Spawn II

Can someone please tell me how this guy even got into public office? This guy puts his fat fanny in the seats that are supposed to uphold our European Christian laws? In case you havent noticed there are no Jewish laws any more than Herod’s laws (their Edomite King). Their laws say we are animals here to serve them. Who was on watch when this guy got in?
Whose idea was it to let this grotesque looking alien into the Senate building? The day this guy entered Washington something died in the American spirit, that is whatever was left of it.
Who are these aliens and why have we let them in? Why are we blind to the fact that these people want us destroyed. They’re not here to help our economy or protect our borders or to uphold Christian values or laws. What do you think is going to happen with these people in high office? Do I even have to tell you?
This is the American Dream? We have guys running around Afghanistan so that these weasels can live the life of Riley. Our kids come home to no jobs, PTSD, illegals have their jobs, littered their streets, smut on the TV and in the movies, LIES from their media and guys like this are farting through silk. Ladies and gentlemen if you don’t see what’s going on you are either cowards or plain ignorant. I have met many people far more educated than me that pretend they don’t see this. What good is knowledge without courage? You would sell your knowledge straight to the enemy against your own people (people who would lay down their lives for you and would give you their last dime).
You often hear little mistakes White Christians made in life when they are running for office and destroyed by the media, but what could be worse than a person who is related to Jews who were kicked out of numerous countries? The people who are murdering their neighbors in the Middle East as I write this, the people who brought slavery to America, the people who brought usury to our great countries, the people who brought in porn, homosexuality, feminism and started organizations like the NAACP, NAMBLA, etc., etc.. etc… You have to be plain BONKERS!
In this subject there are no intellectuals. Intellectuals must be complete cowards to let young service men and women who trust their own to use that intellect to keep a balance in the world and where are they? They are cowering. They would much rather have guys like me do it all for them. Its sickening folks! You see America has a huge problem, a cancerous problem that wont go away. It is waiting for YOU to step up and call things what they are. Do you think I’m looking for fame or fortune doing this? I am simply trying to get things back square one so we can move forward instead of continuously backwards. The truth is you don’t know what forward is, you are being taken for a ride and you think you are going somewhere other than hell. You probably think you’re in another Hollywood movie, but its real folks. You are headed straight to hell and these spawn of satan characters are the real thing. I can’t scare you into reality because you might like horror.
Remember Sgt. Carter? We need about 100 Sgt. Carters sending these folks packing.

Out Out Out Move it! Move it!

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