On Golden Pond

Ben Shalong wrote this back in 2009 (a friend of mine) and thought Id expand on it a bit.
May 3, 2009
If you were on a plane and you saw the Captain putting his parachute on in the coach section you would assume some things immediately. 1. The plane is going to crash. 2. You need a parachute. 3. That bastard is going to jump, taking a parachute and leaving us here without telling us anything. 4. I’ve got to help the people who can’t help themselves. 5.You need a parachute. You can relate this to our economy today. You are on that plane whether you bought a ticket or not.

The Federal Reserve knows their fiat Ponzi scheme is going to crash and knew long ago. They are getting their parachutes on so you can see you need to follow them, but they can’t start a riot because all can’t come along at once and cause a stampede (that’s where their media comes in to herd you). There aren’t enough parachutes for everyone so moral people will hand over their parachutes to their women and children, but greedy people and the Federal Reserve don’t care and wont give it a second thought leaving you behind.

"ya old choot"

The parachutes represent gold because the dollar is crashing and people are investing in gold hoping this rock will be the new system of trade again, but like the parachute they don’t really know if it will open up for sure, but they’ve invested much of their money and their souls already and call it an insurance policy. There isn’t any time or any choices to do anything else, but one thing is absolute and that is the Captain knew ahead of time and didn’t warn you. You are still willing to trust his plane’s parachutes that they will open because that’s what parachutes are supposed to do. That pilot deliberately took you into this situation from the minute you took off the ground and you weren’t allowed to question it. Its best now that the plane crashes with innocent people on board who didn’t get a parachute and the criminals intact to lead them into the next con game. Someone has to determine the amount their rocks are worth.

Gold is only valuable if more and more people buy into it and like any other Ponzi scheme the people who got in it first get the best return on their investments and everyone else is SOL if they get in too late in the game. So the basis of this new form of trade is based on “I got mine” and not changing a thing, only starting the cycle all over again. The criminals still run free and still at the top of the pyramid and people who don’t go along with the show are roadkill.

The ballerina/Israeli, Rahm Emanuel says “Never pass up a good crisis”, well I suggest we take his advice this one time and round-up these criminals that sold us out into this fiat counterfeiting ring and their crime syndicate that has kept and keeps it alive today. We don’t have a plane problem we have a pilot problem. 100 countries already figured this out for you.

Mel speaking~
                        Most people don’t realize the history of gold and that they buy gold with the same filthy money as they were given in the very beginning and now its in reverse. The people who had gold put it in the dishonest banks who dishonestly corrupted the entire money system (the money changers). From the day that began our money has never been based on trust. Trust is based on people not things. Things don’t corrupt

Whea's the bathroom?"

themselves and things don’t uncorrupt themselves and ladies and gentlemen I am here to tell you that the people in charge of money or making the prices of gold have not uncorrupted themselves one solitary iota. Anyone who thinks they can buy honest things with dishonest things is just plain ignorant, greedy and foolish. Gold isn’t going to change a damned thing, unions aren’t going to change a damned thing, Republicans or Democrats aren’t going to change a damned thing, a college degree wont, fighting and or eh eh liberating Muslims wont, lowering taxes wont and just about every subject the main stream media and shill Internet sites are talking about wont change a damned thing. NOTHING!!!

I’ll tell you exactly what will change our world and enable new and good seed to be planted. Identify the people who are destroying our ways of life, round them up and rid them from our society. We have a stench so rotten, so foul and we pretend its our own backsides. I just took a shower and I still smell it, it’s not coming from me, is it you? Maybe we should limit it down. Maybe that’s asking too much of you. Get down and give me 20!
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2 Responses to On Golden Pond

  1. melgibstein says:

    No I wouldnt mind Diana, send it to the president for all I care. I will even do a free speaking engagement, use the money you would normally pay for ammo. Just dont give it to any of these internet hoaxers claiming to be truther patriots. If you have any left over ammo I will meet you in the middle for it.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I should have known it was spam- off and away with ya.

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