The people of the world are changing, something is afoot there is no doubt. Hopefully people aren’t being herded as they usually are by the SOS kosherites. Don’t say it couldn’t happen because its been happening forever. You can feel the rumbling and see the struggling like an alien trying to jump out of Sigourney’s bread basket. Something is electric in the air, but its hard to believe its the forces of good and evil because the forces of good seem to be minute today. No doubt it is, however because even though there is more evil in the world than good today at the top it will hit its opposing force and there will be a fight. At this point good is fighting for its life and bad is fighting for its supper. That’s when all hell usually breaks loose.
The Cocoon has many layers just like the layers of lies Jews have upon us. You have to keep a breathing hole to the outside to get through all the layers of lies. You tear one layer off and Jews are already casting another lie to cover it up. The Internet has enabled us to cut through the cocoon of lies faster than any time on the earth and frankly it wont be long until the best of us are free of this entanglement. It’s hard to fathom a people have been so opposed to everyone else when you get to the outer edges of the cocoon and this is an important question for you to answer to yourself. No-one else can answer that question for you. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that indeed we do have a people amongst us that monopolize over us, lie to us, try to racially wipe us out, pervert our minds, steal from us, kill us and are the direct opposite of us. Anyone with a drop of sense can see we have a Jewish media dropping lies on us like depth charges and they will try to weasel out as they usually do. Opposites don’t attract in this case because one side has spent years trying to get away from the other. This pattern of accepting Jews in and then being shafted is as old as the hills, but we keep forgetting and they keep coming back.
Some cocoons are constructed with built-in lines of weakness along which they will tear easily from inside, or with exit holes that only allow a one-way passage out; such features facilitate the escape of the adult insect after it emerges from the pupal skin. That exit hole is the truth and Jews want to make damned sure you don’t get out into it. They were the ones who spun you into this mess in the first place so you should know what to do when you get out immediately to help unspin everyone else. The lies will get much much easier to spot because you will know who the liars are. It’s that simple. Never never never listen to those people (they have to be a people don’t they?). When you are not figuring out the lies of today you can figure out the lies of the past and see at one time we were all in cocoons. We can only get out by helping each other. Sitting there in awe and doing nothing wont help anyone, you’ve got to SPEAK OUT! Someone helped you out, now you help others. It should be built in. Dont look for the Jews to speak out on your behalf. That’s why they have complete control of our communications, whether it be TV, the big screen, radio, publishing houses, etc… That mouth of yours isn’t just for bagels alone.
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