Mel’s Unabridged Dictionary 1st Edition (under construction)

Bagelian Dialectic~ ultimately the same as the Hegelian Dialectic, but more honest and truthful as to who is doing it 
Bagel logic ~ One instance is in the Talmud where it says the goyim are cows and further down it says goyim do it with cows. This is an attempt to make 2 insults and is really only one. The attempt to make a pretzel, but ends up a bagel.
Boreilly ~ (Boo-Reilly) This is the act of being a brave warrior discrediting Muslims, anti-Semites, the French and everyone, but Jews  like Bill O’Reily who cowers like a poodle any time the Jew subject comes up right in front of his female guests and look at him like he’s just a woos!
Cabalabooser ~ These are hkitchkikers (listed) that weigh the truth down while you carry them up a mountain and try to push you down the mountain like a caboose on the other side causing you to accelerate and do a complete 360. They want you to believe everything was a Jew scam right from the start. The Bible was Jewish and never was an Israel people, the founding fathers were Jewish and nothing was ever any good. They also believe Satan was really God and flowers really smell like gefilte etc…
Divoysion ~ This is when you have no idea how many Americans, Whites, Blacks, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Germans, Russians, Polish, etc. died in WWII, but you know exactly how many Jews supposedly died. Another example- in any given catastrophe in history such as the Haitian earthquake, Japan tsunami, 9/11, etc. you are immediately notified to the number of supposed Jews died even though it always ends up to be hogwash.
Dybbukery~ (Di-book-ery)  when you start looking into Jewish history or Jewish news stories that don’t make sense and opens up an entirely new hidden side of deception altogether.
Defanation~ (defa-Nation) Defamation as we all know is now being anti-Jewish or to be more precise anti- synogoue of satan, therefore “defa” means “anti” and “nation” means “goy”. It is someone who serves Jews, therefore being a self hating goy. Hannity is a defanation or defanator when he is speaking.
Falafelocity ~  When you say you shouldnt point from one bad behavior to justify another because you don’t want your loofah story to come up while you bash everyone else.
Hitpocrisy~ this is the ongoing saga of determining whether Hitler was a Jew or a non-Jew. One side says Hitler couldn’t be a Jew because he loved animals, his non-Jewish people and helped the Jews and didn’t gas them, fry them, etc. This side says because his mother’s name was Schicklgruber and other relatives names were Jacob and Beckstein doesn’t make him a Jew. In this case he wasn’t a Jew because he didn’t gas Jews at all and if he was a Jew he probably would have.
The other side says he was a Jew because he was a Schicklgruber and took money from Warburg so he could fence Jews up and destroy Germany (the German people), but at the same time claim they don’t hate Jews because of their race (even when they claim Jews are a race sometimes and as a religion sometimes).
Those are just two examples, but there are quite a few more. This only defines the ping-pong nature of hypocrisies trying to prove a point about Hitler and comes back around to bite them in der arsch.
Judas Sheeping ~ When you think you are hated like Jesus said for believing Christianity even though you have never even read the Bible and Jews actually love you for it. 
Hkitchkikers ~ (Hk- itch-hkikers) These are crypto’s who pretend to be against Jews and then claim Jews are just being framed by, well they never say. In other words Jews were just following orders like they said about the Nazi’s and that’s why they’re behind every criminal organization on earth. They think we should have pity on them and not hang them like they hanged our European brothers AND sisters in Nuremberg.
Madoffed~ The discovery that Jews and only Jews can do something so diabolical and on such a massive scale. This can be used in any subject and at any level. Someone can be Madoffed discovering Jews were completely in control of slavery or the Fed or any plethora of Jewish crimes including Madoff himself.
Oxymarrano ~ a sharp marrano. This is not to be confused with oxymoron (Greek for sharp-dull)  For instance John Kerry was once a sharp marrano, but not any more. Gerald Celente is an oxymarrano today, but before long he will be a moronmarrano just like Kerry.


shillinguistics ~ The usual lies of the shills however they are dressed or accents used, etc. The act of trying to pull a fast one on the lemmings that would never make it near a real free speech forum which the shill fully knows.
Schiffting ~ This is when you want to move from the pot right to the frying pan. You want to go from a Jewish run economic system to another thinking you will escape corruption. As in Jacob or Peter Schiff.
Schmearing ~ When Jews destroy something and act like it was mankind that did it or a natural event. For example blaming politicians they propped up and paid to put in office that most people wouldn’t put in charge of a knish stand, destroying something by infiltrating it and then claiming the organization was rotten even before-hand. You can also schmear cream cheese on a bagel.
The Talmud Trinity ~ The three types and meanings or pronunciations of the Talmud.
Talmudic ~ (Tal-mud-dic)  This is generally used by the goyim expressing their opinion of this filthy book.
Talmuedic ~ (Tal-mue-dic) The actual information in the Babylonian Talmud such as, goyim do it with cows, shiksa’s are unclean beasts, etc…
Talmoodic ~ (Tal-mood-dic) This is being in the mood to do something Talmudic. Picture being in a deep hole with a ladder and a Jew is looking down at you thinking of pulling the ladder out. He is in the mood to do something Talmudic. A Jew thinking about going to another town to be evil. Could also be used as the act of a Jew looking at you like you are a cow.
Pass-Oyver~ (Pass- Oy “as in oyvey” ver) This is not to be confused with the Biblical Passover. This is when Jews do heinous acts such as child molestation and point their fingers at others or when Jews rip-off others and are called “the bankers”, etc.The deliberate act of concealing Jews  and moving ahead as if nothing has occurred.
Parhasidic~ The Jewish (synagogue of Satan) act of hopping aboard the basis of truth and manipulating it until it eventually becomes a PushMe PullJew
PushMe PullJew~ (Pushme-PullYew)  The act of Jews taking over others foods, names, words, religions, identities, etc.
Ratzo-Rizzo’d ~ This has to be explained without using falafelocity and pointing to other bad behavior so you have to use a natural setting to explain this. Ratzo-Rizzoing is sort of like when you are out walking in the woods, maybe up a mountain or in a swamp and a large bird gets mad at you because it thinks you are following it when it just keeps flying where you are going. The bird gets p’o’d that you keep bothering it, but “excuse me, its my world too” and you start to get mad as well. In a different sense its the fact that Jews used to be in the ghetto in some far off place and now they are all over the highest offices of my government and they are mad at me for telling them “excuse me, but this is my country” and I’m getting pissed. I’m wawkin hea!


Rejewgitation~ This is when one discovers a new Jewish lie and its so engrained in you that you forget it the next day or later date because others around you aren’t even close to that point yet and suck you back in.
The Vanunu Card- This is when things arent looking good for Jews particularly right after a Madoff is caught or a Rabbi organ harvesting operation is uncovered and the shills go to town on how great Mordechai Vanunu is. Its the old ace up the sleeve deal that “not all Jews are bad” even though Jews (Sephardic or Ashkenazi) bomb, rip-off and lie  indiscriminately to all non Jews alike. Norman Finkelstein is another and several deceased Jews that cant be questioned further. Business as usual.
Yewgenics ~ (Can be pronounced with a J or Y) The belief that Noah was Jewish and had a Black baby, a White baby and a Chinese baby and formed the world.
Zionce ~ This is the act of calling Jews Zionists for any number of crimes even though you know Zionism has really only one specific meaning. You become a Ziontist to keep from being an anti-Semite even though there is no real definition for the word Semite.
to be cont’d.
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18 Responses to Mel’s Unabridged Dictionary 1st Edition (under construction)

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Anglo-American Main-Stream Media:

    (1) A Jew or Jews debating with another Jew or other Jews on or in a Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication, about something some other Jew or other Jews said about another Jew or other Jews on or in another Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication in relation to the activities of another Jew or other Jews. [ ] [Plus the active and/or passive collaboration of those who serve, assist, enable, deny and/or defend Jewish domination of public discourse and non-organic culture.]

    (2) Jew-Stream Media (JSM).

    (3) Jew/New World Order (JWO/NWO).

    Anti-Zio-Jew: Jews pretending to be opposed to what their JSM calls “Zionism”, while promoting some other aspect of Jewism.

    Communism/Commjewnism: Zionism for The Goyim. A Jewist tactic.

    Hoaxico$t, Hollowco$t, Unholyhoax, etc. Malevolent Myth involving Jew-Fat Soap, Jew-Skin Lampshades, Gas Oven-Chambers, and similar tropes.

    Israel: The Church, The Body of Christ.

    JDC: Jew Damage Control scams. Jew-Prawdakt that is supposedly critical of Jews, but is designed to frame and limit Anti-Jewism. Controlled Opposition.

    Jew-Agenda: Talmudism, Jewsury, Kabballah, Luciferianism, Satanism, Zionism, Communism, Exploitative Capitalism, JSM, Engineered Wars, Organized Atheism, Secularism, The Jew Dialectic, Noachidism, Oligarchy, Orangism, CFR, Masonry, Judaism, etc.

    Jew-Coms: Jews who promote(d) the Communist aspect of Zionism, usually while pretending to be Anti-Zionist.

    Jewo-Cons: Neo-Cons: Jewism (especially The Jew Bronstein/”Trotsky”s variant) disguised as Conservatism.

    JEW-X-ism: Jewgle = Jew-Owned-and-Run Google; Jew York Times = Jew-Owned-and-Run New York Times; JewTube = Jew-Owned-and-Run YouTube; und so weiter.

    Jewism: Promotion of The Jew-Agenda

    Jew-Prawdakt: Jew “cultural” product.

    Jewry: A globalist crime-cult that asserts it is a “race” or a “religion”, shifting between these two false poles as circumstances dictate.

    Jew-Voodoo: Jew psychiatry, therapy, psycho-analysis, etc.

    Jew Witch Doctor: A practitioner (professional or amateur) of Jew-Voodoo.

    JR: Jew-Racket.

    JS: Jew-Scam.

    JSM: Jew-Stream Media.

    J-SOP, JEOP, JEP, JSP, ZEOP, ZEP, C-KOP etc.: The Jew/Zionist/Christ-Killers (State/Entity) in (Occupied) Palestine.

    Judaism: One aspect of Jewism.

    JWs: Jews’ Whores (JWLBJ — unless he actually was Jew — JW Ford, JW Cater, JW Reagan, JW Bush, JW Clinton, JW Bush, JW Obama. JW Harper, JW Chretien, etc.

    JWO: Jew World Order.

    Occjewpation: Jew-Control, as in “$TARVE OCCJEWPATION MEDIA”.

    STM: An STM is a Shit-Throwing Monkey, who gets set up with a website/podcast/radio show and forms an alliance with a fellow STM and denounces anyone who disagrees with fellow STM; then a very public, very bitter breakup, and denunciation of anyone who doesn’t also denounce their former STM ally; then cliques of STMs formed, which further disintegrate after public fighting and crazy-acting. The purpose of the Mossad and Aphabet Agencies’ STM operations is to discredit all NWO-critics, and distract people with their nonsense and constant bitchy bickering.

    Talmud: A collection of Satanic texts which codify Jewism.

    Zio-Jew: Jews who are openly Zionist.

    Zionism: The main strand of the political aspect of Jewism for a couple of millenia. Synonym for Jew-Control, or JWO.

  2. GTRman says:

    ” Cohen-cidence”. As in , go back to sleep , Goyim.

  3. GTRman says:

    ” Kibbust” : ” I worked for free picking cucumbers for 3 months in Israel and all I got was this lousy feeling that I’d been ripped off..”

    • melgibstein says:

      No doubt languages were scrapped because these snakes slithered into the words. They steal words and it shows proof they dont invent things they just destroy things.

  4. GTRman says:

    Judo : What bagels are made of.

  5. GTRman says:

    Jewbiquitous. Cos theyre everywhere I look.

  6. commandergoyim says:

    Reblogged this on commandergoyim's Blog.

  7. commandergoyim says:

    Good stuff Mel.

  8. melgibstein says:

    I thought I would go back to one of my earlier posts (at least here on I was going to go to my “about” page, but there is too much crap on it.

    What do people say about Mel Gibstein? They have nothing to say generally, but what I get and what I have gotten most in about 30 years time calling into the radio shows is “he isnt a nice guy” usually the first responder.
    2nd caller is usually someone who says “He does speak some truth” although they never comment on what I lied about. In other words they are in for a penny- period just like they would be with Jesus and why you just cant blame him for not coming back.

    Think about it, we cut each others throats for a better position in the Jew money system machine every day. Think you have a good friend? When layoff time comes and the choice is either you or your best pal going down the road lets see how much of a friend he really is. If someone claims someone tells the truth sometimes and not all the time that isnt an honest guy and why would you support someone like that. There is a huge difference between liking someone who tells the truth and standing by him, most would rather stand behind people who dont tell the whole truth because they have accepted the fact that telling some truth sometimes is safer than telling all the truth all the time. How can a people ever make their nation great when they cant even defend the truth or the people telling it, let alone their Father telling it?

    The only thing I dont tell the truth about is my name and I never offered to give my real name, but I never offered my real name and my real name can be found very easily, my name is owned by many others in my family who may or may not agree with me and why I never offered my name, but the bottom line is I offer the truth regardless of my name and unlike this BS media and this BS internet propaganda machine I allow free speech so I can keep the truth and be corrected.

    So these callers that claim I do tell some truth, what they mean is, I dont tell it gently enough for the Jews to handle it. Folks that is a pipe dream!

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Stiffnecked sottish backsliders and whores who pay their johns. That’s the best that can be said about them, because those are the ones YHVH considers redeemable. The truth has a weak voice that just doesn’t carry far in this flood and fog. Brown nosers and back stabbers are the same people. They’re sycophants. Frauds and shammers too. It’s not what you know, but who you blow, and all that. They’re looking too much like what jews say they are, and most especially “The Enlightened” on the internet who just beg to be brainwashed by a new pied piper. It’s just more bread, circuses and soma to keep them pacified as they seek their titillating sensations and blowing their wad in the instant gratification they expect, courtesy of the jew brainwashing of the 80’s. Like jews, never a mea culpa.

    • melgibstein says:

      No doubt the Jews have their opposition in place all over the internet and have all the money in the world to pay out to the shills. You can tell who they are because the last thing in the world they want to do is engage in a debate on what the Bible actually says as opposed to what the Jews programmed into their brains what it says. They cannot accept the truth because they do not seek it, therefore do not receive it (and the truth is not found it is given). How can you find something you were never looking for and have no clue what it is? If you think Jesus was a Jew you are never going to be given any truth and we can see who they are. They cant even be in the same room as us because we will prove they are nothing but brainwashed fools. I try to wake people up, but the truth is God has to wake them up first. It is no coincidence that these shills cannot even mention CI, let alone debate us. Anyone who puts himself in a position of trust and excludes us is no better than a Hannity and or a Glenn Beck, they are treasonous traitors and need to be exposed if ever given the chance.

  10. Ray Zerwitt says:

    “FEAR NOT” and “Let us reason together”. You have to test those things. They’re hypocrites, captive to their fears and the worst shepherds imaginable. As in the days of Jeroboam…. The biggest cowards rule us.

    • melgibstein says:

      Well Im going to take them out like you would with an M203. Im going get in and do it myself and in the process I am going to show how isolated they really are from us.

    • melgibstein says:

      Ray, I would rather have private messged you on this somehow, but others may gain some hope on this as well. We have discussed how white women are affected by the jew in America and I am in total agreement with you that they have been poisoned by the Jew. never give up hope however, like I have seen so many single guys do in the USA. I have seen so many single white guys get totally bombarded with hopelessness on obtaining a wholesome, attractive wife its insane how many. But if you can get to Eastern Europe somehow and get enough money up to take a good look around Eastern Europe you will see that there are tons of beautiful/ wholesome white girls like you used to know still there. Some of the girls I met there just recently make about $250 a month and consider that a good salary and live fairly well there. All you need is one. get over there and you’ll see. Save up about 800 for the plane trip and about 1500 for a good long 2 week trip, rent an apartment and not a hotel, they are all over the place now. Go to the Ukraine or Romania or Bulgaria even Poland the women are drop dead gorgeous and look as white as anything you have ever seen. The women make these spics and half breeds on the jew TV look like trash, honest to God. If you ever need any info on it let me know.

      A true white man will hook his friends up with a true white woman. I cant think of anything better to do for your brother and frankly I dont know why nobody else is doing it. We are in serious trouble if we dont.

      • Ray Zerwitt says:

        I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen some European white women around and they stood out. I didn’t forget them. A vacation there would be great. I don’t look for girlfriends, but sometimes they happen. If one of those wanted that, it would be my command. It sounds like you’re having a real good time remembering girls. Give them time to see your gestaldt with that 3rd eye and that keen discernment they have going on. Yeah, I miss girls too, now that you got me thinking about it. So inspiring. A guy could really exceed himself.

        So, how stupid are American girls? Lessee, they get pregnant and have the baby and still have to go out an get a menial job (taking shit from their otherwise would-be inferiors like skanky jews) to pay their fair share of the bills. If they want food on the table, they have to buy the groceries and cook it. If they want a clean house, they have to clean it.

        Or they take the gender bending birth control pills that make them androgynous and frumpy, and who knows what else the “doctors” aren’t telling them. If a guy had to take birth control pills, he’d never have to worry about getting it up anyway.

        Or, they get marched down to the abortion “doctor” to get raped and scraped by cold stainless steel machines. A massive insult to their feminine gear. Planting the seeds of breast cancer and fallopian tube pregnancies, which is another thing they don’t tell anyone about and surely more ugly things. Pansy pink ribbon nfl breast cancer awareness is deafeningly silent about that. There are stds they catch from race mixing too. No word about that either. That would be politically incorrect.

        Is this what thy call ‘women’s liberation’? Who got them that shit deal? They should fire that agent. But, oh no, they’re jumping up and down for Hillary and all the blue hypocrite metrosexuals. They’re just to stupid to comprehend. The only ones who will listen are the young girls, and you’ll get called a pervert just for talking to a girl now. If a young girl ever comes gunnin to pick me up again, I’m going to let her and I’m going to court her, platonically. She won’t be a victim of any shit these metrosexuals and butches are pushing.

        I can be imed at this sn and the isp. I’ve said it aloud on WN blogs before and immediately got a porn spam im. That must be their day jobs.

        Keep us up to date on how things are going for you over there, and take more pics!

      • melgibstein says:

        Im back now, but Im going back asap for a longer time. I dont know how these countries can keep aliens out and the USA, Germany, France, England etc. cant but if you want a good woman, one that takes care of herself and isnt full of tattoo’s and baggage it’s worth the trip. It may even be worth staying there if you can. The only thing that keeps me here now is a way of getting money, everything else is trashed in this country and it doesnt look like things are going to get better. Despite what the white movement lunatics say, people arent waking up they are moving further away from the whole idea of what America was designed to be and they seem to enjoy it because they arent doing a damned thing about it. Run for office they say, Duke got 3% of the vote, I could have gotten 3% of the vote. They are pushing losers and ingraining us into being losers. They want us to be complacent wimps and continue to follow them because they know the way even though they lose at everything they do.

        Al I am saying is I know a lot of guys are totally fed up with the way women in the US have been manipulated by the jew, it is our own fault, but we can live with it or we can figure out a way to defeat it. How can you even bring kids up in this country anymore? Everything is designed against them because of our sold out wimp leaders, they are in place for a reason, we either overthrow them now or later and there has to be a later. All Im saying is there is a way out of that problem and the USA isnt the world, the USA is a jew craphole right now. Take a 2 week trip to Romania, rent a car, drive to some small towns there, hop a train to the Ukraine or down to Bulgaria, very few tattoo’d women dressed respectably and in great shape not Big Mac fed walruses. I had even forgotten what a beautiful white girl even looked like up till a couple weeks ago. They even look more white than American girls, the ones I see now have the bleached blonde hair with the dark hair showing, this was a “jail” trend for the white girl mudsharks, but I dont blame the women the culture has been allowed to change because of our own (not me) complacency so we can either be victims of it or we can win.

  11. melgibstein says:

    How about a white charity for white people only? Jews do it, Blacks do it, Mestizos do it…..why isnt David Duke doing it? He wants it thats why! Think of all his years he has begged for money and he could have started a white charity, he could have called for white immigration to the USA instead of being complacent to the Black and Mestizo migration to the USA because it benefits America and not the 3rd world. He does not care about us.

  12. melgibstein says:

    After coming back here, I am going to have to start taking pictures again, even though the photo absolutely sucks on this thread it is still better than just a gator jew all the time, showing a dark and dreary outlook. Maybe it is a bit negative. We could actually have a white charity by simply being ourselves. Crazy isnt it?

    Just think about it thinking about sexually existing with our own people ( a whole new subject) is never really discussed they are in it to diffuse it. When has David Duke ever expressed a pro white population? It is all controlled jew BS and I am just someone who is exposing it not the enemy. Duke has his phones cut off like a jew- period!

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