Call It As You See It Break

 If I am being hypocritical in any way please feel free to let me know because I do not want to be a hypocrite. A hypocrite is a deceiver, a misleader, an impostor, a thief and an overall untrustworthy person. I do not want to be untrustworthy because nobody will then listen to me, however you listen to the hypocrites on TV and in the media all day long. I want to give you some pointers to immediately react to so that no stone is left unturned in religious or racial arguments. The truth is the hypocrisy is all coming from the same place, the same people, the same crime syndicate, the same group that crucified Jesus and killed all Gods prophets.

 Here are some things you need to bring up whenever these subjects come up. If someone brings up religious books such as the Bible or the Koran bring the Jewish book in immediately. Every subject being discussed out there in the media is simply diversion from the real subject that needs to be slapped back in the head of these people with a live wet fish. If religion is brought up, bring up the fact that Jews do not even claim to believe the entire Old Testament and even the parts they claim to believe they do not abide by. I am referring to usury for one and that one subject will open up a world of new subjects. Bring up the Talmud, the Protocols, Communism’s roots, etc. and watch the subject go away.

 When country is discussed bring up the fact that Jews have always pushed for their own so-called racial country, meaning that they aren’t “white folk”. When Jews came from other countries they were always referred to as Jews and not Polish or Italian or German, but JEWS. Somehow we have associated these people as Gods chosen that can be and do whatever they want including crucify our savior. Beat them over the head with their ridiculous hypocrisy.

 When assimilation comes up of others expose who brought Blacks to America in slave ships, who wants open borders to Mexico for cheap labor in their Kosher plants, etc… and who it is that makes up most of Brooklyn today. Every subject that is being talked about in the main stream media is diversionary. The problem isn’t Egypt or Iran or Iraq the problem is Jews. The problem isn’t gold or silver or paper money itself it is Jews who pervert it. The problem isn’t the drug user on the street its the Jewish smuggler of the drugs. The problem isn’t Democrats or Republicans its the Jew lobby. The problem isn’t Sharia law its Talmudic law. If they talk about Muslim terrorists ask why they aren’t talking about Jewish terrorists. It’s all nothing but a complete waste of time to discuss anything but the big fat Jewish elephant crapping all over the room.

Everything is diversionary, everything and you need to start slapping them with the truth. They can’t keep the truth out forever, but you can see they are trying their utmost to do so.

….Oh and almost forgot, if they bring up Catholic priests having to do with child molestation or ANYONE having to do with child molestation, realize that the Jewish community has a child molestation problem like no other ever on this earth and they protect the molesters not the children.

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