This was a good movie  if you have seen how much is going on in the world today that is being wiped out right in front of your eyes and then you go to sleep and never seem to remember anything and a new incident takes place and as usual you forget that too. The truth is you are being buried in lying feces every day of your lives by this Jewish media. Yes its Jewish folks. You might see O’Reilly’s dumb big head on the screen, but you can see all his guests are Jews, has the same Jewish agenda, same Jew song and dance. Jews are over this guy like vultures on a dead corpse and he is indeed a dead man folks. Spiritually he is completely void of life. None of these media people have an ounce of courage, but I don’t want to lead into a horror movie (there is plenty of time for that later). This topic is about how we are programmed to forget EVERYTHING JEWISH that has been nothing short of a corrosive chemical on everything honest, decent and good in this world. Here are some examples.
1. The Federal Reserve is a Jewish institution, how do I know? Because it wont even be discussed.
All of the big executives, the media moguls, the comedians, the scientists, the CIA fags, the media Generals,  the Wall Street crooks, etc…. wont touch this with a flagpole. Why? They’re all gutless traitors.
2. As some of you know I am unglued about being blamed for slavery. Jewish teachers blamed my ancestors for slavery in America and conveniently left out their own. Some say that Jews hired non-Jew captains to sail their ships, but my sources say otherwise. The slave trade was Jewish from top to bottom. Only one way to find out and that’s open it up entirely, but we wont be doing that in the schools where we were BLATANTLY LIED TO.
3. Jewish terrorism is never mentioned, no that wasnt a Jew, Adam Pealman, that was an Arab, NEXT. Can you believe the LIES and the DECEIT of this media? It should have you ON FIRE! If it doesn’t you aren’t HUMAN!
Remember all the IRA bombings? They never told you there were Jews involved. Thats really all you ever need to know.
4. Our schoolbooks have been completely manipulated. We happily send our kids off to be indoctrinated by these very same LIARS! Are you crazy?
5. We send our kids to wars we have nothing to do with- for Jews, people who have the blood of our saviour on their hands and you don’t utter a PEEP!
6. The money, the fruits of our labor that goes to the Welfare State whether we like it or not is just plain ROBBERY. Do you care? I don’t think you do because I don’t even HEAR YOU!
7. 9/11 was a Jewish job and we all know it. How do we know it? Because it isn’t allowed to be discussed. You know the pattern. You are not to talk about it or you will be thrown into the GULAG. Screw them!
8. Drugs to our kids is and always has been a Jewish custom. We will never go to the head of the snake here and slash it off with a William Wallace SWORD. You want the drug problem removed? Face the Jew problem.The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges

Siegfried Sassoon- check out my relations to the Roosevelts and Delano's

in China. According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: “He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews. . . and put them to work.”

9. We all know where porn comes from, we know where all Christian vices that are being thrown in our face are coming from, but we don’t say. Christians may be beaten by temptation sometimes, but they don’t make a living tempting others. You know why? Because they can’t be Christians if they do.
10. Remember ritual murder? You know young kids being drained of their blood. Did you know the word cannibalism comes from the Canaanites? They were

Missed it by that much.

merchants too. Ring a bell?

11. Every day we are lambasted with political, judicial, military, small business and so on subjects from the media, but never do we discuss JEWISH MONOPOLIES such as the Kosher Scam or the ADL or AIPAC or these roaches that get into everything fresh and DESTROY IT ALL. And I mean ALL folks.
I could go on endlessly and be as equally fumed on each one of these subjects, but we will be discussing the welfare of the Jews tomorrow and not our own. When I say “our own” I mean every living creature on this earth that isn’t of the alien Jew species. It has to stop folks, it has to end like a movie. We need to put an end to this severely obvious problem we all have. It isn’t the Muslims, it isn’t the Catholics or Chinese unless Jews have slipped in as they do EVERYTHING ELSE. They get in folks and they get in to DESTROY. You can’t keep going to bed thinking this is going to go away and I am talking to the world. It wont go away! History says so. It keeps coming back and you keep going to sleep. America is still worth fighting for, but nothing is worth fighting your brother for. We have an enemy against us all and if it isn’t obvious by now to you it never will be. I’m not talking to you because you will lose your memory like some zombie out there. I never understood why Jews always had to put up a sign telling people to “Never Forget”. You non Jews don’t need a sign, all you need to do is listen to the injustice, the crime, the lies, the murder calling out from your brothers and sisters in the ground. You have to turn that Talmudvision off first unfortunately.

The Tau Cross- Tory Island, Ireland

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