I’m Gonna Git You Sukka!

There seems to be some controversy over the fact that Jared Lee Loughner had a Sukkot in his backyard and if this picture that was in the New York Daily News was indeed in Loughner’s backyard and this sort of altar was as well, after further study I am convinced that this is indeed a Sukkot that Jews ritually celebrate. If this ritual came from the original Israelites is another issue altogether, but here are some of the absolutes of this.
One, you can see that these Sukkots have fruit hanging from the roof inside and out and the lemon or citrus that looks somewhat like a lemon is used (not going into all that). Loughner not only had lemons, but he had a lemon tree right there in the picture if you zoom in on this tree.
Take a look at the chains, a common Sukkot decoration.
I looked and looked for more bells hanging from other Sukkots and couldn’t find any, but it didn’t take long to find that the bell is a common decoration for a Sukkot. I think this thing is pretty cut and dry. I don’t think many people have things that even look like Sukkots in their backyards that don’t know they are Sukkots do you? However we have many people out there that will look at this and STILL deny it. Do you know why folks? Because they don’t have the guts to admit it. You aren’t going to get any BS from me folks. I am not here to BS you, I am here to give you important information you need to protect your children from these aliens who have dominion over our once great planet. If you don’t spread this around it does no good to me or you and I will simply eventually throw my hands up in the air in complete disgust and disbelief that good people refuse to triumph over evil.
You have seen the other altar picture with the skull and candles with fruit or figs. I don’t know where the skull comes from, but this is used in Wicca rituals. Much of the Wiccan symbolism is very similar to Sukkot symbolism, but knowing we are not hearing of either I am willing to bet the farm it is Jewish satanic ritual exactly like some of the experts explained right off the bat. My hat is off to those that did and those that still have not mentioned this, well its too late now, you blew your chance to make us think you will ever play offense. You want to be on defense forever and keep things as they have been.

Wicca symbols


Loughner's Backyard Altar

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