she dies she was 60.
PLANE: And the other grandmother, how old was she?
CHARLES RESNIK: The other grandmother dies when she was 96.
PLANE: Alright, I have positively identified Charles Resnik. Tell him, I never wanted to be a threat to his family. I’ve got the feeling the Resnik family is not okay with this.
TOWER: Charles has never seen this homepage.
PLANE: Ah, okay. Ask him what could make her [Judith] more popular in Europe, in his opinion.
CHARLES RESNIK: This question can’t be answered in a few words.
TOWER: Hang on.
PLANE: Alright.
TOWER: Steven, did you ever hear about the Challenger Space Science Education Center?
PLANE: Yes, but that is not in Europe, it’s in the US. She’s my idol, and I want to make her famous all over the world.
TOWER: Charles says, they’re planning such centers all over Europe, also in Germany.
PLANE: That’s okay. Ask him… eh… eh… just a moment, please. Say again, please. Ask him if… eh… eh… a moment please. Ask him if he’s loved her all through the years.
TOWER: Can you repeat this question, please?
PLANE: Ask him if he’s loved her all these years.
TOWER: Steven.
TOWER: He says, yes, because she was his sister.
PLANE: Okay, that is good.
TOWER: Steven?
TOWER: It’s getting dark. At most half an hour until it’s completely dark. Don’t you want to land on Frankfurt Airport now?
PLANE: Yes, I’ll think about it.
TOWER: Yes, think about it. The whole airport is at your disposal. Absolutely no traffic there.
PLANE: Judith was a great woman, tell him that.
TOWER: He [Charles Resnik] says, he’d like to talk to you after your landing. It’s pretty difficult now, with the mic and the loudspeakers.
PLANE: I know, that’s okay. Ask him, if he could look at the homepage.
TOWER: Okay.
PLANE: Ask him, who Philipp Resnik is. Is that his nephew?
TOWER: Steven?
TOWER: He says he’s never heard that name before.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Steven, Charles Resnik is sitting at his computer now and is online with the homepage. It is Is that correct?
PLANE: It’s a link page. Ask him what he thinks of it.
TOWER: Hang on… Eh, Steven. It takes some time until he’s looked at it, because there’s a lot of things on it. And a lot of information.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: He’ll take some time to dig through it. And, Steven, is there anything special he should look out for?
PLANE: Nah, it’s alright… what is he thinking, what’s he saying to me loving his sister still? It’s not a normal love, it’s a platonic love. What does he think?
TOWER: Just a second, Steven. Charles says, sometimes we lose people we love, and we must keep their memories in our minds.
PLANE: What does he think about my platonic love for her? And my try to keep her memory fresh by means of a homepage?
TOWER: Charles askes: Is this your homepage? Did you assemble all that information?
TOWER: Charles says, he thinks you did great work.
PLANE: Does he think, Judith would see it that way, too? Ask him.
TOWER: Okay… Steven, he says, he thinks Judith would be proud of it.
PLANE: Oh, that’s good. Thank you.
TOWER: What about the landing?
PLANE: Yeah, I still have some time. Ask him if he will work with that homepage, after I’ve landed, and if he wants to make it a great Information and Science site in Judith’s name. For the children, and all the people in the world.
TOWER: Steven, he says, he’d like that. And he will contact people to help you.
PLANE: I want him to put scientific articles and maybe also Judith’s works on it, to keep the memory fresh.
TOWER: He says, he’ll do that.
PLANE: Okay… and… ehm… ask him whether… ehm… is he… just a moment. Ask him about his father. And tell him, I admire how he educated Judith. He’s a great man. And ask, if I can talk to his father.
TOWER: Steven… Charles says thanks, but he [the father] had a heart attack, but Charles would like to continue talking to you after your landing. Do you realize I told you that you’ve only got kerosene for about
20 minutes?
PLANE: Okay. Can’t his father be reached for a conversation?
TOWER: He can’t, he’s had a heart attack.
PLANE: Ah yes, I see.
TOWER: Did you understand that you’ve only got kerosene for 20 minutes? You should slowly think about flying to the airport.
PLANE: Tell him, I wish his father gets well soon.
TOWER: Charles says thank you.
PLANE: And tell him that children are the most important think for our future and that Judith could do a lot for the education of children all over the world. We should make an education facility for children all over the world.
TOWER: Steven, Charles says, he agrees.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Steven, what are we going to do now? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to fly towards the airport?
PLANE: Tell him, I love his father, and him, too. Robin and Charles Resnik. I love them too, and they’re very good people. And… ehm… I love Judith very much.
TOWER: Hang on… Steven? Charles says, thank you very much.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Steven? The heading for the airport is 210 degrees. Steven… Steven, do you see the airport? Please fly heading 210. Steven?
PLANE: I will always love Judith. I think she was a very great woman.
TOWER: Steven!
TOWER: Steven, Charles says, he’d really like to talk to you after the landing.
PLANE: Yes. But we also have to do the homepage together, then.
TOWER: He promised that, didn’t he? Steven, report your heading.
PLANE: I’m slowly getting back to Frankfurt Airport.
TOWER: Right, heading 210, please.
PLANE: Ask Charles Resnik. This whole matter was stupid. Does he think it was bad for Judith’s image?
TOWER: Just a second… Steven? Steven – Charles says, it wasn’t bad for her image, because [garbled] and he’ll continue working with you.
PLANE: On the homepage?
TOWER: On the homepage.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Steven, report your heading.
PLANE: I’m going towards the runway.
TOWER: Can you see the airport?
TOWER: Wind is [garbled] knots, you can use any runway you like. Steven, your heading looks fine. Keep it up, maybe 10 degrees to the right.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Do you see anything that looks like landing lights?
PLANE: No idea.
TOWER: Do you have any experience on such a plane?
PLANE: None.
TOWER: Does this mean, you can’t do this? Land correctly?
PLANE: I’ll have to see.
TOWER: Well, okay. Let’s see if we can do this together. Let’s see… how high are you now?
PLANE: Well, I know how to fly a Cessna, from earlier on.
TOWER: Well, if you can fly a Cessna, you’ll have no problems landing this box. Steven, can you report your speed? What does the speedometer show?
PLANE: Ehm… sec… oh, 50 km/h.
TOWER: Then you should accelerate a bit. Do you see the runway?
TOWER: Then head for it. How high are you now?
PLANE: Ehm… sec… 2600 ft.
TOWER: 2600 ft? Not 1600 ft?
PLANE: It says 2600 ft here.
TOWER: Then you can start your descent. Ease off the accelerator and start descent.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: So, and can you turn to the right, please and align with [garbled]? Steven, are you descending? Report your altitude please!
PLANE: 2400 ft.
TOWER: You should slowly start thinking about descending.
PLANE: I’ll fly another circle, okay?
TOWER: Circle to the left, excellent. Steven you should put the blue handle on position one. The blue one on the left, left of you, position one.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Report altitude.
PLANE: 2000.
TOWER: Yes, this looks good. You can continue your descent. Do you know what a [garbled] looks like? And what’s your rate of descent?
PLANE: 500.
TOWER: That’s excellent. Altitude?
PLANE: 2000.
TOWER: Don’t you want to descend?
PLANE: Heading 360?
TOWER: Yes, do that, 360 to the left. Steven, what are your instruments showing?
PLANE: Ehm…[garbled]
TOWER: Now please keep your rate of descent of 500. Steven, what runway are you heading for? Left or right?
PLANE: Right.
TOWER: Excellent. Steven, report your altitude.
PLANE: 1200.
TOWER: Continue descent, keep your speed, just fly towards the runway. I’ll tell you when to take back the power.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Report altitude.
PLANE: 1200.
TOWER: Would you put your nose down a bit? Yes, that’s right, slowly downward. Steven?
TOWER: Take power back completely now.
TOWER: Did you?
TOWER: Just pull the handle all the way back. Report altitude.
PLANE: 1000.
TOWER: You’re doing that very well. This will work. Leave the nose where it is, power all the way out, and just fly towards the middle of the runway.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Steven, does your plane have retractible wheels?
PLANE: I don’t think I put them down.
TOWER: Well, you should think about putting the wheels down sometime.
PLANE: I think they’re out now.
TOWER: Then it’s okay. Now… just turn off the engine. Now pull back the nose a bit, just slightly upwards. Hold it like that, until it touches down. So, Steven, you’re doing this very well. Just hold her now, don’t do anything, don’t do anything. And then, just to the left, once you’re slow enough, just take a left.
PLANE: Okay.
TOWER: Now, stop the plane, turn off the engine, switch off everything. Did you shut down all systems?
TOWER: Open the door and show us your hands.


It started about 5 years ago on Christmas eve, my Jewish neighbor pulled in front of my house and revved up his new hot rod. Silent Night Holy Night had just been  shattered. I am not talking a hot rod car with a loud engine I am talking blatantly obnoxiously loud. That was the beginning of a 5 year constant battle with him revving up his engine at least once a week. When I called the police the guy would leave and the police would throw up their arms like “what can I do he’s not here and you could be making this whole thing up”. My police force is entirely Jewish from the top down and I thought Id share with you what is going on with me right now in America not Palestine.
All throughout this 5 year period I have had skateboarders on my street at 3am in the morning, sometimes 10 at a time. For some reason in front of my house has been the rallying point and these kids, some of them around 18 for some reason don’t understand they are or could be affecting someone’s peace. If I go out and tell them to get lost they simply give me the finger and shoot down the road and they’re back a little later. If I attack one of these kids I am the one in trouble and then I give my police force exactly what they seem to want and I’ll explain why. Every time these groups of skateboarders come in the middle of the night I would let them get loud and louder until it was fully evident that they were deliberately disturbing my peace. Sometimes Id call the police the minute they came and they would be gone before the cop got to the scene and other times Id let it go on and then call and as soon as I called they were gone. I can’t count the times police cars went down my street after these guys had left, many times the police didn’t come till long after I called when the skateboarders were still there and they would always manage to leave before the cops came.
I knew something wasn’t right so I started filming it and it started to slow down. One night I called in and told the police I have it on tape even though I had months of it on tape and they rushed out and caught the kids and then told me I would go to jail if I was filming this. Well this went from the Jewish neighbors hot rod to the skateboards for 5 years. If I really wanted to be dramatic I could include tons of facts, but I am just letting people out there know what’s going on in my town. I am known as the “Jew hater” in my town, but they don’t want to like interview me and see what I have to say you see? They just want me to look crazy.
For a few months my neighbor has been quiet and skateboarders have slowed down, but for the last 5 or 6 months I’ve had a new problem. I’ve had some idiot flying loops over my house in a plane all day and up to about 11pm at night. This is not a trainer and isn’t anywhere near an airport. I am a pilot myself and there is absolutely no reason for this training wise. So after calling FAA, Sheriffs office (inside the airport), the airport security dept., my county Commissioners office, my Mayor and local police, not to mention bulk emails to all companies at the airport I am told I can’t be helped. In fact I was contacted and questioned for being of sound mind even though this plane was doing loops right in front of the officers face.
Let me also conclude that these planes belong to a company that has no office and their phone number simply tells the local weather report. I got one name connected to this company and it is Jewish, my police force is Jewish, my Mayor is Jewish, my local newspapers are Jewish, the only local radio show is a complete farce and abomination of everything America and or Christianity stands for, my County Commissioners are Jewish, my Sheriff is Jewish (when I say Jewish I mean Jews), my neighbor(s) are Jews, the skateboarders always looked like Jews, some were Jews from NYC.
This is just a note as to what I am dealing with and when it’s all said and done you will know why I did what I did and you wouldn’t blame me one iota. I’ve been through the ringer of all the people I pay taxes to who are supposed to be working for me. If this is being done to me it has to be being done to others and I am making it known that you should make it known. If you speak out about these reptilian nutjob Jews you will become Ezra Pounded, but I’m not Ezra Pound.
Eph 2:2   Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

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