Did you ever think America would have anyone in a high office that looked like this or would even have an office that someone who looks like this could fill?
Can you believe this guy is still in office? He ran years ago on the premise that he was an Irish Catholic and didn’t know his father had a Cohanim name (look it up). This guy is as much a Christian as Elmer Fudd and as much Irish as Mel Blanc, but Massachusetts doesn’t care. Do they care about anything?
This guy looks like a blood sucking insect yet he is a Senator who stands for just about everything the founding fathers warned us about.
We have Jews all over our high offices, yet most Americans wouldn’t even invite these people to dinner, let alone put them in an office that is supposed to uphold our Constitution. How can these people uphold something based on morality, truth, justice, honor, duty, country or any of the virtues America stands for? They hold absolutely none of these virtues, none at all.
This woman is on our Supreme Court now making our court almost entirely alien. Seriously would you even trust buying a deli sandwich from her?
We have alien Jews all over us in America today and they aren’t going away folks. Theyre going to push us right over the edge until we start calling them what they are. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take you to learn this, but it’s getting a bit late in the game. The world is waiting for you. I mean YOU! The only strength we have is in numbers right now and in numbers we can rid our house of termites and start rebuilding (that’s the only way to explain it). If you are waiting for someone else to do something, they are waiting for you. In the meantime Jews will run your media, your money, open your borders, start new wars, pillage us, rob us, defame us, slime us and destroy us. Every minute you waste is some poor souls life, some cousins home, some brothers farm. If you are waiting for everyone else to do what you should be doing there is no need for you to even be here.
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