The Inside M_n

Throughout time one thing none of us can deny is that Jews get inside. All of the great civilizations have fallen because the Jew just couldn’t play by the rules of their host country. They always have to figure out a way to work together against the population that allowed them in and trusted them and not only stab them in the back, but bankrupt them, pervert their society, molest or ritually murder their children, monopolize over them, destroy their competition unfairly, trick them, bamboozle them, gain their trust and then betray them. How can you possibly know what I’m talking about knowing only the history given in our Jewish run schools today? How will you learn the dangers of trusting Jews with this totally Jewish run media today? I use the term m_n just like Jews use the term G_d. Their God is not ours and they are not true men.
Many Kings and Queens, great leaders, patriots have had to make hard decisions about what to do with this alien people. Eventually these folks looked at their balance books and weighed out the good benefits and bad benefits of having the Jews around and almost always it led to expulsion. Its simple math really and I’m no mathematician by any means. I just realize that Jews serve America no benefit and never have. They are a constant thorn in our sides and I speak for the entire free world there. Nothing in the world today isn’t being destroyed, corroded or poisoned by Jewish culture. They simply contradict the natural flow of nature on this earth. Go ahead and look at all the issues they are directly involved in today and throughout history. Its simply staggering to say the least. Why can’t people say what needs to be said? Its like pulling an arrow out of your foot. When you pull it out things will get better after it is cared for, but its simple logic that if you don’t it will get infected and eventually kill you. The reason why I am writing to you today is because it will kill me too and I cant do it myself or I DAMNED WELL WOULD!
Were all of our ancestors wrong? Were Jews just poor innocent victims of our vicious fathers that allowed them into our lands to live by the same laws? I think not. I think we have let this charade go on far too long and going out and picketing for unions and better pay and all of these ridiculous things are going to get you nothing, but a few more days in hell. You need to speak out about what this cancer is doing to our world today and that we don’t want war with Muslims, we don’t want war with anyone, but the people who are instigating it all and profiting off it all and destroying our way of life. Its simple math and I thought I wasn’t that good in math on the average growing up, but I realize now that when courage is involved none of you are good in math or anything else. You listen to traitorous FOOLS like Glenn Beck who are allowed to squawk 4 hours a day to the general public and lie, lie, lie and you don’t do a damned thing about it. Its simple math that 2 + 0 = 2. They keep lying and you keep losing. If you can’t call in and call him the liar he is its time to get the ropes out folks. That is what you do with traitors who make it their business to lie you into war and bankrupt your nation. You have been so incredibly dumbed down and brainwashed you can’t even agree with that. The math is you want to be standing out on the street with nothing while these people continue to lie the rest of us out of house and home. Doing nothing gets you nothing and beating around the bush in fear of the true subject that needs to be discussed is wasted time for us and gained time for them. History shows over and over again that the countries who expelled Jews prospered and the countries that didn’t disappeared. That is simple math folks. I’d draw it on the blackboard for you, but I don’t want to turn my back on some of you.
If Jews were behind the destruction of so many countries throughout history all you have to do is figure out how they do it in reverse. You have to review the friends you have and review your teachers, your local politicians, etc. You have to come to the ultimate conclusion that these people work against us and our way of life. We have created beautiful countries, beautiful art, architecture, music, people and they pervert it. People don’t just get in power because of coincidences. Most Christians and Muslims don’t seek power over others because it isn’t their religion to do so, but it is exactly what the Jewish religion calls for. So when you really come down to it, we are over in the Muslim world fighting them on behalf of the Jewish religion. My brothers and sisters listen to me and listen to me good right here…”That is Pathetic”. We need to snap out of this defective nature immediately and practice truth, honesty, decency, peace and “goodness”. This stuff we are seeing today, it’s all Satanic evil folks. Satan has gotten inside and he has a people who do his work and they look like us sometimes. Be smart as a serpent, to find one you wont have to look far. They are inside the house, they have to get in to destroy it.
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