Catch Hymie If You Can

Now here’s a movie that takes a real life Jewish thief and attempts to make a folk hero out of him. Hymie is waltzing around the world writing bad checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars, making a mockery of doctors and lawyers (mostly other Jews) and instead of claiming the entire lawyer and doctor industry is a big Jew scam they praise this Jews ability to pretend to be one and get away with it. How in the world did he do that? It must be the Jews incredibly high IQ’s and the help of the Jewish test grader of course.
Catch me if you can is without a doubt the theme of what is going on in the world today. There is nothing they wont do to keep you from catching them red-handed. They love to have you argue over facts that you can’t prove they did

Well do ya?

anything. You need proof they say. Saying Jews run the Federal Reserve isn’t proof enough because you can’t get into the Jewish media and say it to get people to actually, you know, do something?. You don’t have proof Jews run the media because Jews will simply just say “no we don’t” all over the media and in the newspapers. You can’t say someone is Jewish racially because being Jewish is a religion and you can’t say Jews are a religion when you point out the overwhelming amount of Jews who don’t even believe in God or G_d. They have an escape route in every room.

I was going to name this “Inception” because it is like a 3 tiered dream of fantasy. You claim Jews are guilty of something and they explain how they aren’t and you have two worlds, but there is another world some call “Double Deception”. This form of deception demonstrates two scenarios designed to sway you into the opposite direction of theirs making you believe there is nothing left to uncover, but we are dealing with master liars that point you in the direction they want you to look. Someone just made a quote that if you put an elephant inside a circle and walk around that elephant you will have 360 different perspectives of that elephant for each degree you look at that elephant from, but why leave out that you can get even more perspectives above and below or even inside? These people set the stages of thought just like they set their movies and you shouldn’t be suckered into holding their hand at any given time. They have no intentions of leading you towards the truth and hopefully you have been able to figure out that much thus far. Never get suckered into anything they say-ever and know who it is trying to lead you. Constantly re-evaluate the situation with the basis that there is indeed a people that deliberately mislead you. 
Many people out there don’t believe in the Bible and they think this Jewish deception is relatively new. They think the New Testament was made up by Jews some 2000 or so years ago to fool us. One of the “Double Deceptions” they have is they like us to believe it was the Jews who killed Jesus when 90% of today’s Jews weren’t even in Judea and can’t even trace their roots back to it. Then there is another deception of who Jews really are. If they are a race we can limit it down to a race right now or if it’s a religion we can limit that down right now, but we can’t folks because it is a 3 tiered trap door with 3 types of Jews and 3 different scenarios intertwined. So instead of calling it the deception that it is we live in their vacuum of lies and hypocrisy. We have the power to get this truth out simply by taking back our media and getting this truth to our brothers and sisters  and ridding this alien life force from our midst. It is nothing but a big cacophony of lies that needs to be placed in one room and exposed for all to see.
This leads into the Semitic nonsense. Semitic currently means a Semitic language and not descended from Shem when different races speak Semitic languages and different religions do. In fact anyone related to Shem spoke a Semitic language in those days so maybe we should look into who those people actually were. Maybe we should look into what a Hebrew really is as well. Abraham was Hebrew, but he wasn’t Jewish. Ishmael and Isaac weren’t Jewish either.

Check out my hooked nose

Racially none of the tribes of Israel were Jewish except Judah, but Judah had to mate with someone other than a Jew, no? Judah’s wife was not Jewish and she was the first Jewish mother? This would cause most to throw all of this out with the bath water, but that’s OK with Jews because it doesn’t change the fact that they run banking, the media, get you to kill your brothers in wars, buy Jewish rocks for your wives on your wedding day and herd you like wild beasts. There is also a trap door of truth and you better find it. They twist things around for more reasons than one or even two.

Jews have been stealing our names for centuries, why? Recently many Jews that moved to Palestine, a land they have never been to nor Jewish at all religiously or racially have changed their European names to more fitting Hebrew names like Netanyahu, it means “gift of God”. Does anyone believe Gods gifts on earth would change their own names to such hypocrisy? Before Netanyahu or Barak, Sharon, Begin, Peres, etc… changed their names to Hebrew names they had European names and before that they most likely took Asian names right back to Cain where they took the names of Adam’s lineage. Look at the names in

Gay Days

Genesis. How is this such a coincidence, folks? This isnt by accident.

Jews not only change names, but they change word meanings, religions, personalities (actors) and everything else that isn’t bolted to the floor. They steal our names, our religion and OUR LAND every day of their lives.There is absolutely no reason to listen to a single word or action from them because they will cause you to kill your own brothers and sisters or yourselves. Draw the line in the sand. We have a Jewish media for one reason and one reason ONLY! The only way out of this is separation and or expulsion like our honorable ancestors did. Jews get inside and they get in to destroy. We must make absolute sure this does not happen to even the least of us.
The meaning of “inception”-An event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events.

 ~ This inception is not in your dreams, but being thrust upon you in real life. Jews set the stage with their characters on the screen and in real life. You’re only fault is trusting them and being led away from the path you should be on. There is no God in anything they do, no trust, no purity, no remorse, no morality whatsoever. It is the edge of the Abyss.

Just when you think its safe to go back in the water the sharks are waiting. I suggest you take a good look in the water with binoculars up on a cliff first and look for the usual suspects on the beach. If they are there you are in less danger in the water than you are on land. Anything that takes over your mind isn’t your own and only keeping you from the truth. At that point you may never return.

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