Vanilla Sky

I am somewhat unhappy to post this and at the same time elated because what I have been saying most of my adult life has all been true and I’m not the dreamer or conspiracy fool I’ve been made out to be. Most of those lemmings that called me names behind my back are calling me now brrrng brrrng “Hi, did you hear about Dershowicz?” as if they were with me all along. I’m sorry to say not too many were and just feeds my quest for more and more truth knowing how hosed people can be by our old buddies “the Jews”.
Yes its a dream folks, the whole thing is a sham now completely infiltrated by parasitic Jews that slowly crept their way in and out and in and out finally achieving their goal of final destruction of another great country. Some people just can’t snap out of this Jewish dream even though they know they’re in one. They will do an entire show on the Jew counterfeit money Federal Reserve and then sweet talk people into buying gold so they can get more money to buy more gold.
Can this Jewish money system be any more blatantly ridiculous? It is like most Jewish lies and its all beingWho wants bagels? uncovered now. These lies are so woven in and around that the normal moral person is trained not to go because it always leads to Jews. As soon as the Jew subject hits a lemmings mind the whole thing self destructs like a Mission Impossible tape recorder. Back to Wally world and Fox News. I heard a guy explaining the Federal Reserve recently that had it all together. He was able to explain it in better sequence than I’ve ever heard it and it was like hearing Rachmaninoff along with Abbot and Costello unintentionally getting it all out so that even a novice could understand, but as usual he was interrupted when people speak pure truth like an unfinished symphony. The most difficult aspect of truth is explaining the lies in simplification and that only comes from being smart as a serpent. In this upside down world today those are my heroes, not these Jewish slave nincompoops in TV or sports, etc.
How did this absolute abomination of a money system occur? How do we allow it to go on? Why aren’t we going after these people to lock them up? These people are wearing suits like they are upper class citizens when they are filthy traitorous liars, murderers and thieves. We need to identify them and let the Jew chips fall where they may. Someone wake me up!
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