Its the Jew You Idiots!

I wonder what the farmer’s thought in Russia and the Ukraine about Communism brought into their country by alien Jews and watching their family members starve to death. I wonder who they thought the people were that did that to them.
I wonder what the Katyn soldiers thought when they were lined up and shot in the back of the head one by one. I wonder what the last thoughts were other than praying to Jesus. Did they identify their Jewish murderers?
I wonder what Africans thought when they were rounded up and watched one of their people get their legs chopped off to deter them from running away. Did they know these were Jews?
I wonder what Christians think when they see smut coming over their TV directly to their children. Do they actually think Christians would do such a thing on such a massive scale purposely?
What do people think when they hear about Israeli’s bombing their neighbors like they were spraying raid under their kitchen sink killing children with cluster bombs, killing innocent people on a daily basis almost as if it were sport?
What goes through the minds of non Jews when they discover porn, gambling, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, NAMBLA, NAACP, AIPAC spy scandals, Abramoff scandals, kosher scandals, organ harvesting scandals, child molestation epidemics through the roof that never hit the media, Madoff scandals, Wall St. scandals, Federal Reserve con games that just go on and on and on? Do they think its anyone but JEWS? What in Gods name are you thinking?
I can never get a list together that shows ALL the Jew crime because it’s honestly just too damned big to remember them all. Someone out there is already loaded with that all familiar reply to all of this shooting it all straight to hell. Some idiot, some moron, some gutless fool will say “It’s not all the Jews” and that is his final contribution to humanity.
Well I am telling you this folks, it is the Jews and until you call it what it is nothing will change and if you hear others claiming its the Zionists you are going to have to realize that Jews are already in place to derail any movement against them. Its going to take good people to say what needs to be said as they see it and not as some Jew sees it. How you can’t see this yet is simply surreal. Jews put Jesus on the cross and crucified him, they are the enemies of truth and they own the media and lie to you every day and you feel you need to trust them? You are out of your gourd. It’s all part of your programming to find a Jew to trust and it is the basis of destruction. If you are a Christian you need to separate from these people, do not bring them in, do not listen to them, do not deal with them. Get out from them!
Many of you have friends or kids over in the Middle East occupying someone’s land at the behest of Jews. We have no troops stopping the killing in the Jewish state because the Jews in America want them defended. You allow 30 million dollars to go to the Jewish state every day and you don’t say a word. Some of you I hear out there talk as if you have a kosher pickle in your mouth and can’t get a word out properly because you trip over your own tongue trying not to tell the whole truth. Do you even realize how you sound or are these Internet stations just radio Madoff frauds. Where are the war heroes, the statesmen, the priests, the reporters, etc.? I’ll tell you where they are, they are working for Jews. Are they working for all the Jews? Directly or indirectly they indeed are by not doing or saying a word.
When America went into Iraq nobody said “it’s not all the Iraqi’s”, when America went into Vietnam nobody said “it’s not all the North Vietnamese, nobody said “it’s not all the Germans” or “all the Indians” or “all the Afghani’s” or “all the Chinese or Japanese”, but we still went to war against them. Why aren’t we waging war against the Jews? It’s because they programmed you not to and continue to every day of the week in the media and on these BS Internet radio stations that claim they are for the Constitution, freedom and all that jazz. The truth is they are wasting valuable time while innocent people are killed and slowly lose the countries they built. The basis of all the worlds problems today is JEW usury. Its Jews doing it and it always has been. Pin the tail on the Jew donkey or shut up!
Free Edgar Steele Now!
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