Ordinary People

I hear more and more people out there spreading the truth that’s become more evident than I imagined it would  and at such a slow speed of effect. Everyone that knows whats going on knows who the people are that have been spreading this message to get the word out, but ordinary people just don’t seem to comprehend it. The people we have been living with even in our own families have had their minds overtaken by this hidden parasitic alien we all see clear as day. You have to wonder if there’s anything else we don’t see knowing our species is capable of such deceit and blindness. Who knew there were actual wolves preying on us?
The people who see this creature every day are basically on their knees pleading with the ordinary people to wake up, but they wont because they refuse to “hate”. People generally on the whole like me and most people I see out there are some of the most likable people there are, but when they tell the ordinary people the truth they are hated instantly. Myself especially because I put the blame on the Jews. If I’m talking about Eskimo’s I mean Eskimo’s. If I say Eskimo’s eat blubber its an accurate statement, but there could be an Eskimo living in NYC where they don’t eat blubber, he is still considered an Eskimo.
The reason why I say “the Jews” is because I could easily say it wasn’t some of my old friends who were Jews because they were my friends, but sad to say they were still Jews. One good friend of mine was a Charlie Sheen type (so-called half Jew with a Jewish mother). He is Charlie Sheen to a tee on the verge of a nervous breakdown just like my old Jewish friend. He got to a point where I knew full well he just didn’t fit in anywhere and at constant odds with himself. Being half and half has to be a battle unlike any of us can fathom. The good side at constant battle with the bad side. Unfortunately the bad side always seems to win. He wasn’t religious at all, but he knew and I knew he was a Jew and he had to defend it. How does his good side defend his Jewish racial side? He could only create new philosophies or find someone else’s that gave him comfort. His brother basically gave up and hated Jews, but they made their money in TV and throwing that out meant throwing out the mortgage payments which they ultimately lost because of the constant battle with drugs and mental breakdowns, sexual crazes, etc. It simply went overboard into alien behavior. That was more than likely the Jewish gene folks, either that or two mindsets at odds with each other, but it was because of being a Jew.
Another close friend I had growing up was the biggest instigator I have ever seen to this day. He said whatever was on his mind in any situation. I have to admit he was fun to be with always starting trouble that I happily helped him out of. I learned at a young age folks. This Jewish friend was a full-blown Ashkenazi on both sides even though he said his mother was German she spoke Yiddish and looked as Jewish as they come (they lied). He took over another Jews paper route one day and delivered papers to the neighborhood. His neighborhood was 80% Jews and at one of the houses he claims to have been shot in the eye by another Jew. Well to make a long story short they sued and the insurance paid off big. My Jewish friend pretended he couldn’t see out of one eye and I know for a fact he saw perfect, but that money paid for his college in a pretty well-known Law school even though he couldn’t spell his own name. Now he is a Judge in a major metropolitan area. We are talking about the biggest trouble maker in town if not the county that couldn’t spell and moved up the ranks to District Attorney in record time. Is he a Jew? The answer is without a doubt in my mind. And yes he was a synagogue going, bagel eating, never saw him in a beanie, full-fledged Jew.Are you masturbating?
Now do I want harm to come to these people? No I don’t, but can I believe people who team up against me and others to cheat the system aren’t going to gain power over me and my children to cheat them to? It’s a pretty easy question and one I answer with “Jews”, not 95% Jews or 50% Jews or 99.99% Jews, but Jews as a whole. They all need to go folks and that’s the Gods honest truth. I don’t care that we can tell jokes, they are going to cheat you and your Jewish friends are going to cheat me. That’s what is happening right now in America and throughout the world. Ordinary people can’t fathom this and extraordinary people back off from it, but deep down they know it’s the only card left in the deck. There is no other option. Anybody that can see the massive con going on today and I mean massive (it gets bigger by the minute now) simply doesn’t understand the importance of drawing a line in the sand. The line has to be drawn and you know it or you will. I would be happy to give you a better option if there was one, but there is none. Total separation is the only answer and for people who don’t believe in Christianity you have to see the parallels that are written and what is going on today. Our ancestors expelled Jews because they were being choked and their kids were being polluted. Its time to grab this demon by its horns. You want me to say bull, but bulls dont corrupt my country folks. If we made the simple claim that Jews brought the Black slaves here, blamed it on us, did 9/11 to get us into war and lied us into other wars before and stood our ground we would get our country back and rightfully so immediately. There is just one catch, you have to call it what it is.
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One Response to Ordinary People

  1. who+dares+wings says:

    Have you visited these blog spots?
    They have the two most comprehensive rogues galleries of US picklesnoot power facilitators and and enablers currently available on the Net. Like, resistance is futile and, like, game over.

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