The Fugitive

In this movie an innocent man is framed, an honest man who has done nothing, set up, slandered and hunted for crimes he did not commit. Today we have all kinds of fugitives from all kinds of countries, but who are the people hunting the fugitives? Who are the people losing their jobs, losing their countries, losing their governments, their rights and their abilities to use their rights to free speech? Isn’t that also like being a fugitive in your own country? I am indeed a fugitive in my own country for a good reason. I have spoken about the dangers of Jewish influence in our government and lost my security clearance. You see I am a danger to America for telling the truth and trying to defend America and not the Jews who have taken it over. They are the law and I am the fugitive. That’s called usurping folks and it isn’t new.
Look at all the fugitives throughout time starting with Jesus and or John the Baptist. What did they do to be killed other than speak the truth? Nobody denies they didn’t speak the truth in the circumstances they were in any more than I am telling the truth right now. In no way whatsoever am I comparing myself or others to these two, but I am comparing them to people who tell the truth today in general. The truth was no more welcomed in those days as it is today in America or as it was in Bolshevik Russia or Bolshevik Poland or Jewish dominated Germany or Jewish dominated England, etc. etc. etc. The truth is never welcome with Jews around because my friends, Jesus is the truth.
The battle is down to courage now and it’s just awaiting brave men to stand up to this obvious stench of lies, thievery, rotten philosophy, rotten economy, perversion and a plethora of other abominations in our faces that we are going to have to stand against together on or individually hang. Then you will watch another good man hang or be crucified and cower the rest of your lives. We all know the truth isn’t being heard and we know who doesn’t want to hear it. It’s the same people, same usual suspects (maybe another thread).
The world has a problem and us fugitives all know what it is. We are being pushed out of the truth and living in two worlds now. We will either run away as fugitives in our own lands our Fathers gave their lives for or we will stand and tell the truth. Yes that’s what it all comes down to folks. You either call it what it is or you play their game and pretend you don’t see what they are doing to the world. You don’t see the Jewish child molesters, you don’t see the Jewish Federal Reserve, don’t see the porn, the organ harvesters, the war mongers, the murderers, the liars. You have eyes, ears and a mouth connected to your individual bodies for good reason. Don’t think for a minute if someone says something is blue when you see red that it is indeed blue because I’m here to tell you it happens every single day. We have liars who have taken over our country(s) today and you know exactly who it is. Forget all the other hoopla and head for the head of the snake just like our good buddy Colin Powell expected of us.

Lying for Hymie-town

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