Ben O’Hur

 {No more pictures allowed for Mel, picture Ben bent over chained to the botom of the ship paddling for Jews not Romans}
I don’t recall reading about Ben Hur in the Bible (Juda Ben Hur) the fictional character said to be a Jew like Alan Dershowitz riding around the Roman Coliseum defeating all the other peoples of the earth because Jews (not Israelites) were chosen over all people (even though these people who say they are Jews aren’t Jews). Where does it say Jews were chosen over all the others folks? Didn’t Jesus come for his lost sheep (exiled sheep) of the house of Israel? Was he too late? It says several times that the Israelites were scattered abroad to the North and the West (that’s Europe folks) and that the stars in the heavens would fall before Israel was gone. I saw stars in the sky last night so they must still be here. You have been completely programmed by the enemies of Jesus, the Edomites and descendants of Cain through movies, through history books, through the churches, etc. It’s not been since the Internet that so many people are waking up to the truth. Jews are not the people of the Bible folks, they wove their way into it just like they wove into the media and changed history right in front of your eyes. The saddest part about it is you don’t care, you sit back and watch a movie or read a book that’s a complete abomination of your ancestors and you don’t care. That’s the real crime and I am betting it’s why God will never help you. I know God never said he will help those who help themselves, but he is not going to help you at something you are supposed to be doing by his commandments. That commandment was “Seek the Truth” and why did he tell you to seek the truth, so you can sit on it and say or do nothing? You act upon the truth and you turn things right side up NO MATTER WHAT THE ODDS ARE!
It’s truly amazing you sit back and let them tell you Whites brought Blacks here as slaves. Whites needed Blacks in America like a hole in the head. Jews brought Blacks here because they are destroyers and profit from destruction. Jews run the Federal Reserve a complete counterfeit joke and what do you do? You don’t even as much as belch. It is truly GUTLESS! Jews bring in porn, degrade our women, you know the list straight up to this day and you are on the couch eating Crunch n Munch or some other God forsaken snack. Your kids are in the Middle East defending Jews, lying Jews and you don’t see the outrage in this. Your country is being ripped off, ransacked, trashed, pee’d on and soon starved and where are you? God only knows.
You turn on an Internet radio station and it sounds like a bunch of whackjobs still going after Jesuits and Nazi’s and the usual diversions and what do you do? You just sit back and enjoy the show. The truth is you will never do a damned thing. You’ve been programmed and too far under the lying garbage to even breathe. You’re hand is sticking out of the garbage but its in your mouth, all over your body and inside your veins. You just can’t snap out of it and you wont. You are programmed head on to never do anything against your enemies and everything to your own brothers and sisters and you’re too stupid to figure it out. You let Jews make up stories about your brothers or your father’s killing others while the innocent Jews are never guilty of ANYTHING in your walnut sized brains. It takes courage to tell the truth and you are simply gutless. The truth is you don’t even know what will happen to you for saying the truth because you’ve never even tried. You are a disgrace!
I’ve known 18 year olds that have given their lives for lies thinking they were protecting America and that America would never lie to its own people. The fact is Jews will and you can’t figure that out after all the monopolies they have over you right now. After bringing slaves here, open border advocates, media completely taken over, government completely taken over and some of you still believe Americans are in charge of America. You are brain-dead imbeciles! The Glenn Beck’s, the Sean Hannity’s, OReilly’s (bent over traitors) have the microphones with their Jewish guests every day (every day) and what do you do about it? NOTHING! How much traitorous BS can you take?
America could be taken back in a matter of days if you had the guts to stand up for something that is beneficial to you and your family, your people. You can’t stand for alien invaders. Many of us know who the enemy is and we need to face this enemy head on just like the first Christians did. There is a reason why Jews have complete control of the media and they have control of much of the Internet too. Some of these Internet radio stations say one thing one day and the next they are back to square one. You tell them the Fed is Jewish and the next day they are talking about selling gold for what? Jew money. It’s completely idiotic folks and you need to break free of your yolk and that takes action. You aren’t Gandhi and Jews would let you set yourselves on fire while they eat popcorn (that’s exactly what they want). You are going to have to call the cheaters what they are. If you can’t understand that you are simply pussies and a waste of oxygen. That’s the Gods honest truth!
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