The Omen

After seeing the news of more protests on the Internet I turned on the TV for the first time since the Egypt protests and learned a new word “anti-Government”. Yes people are anti-Government nowadays, they’re simply coming out of the closet these days, all kinds of closets, broom closets, storage closets, water closets, etc. I once met a Jewish girl some years ago that used to say she hated organized religion. That saying really caught on and I hear many saying that these days. When I hear Jews starting trend sayings like this and “drink more water” I know something is wrong. Well if its disorganized religion you like you will soon have all the disorganization you could ever ask for. I don’t doubt that there are some anti-Government people out there, but they are most likely the same people who destroyed it to begin with. I never heard a Muslim or a Christian say he or she was anti-Government ever. New words are popping up like mushrooms like anti-war people, anti-media people, anti-this, anti-that. Not one word about the anti-Christ Jew.
The world has become anti-antiChrist and the anti-Christ simply gives it new names constantly. We are anti-Semitic even though they’re not Semites and wont even discuss it, we are anti-believers in their Holocaust fables, anti-Government because they are all over our once decent governments, we are anti-oil, anti-gas, anti-natural resources because we don’t want our natural resources plundered and into the greedy uncaring Jewish control, we are anti-Kosher because we don’t want Jewish symbols in our grocery store or animals killed inhumanely or have Gods creatures strewn around by their legs and thrown into a dumpster, we are anti-capitalist because we see the Jewish corruption and monopolies over us in all facets of our livelihoods and because our government is in control of a Jewish monetary system called the Federal Reserve.
You could say I am and most are anti everything Jewish and they should just call us what we are (you know, the Jewish anti-Christ media doing all the talking). We are against people who are contrary to justice, peace, honesty, freedom and all the virtues we obtain from God. Call us what we are. We call you what you want to be called even though you are not. We are anti anti-Christ. They contradict mankind and everything of God. They do not follow anything in the Old Testament and anyone who believes they do are simply liars. They are contradictions to man exactly as the book says and nothing will change until we organize against this anti-Christ that is turning this world into a smelly, rotten, filthy cesspool.
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