You’re Demjanjuk!

Dustin Hoffbloom wrote this some time ago and thought I would help him get the message out some.
What you say Demjanjuk did, you jews did. What you say was done to you, you did to the Russians, the Germans, the Armenians, the Poles, the Egyptians, etc…

Whatever you accuse others of you are guilty of yourselves.

You claim Whites are racists when you brought Blacks to America in slave ships like farm animals. You control the porn in the world and then you want to silence people who oppose you and call them evil. You blow up ships, churches, mosques and make it look like others did it (anyone can research it), you create wars by slithering into high office and then blame it on the country you slithered into.

You are against Iran having nukes when you slithered into the Middle East and became the fifth biggest super power in the world through deceit and blackmail. You have broken every UN resolution there is and call people haters if they tell the truth about you. Oh ye hypocrites, your house is desolate.


Heres an Israeli spy who jeopardized God knows how many lives and he walks.

You call our Justice Dept. justice? This is pure jewish caca.

You call the Koran a filthy book, slander it and don’t dare discuss your own because you are hypocrites. You know if people knew what was in your holiest book they would know the root of all racism in the world. The Talmud.

You own the media to make sure this truth never comes out.

You own every inch of the media and you wail when someone you don’t employ lets the truth out about you like you own our ears (you are psychopaths). The fact is you have to own the entire media so no truth comes out about you because your house of cards full of lies will come down with door of truth even slightly ajar.
Your Academy Awards are nothing but liars sucking up to bigger liars knowing full well the contest for best liar is a lie in itself.
You created this Holocaust lie and you make yourselves hate people who know the truth and you laugh at those who believe your trash. You are a hypocritical evil brood of vipers, no doubt.
You call everyone antisemites and YOU are the biggest antisemites of all time. Jesus was a Semite and Palestinians and Lebanese are semitic and you Khazars (who are not semitic) are bombing (not calling them names, mind you, but BOMBING THEM) just about every day one or the other.

You claim Arabs want to throw you into the sea, but there is no proof of it other than your own Jewish media, but a former Israeli Supreme Court president says it outright. Oh ye hypocrites!

Where is the opposition to your biased media? Hypocrites want to murder their opposition because they can’t live with the truth about themselves. They want to live in their lying world and have their liars bow down to them knowing full well they are liars. It’s only a matter of time that the bottom drops out once again.

Israel has been caught spying on America and giving away classified material forever to our enemies (actually you could say Jews have) and they bombed our ship, the USS Liberty and murdered almost 40 people and injured nearly 200. They wanted to kill them all and they want their spies like Pollard returned to them ASAP. Israel committed an act of war on the USA and they demand the release of their spies?

I don’t know who has been in that oval office for over 40 years (certainly not men), but I would’ve locked the whole damned country up if it were me.

You take an old man to trial and you whine like pigs when you are accused of a crime yourselves even though you did 9/11, 7/7, the USS Liberty and the Beirut bombing not to mention murdering JFK and somehow you have convinced the masses not to investigate you. Well I will devote my life to investigating you. My breathing will stop before my investigating does. The investigating is so much easier when you know where to begin.
Somehow an innocent man like Mr. Demjanjuk can be plucked out of whatever country he is in by Jews, but a guilty Jew like Roman Polanski can live his life out in luxury after sodomizing a 13-year-old girl. This guy oddly was a figure in the Manson murders, just a coincidence I’m sure. The fact is with this Jewish media and this Jewish government you will never get justice. You wont be seeing the Polanski case on TV and coincidentally you wont see the true story about Demjanjuk either. They want to keep this out of your minds and fill it with Britney Spears CRAP!

Thank you Dustin   You are the man!

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4 Responses to You’re Demjanjuk!

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Demjanjuk on trial for alleged war crimes at Treblinka … I mean Sobibor … wait, I think it’s Treblinka … no, hang on a minute … maybe it’s Abu Ghraib … no, no, sorry .. must be Long Kesh … could be the Bastille … Lubyanka?

  2. 正教会の智 says:

    “This guy oddly was a figure in the Manson murders, just a coincidence I’m sure.”

    Cheaper and quicker than a California divorce.

  3. GTRman says:

    “Captain of Industry ” Award must surely go to Dr Mengele , who seemingly worked 24 hours a day , at all known and as yet unknown “death” camps , and then on for the next 4 decades in the USA , doing his evil Manchurian MK Ultra stuff.

    THATS the benefit of a hearty breakfast!

  4. GTRman says:

    Some jews are now wailing about a Nazi Baker who has been making Danish’s with Swastikas on them and ….blah blah , will it never end ? I haf suffered enuff dis holocaust babble…..I cant even be bothered to find a link..

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