Have you ever told someone they have a wasp on their behind and watch their reaction? I don’t mean their final reaction I mean their initial reaction. If I was a con artist or a prankster and the person knew me the first response he or she would give would be of shame of having to brush off their back side, but I’m not a con artist and I wouldn’t tell you that you have a wasp on your behind and let you squirm and ruin my credibility at the same time. Maybe if that person knew me already, trusted me and knew it was just a gag I might do this for some humor, but I don’t know many of you and I wouldn’t go up to someone on the street and tell them they have a wasp on their behind. If I tell you something like this I mean it and not kidding around, yet your initial response will be to think twice if I am lying to you or not as if I had a record of lying or my family did or it was just a common act of White Christian people to lie for a laugh. If it was Harpo Marx you wouldn’t even make a move to brush it off, but you trust his family in the media, the courtrooms, the churches, the schools, in politics and even as doctors.

Dr. Harold Shipman- look me up!


If I told you every day of your life you had a wasp on your ass you would get tired of all the lies because lies ruin trust like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”. The moral is that some time the wolf will come and you will be numb to it. Your media, your teachers, your priests, your economists, your military spokesmen and all high offices have wolves in them today. When I say wolves I mean Jews and the traitors who are bought out or blackmailed by Jews and their money. When people say “Its not all the Jews” do they realize that the only reason why Jews are able to carry out their deeds is by unifying against us? A monopoly is a conspiracy to cut specific people out and keep specific people in. At the same time we are supposed to all be Americans while these Jews and their proselytes in high office turn a blind eye to this. Jews are waiting in line for their scholarships they cheated to obtain, for Barmitzvah money their fathers cheated for them to obtain, their acting jobs, their banking jobs, their teaching jobs that require truth they wont tell, the physician jobs they cheated to obtain to kill us more swiftly and lastly their judicial jobs to keep it perfectly legal.

End- what I am really trying to tell you is your behind is on fire and its been on fire a long time (mine is too and I need your help). Eventually you are going to feel it or smell smoke. Maybe you wont at this rate, its hard to tell, but your ass is on fire none the less.

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