Men Who Stare At Men Who Stare At Goats

I don’t think its possible to live in a more pathetic country today than America. It wont surprise me one iota to see people walking around town with socks and shoes on their heads. Everything is completely upside down, out of sync, polluted, perverted and without soul. We have a cabal of reptiles in control of everything in America today and they are using our military, our courts, our police, our money, our communications, everything to choke us and what do we do about it? Not a damned thing. Even if we did something it wouldn’t be against the people everyone knows it is because many of us are too damned scared to call it what it is. So what do we do? We go to the movies and watch someone try to hypnotize a goat. Well my fellow countrymen the goat has hypnotized you.
I’ve been saying for years that Glenn Beck was a Jew, I’ve said for years Charlie Sheen is a Bill Buchner, drop the ball Jew. I’ve been saying for years Sarah Palin is a Jewess, I’ve been saying for years that your hero Ron Paul wants to put a Jewish Communist in charge of his new money system, Peter Schiff. People have been saying, oh no he’s not related to Jacob Schiff and he would never do such a thing. How stupid can you people be?
Sarah Palin is in Israel now and is she visiting Bethlehem? Is she stopping to say a prayer in Nazareth? Has she walked the stages of the cross or up the Mount of Olives? Has she visited the Palestinian territories? The answer is “negative” folks. Could it get any slimier in America than to have the clown we have in office now replaced with this waxed dummy Sarah Palin? You have to be gutless wimps! When Glenn Beck visited Israel he didn’t visit the Christian sites either (he was unsure of his Jewish side then too). One of my newest political representatives just came back from Israhell just days after he was voted into office (Marco Rubio). He went to a foreign country in the Middle East, the most corrupt country the world has EVER SEEN for WHAT and he is representing my home state? Are we staying or fighting, tell me soon. Other than that the same old song and dance is going on in the media. The argument is that we didn’t follow the Constitution and went into Libya without Congressional consent. What the hell does anyone need consent from Jewish owned politicians for? The Federal Reserve is against the Constitution and they sit there like stooges awaiting our respect? Democrats, Republicans, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Schumer, Barney Frank, AIPAC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc. all on the same team- the Jew team. They are sold out lying traitors that should be hanged for treason. It’s all Jewish CRAP!
I have to say I have never seen such cowardice in all my life from my own people. All of these people speaking out and they don’t get off their duffs to do a damned thing. Nobody even hears them. Jews own your media you fools and they stole it from you. They stole your jobs, your government, your kids, your women and your souls. Do you think I’m blowing smoke up your @$$? These people have to be marched out of here. The time for talk is over.
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3 Responses to Men Who Stare At Men Who Stare At Goats

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    All the Khaddafis are Jew

    Cameron’s a Jew

    Milliband’s a Jew

    Rifkind’s a Jew

    Sarkozy’s a Jew

    Everyone handling Obama is Jew

    Jew-Queen Quack-Daffy

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