Miller’s Crossing



I’m changing my mind on something as we all do in this subject from time to time. Anyone that thinks they have all the answers in this puzzle can easily be challenged and proven wrong in certain areas, but the one area I am interested in is the ability for people to see who is behind the Federal Reserve, wars, slavery, porn and the absolute forest full of BS there is to uncover (always the same people). I’ve come to the conclusion that none of us can get it all right with different opinions contradicting themselves. This post is in no way out to discredit anyone in this business. I need you as much as you need me in the over all battle. This is just to try to bring out into the light some hypocrisies we all have because of living in a world of lies so long.

 First of all the anti-Semite movement or whatever you want to call it, OK truth movement, needs new words. We simply can’t keep calling things what we were taught they were. For instance the Bolshevik Revolution should be renamed the Bullshivick Revolution so we know which one you are talking about. One is the BS story and the other is the truth. That’s just one instance and I will provide others as this goes along (soon I will make a dictionary). When someone says something like “I don’t believe in the Bible because it was written by Jews” is committing a “Miller’s Crossing” when he quotes from another Jewish book to back his opinions up like Louis Farakhan’s book or the Jew who wrote “Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean” or Victor Ostrovsky or Arthur Koestler. You can’t claim the Bible is Jewish and then quote from any of these books which I see happening all the time. Another “Miller’s Crossing” could be when someone is associating Jews with bagels and or falafel’s when they didn’t invent either of them. It’s not like watermelon being associated with Blacks because you can’t steal a fruit or a natural food. Bagels were picked up by Jews sort of like pickles today. All of a sudden everything is Kosher pickles. I think there already is a word for that and its called “theft”. Another MC that just grew like a mushroom between our legs is saying our military is in Afghanistan, Iraq and a couple dozen other countries fighting for our freedom. We will never shake that one. Its hard to remember them all and they are doubled into one another so meticulously its surreal.

 There are so many rabbit holes in this truth movement and so many sects. Let me start with “The Pagans”. Now that is not a good name at all because the people who don’t believe in the Bible (the whole thing) seem to have as good a set of morals as the best Christians in this truth movement. I think everyone in this movement has a good head on his shoulders and has good will (hunting). Where do these unbelievers get such good morals? I believe they like the morality aspects of the Bible and just cant accept the other things that are too hard to believe knowing all the other Jewish lies out there. Cant blame them for it and some of them make very valid points. I’m not sure one of these would ever cross over into Christian Identity which I will explain next.

The Twist

 Christian Identity has a racial identity, it’s basically Whites, Jews and everyone else. They go into the Bible pretty deep and into the books that weren’t included as well. They go into definitions of words which bring up several “Miller’s Crossing” scenarios that many of these other groups don’t see. For instance long ago I used the word “goy” or “goyim” because I thought it was the word for cattle, but if you look it up it means “nation” in Hebrew. How did it come to mean cattle? In the Old Testament it uses the word goyim in Genesis “Two goyim are in thy womb”. This was used to quote God himself saying to Rebekah that she had two cattle in her womb? I don’t think so folks. This is simply a word that needs to be revisited and understood correctly or you are somewhere across the Jew rainbow at Miller’s crossing. There are just hundreds of words like this that change things around completely and the Christian Identity movement is the only group that are exposing these words. The Pagans and CI are both ends of the spectrum, but both are still on target as to who is behind all the criminal activity today. CI says it’s a racial thing and Pagans say it’s just a mindset and possibly a racial thing (these two sects actually agree on more than they think and both are equally correct I think). Both very interesting subjects that need to be squeezed folks. They need the crap squeezed out and whatever is left is one step closer to a much greater understanding that needs to be taught just as a basic hygiene fundamental.

The other factions are sort of ridiculous to me, but perfectly understandable why people are in the middle. Some are in the middle because they are old school and can’t let go of old traditions. Some are Vatican II Catholics, Protestants that believe Jews were once Gods chosen and lost that title, some don’t believe in the Christian Old Testament and believe the Muslims Old Testament, some are Muslims and different types, some are White Separatists that don’t want to separate from Jews. A very well-known White Separatist once corrected me on an email because I referred to him as Irish. He answered back with the words “Scottish not Irish”. Well excuuuuuse me! This is a major History teacher who wasn’t born in Scotland, he was born in America, in the Mid West for Gods sakes. Was he ashamed for being called Irish? My Irish ancestors were Scottish before his ancestors were. Scotland was Ireland before Scotland was Scotland.  The Scottish, Irish and the Welsh

Yeah You!

 and most of Europe are the same people. Why would a History professor stop at Scotland? Why not go back to Spain or France or Greece? Then why stop in Greece? Do we stop there for some reason? Its like stopping permanently at a stop sign on the way to History class. Everyone studies Jew history and never their own. It’s a “Millers Crossing” folks. If you find a better word or words feel free, but let’s have it. Acknowledge it’s there and use it.

 So you see folks, there is a place for all here and its all about getting to the truth. I listen to a lot on this subject, I try to read as much as I can, but sometimes our mistakes are right in front of us as well as behind because we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. We can’t blame Separatists at all because if you are European or Muslim your ancestors were already Separatists and not a bad thing. If you go to jail I guarantee you things will separate and none of us would complain about it. Its nature and we better accept it. The real separation is separation of lying people. Jews have Muslims and Blacks here for their use whether you understand that or not. Would you put a beautiful Golden Retriever in a cage with a Pit bull? I even get offended when I see a beautiful thoroughbred dog with certain people. Maybe that’s not normal, but those dogs came from European people and we are essentially responsible for their well-being. Dogs in Africa are treated like raccoons are here. We are locked in an artificial dimension of confusion that we are trying to make sense of and it will never happen. Its designed to keep you chasing your tail forever.

 Our friends the Jews have manipulated us in so many ways its just earth-shaking to say the least. We can’t say we want our values kept racially because we fear being haters, but what is more hateful than being purposely bred out of existence? How are Whites benefitting from diversity? Our country is a complete mess and we all know why. Certainly there is a force at work doing this without a doubt and feeds off our kindness. Blacks want White women and White men want nothing to do with Black women (Jews aren’t White men and never were). Whites are being eradicated from the greatest countries in the world that they built and are being told its hateful to preserve their race that built these places. Its crazy folks and dangerously contrary to nature itself. We are haters because we want to remain White and Blacks arent for wanting White women? If I say I could never marry a Black woman and want to preserve my race I am considered a Nazi. If there is a door or a window open for Jews to come in and destroy they will, but what is it they are destroying and why? Nobody else in the world is being blamed for preserving their race and we know who is doing all the blaming. Certainly Blacks are not losing by this. Jews went into Black countries and took them into ours as slaves like goats and they aren’t making a peep. Jews disrupted Muslim countries entirely and forced them to move North and West. This isn’t by accident folks. We all lose because of this, all of us and guess whose at the top of the money pyramid? Muslims know, CI people know, Pagan’s know, Old Fashioned Christians know, people who don’t believe in the Old Testament know, all people of truth and who seek the truth know. I suggest we stay focused and ready to change words, meanings and places because this big charade needs to end entirely and replaced. The America experiment was never meant to work when Jews got into control, it was meant for destruction. Every minute that goes by now is more important than any time in history.

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