Entebbe and Me

I have a confession to make. In today’s world I am a traitor for not watching Jewish owned teams being herded like cattle on the big day. I missed the Stacker’s and the Peeler’s game and I am guilty. I prefer freedom to do as I please pretty much all the time and football just doesn’t have that freedom. Everybody has to do what they are told by their masters and they don’t care who their masters are, which brings me to Entebbe. Instead of watching the Super Bowl and the big half time hullabaloo designed to pervert in some way I decided to watch some movies I haven’t seen in a long time because of some memories I threw out years ago thinking Id never need them again. Linda Blair wasn’t in Entebbe, the movie so I apologize to Linda for that. I don’t know why I said Linda Blair, obviously she made my acting list of Jews somewhere else (I’ll have to look it up). Linda is without a doubt a huge Jewish name for girls as well as Barbara, but I’ll get into that on another post. I watched two back to back Jewish movies just to block out this Jewish Super Bowl so I could give you some of the blatant facts that this Entebbe hoax could not have happened the way it was told if at all. This was already in the newspapers as a hoax and if you want to do a search on Entebbe + hoax and you will see it has grown, but never sets in like so many other hoaxes Jews have perpetrated on us dumb trusting goyim throughout time.
Entebbe begins with these words…”What you are about to see took place in late June 1976″. Nothing like a good lie to get the movie off the ground eh? What we are about to see took place, but this is a movie and these are actors. I saw James Woods schtucking some girl on a kitchen counter in another movie and he was acting then too. So we have actors, acting that an event really took place that didn’t instead of the acting about something they believe that did. I would say Jews are at their best acting out things that never happened when they claim it did. I had more info here, but added one picture and the whole thing went to hell as it has so many times before.
1. The chances of a German woman being involved in a Palestinian hijacking are simply nuts, but what are the chances of the hijackers flying to an airport that an Israeli construction company built? I don’t know many airport buildings Israeli companies have built do you?
2.Pregnant women- there were 2 pregnant Jewish women on the plane. Is it good drama to have pregnant Jewish women or what? One pregnant woman was cut away from her Israeli husband and another pregnant woman was brought to a Ugandan hospital and never heard from again. Never even hear it talked about and we all know we would hear it talked about if it were true. They even had putrid looking children to provide some evidence of truth to the hoax.
3. The hijacked plane landed in Libya before Uganda. Nobody knew back then that Ghaddafi “The worlds most dangerous man” was Jewish, but there is evidence that he indeed is. From there the plane went to their final destination, Entebbe welcomed by Idi Amin.
4.In the movie it says there were 240 people on the plane and not all were Jews. When the head hijacker was calling off the names to separate the Israeli’s from the other passengers one of the Israeli’s said “They are only calling Jewish names”. The Israeli Jew that said this had the name “Cooper” and that is not always Jewish by any means. What the trick was there is he should have said “Israeli names” because surely some of the non Israeli’s could have been Jews making you believe only Jews were singled out. Of course this never happened anyway, but if it did this is how it happened according to the John 8:44 folks.
5. Can you imagine Charles Bronson as a military commander? Bronson says “remember, hold your fire until we hit the terminal, speed, silence and eh complete surprise. We wouldn’t want to be any louder than two C-130’s hitting a landing strip in the peace of night. Of course this is after Bronson’s movie “Once Upon a Time in the West” and we know he can be a one man army all by himself.
6. The Israeli’s brought along a jeep mounted cannon to blow up all the fighter jets at the airport virtually unguarded and unmanned. Surely nobody would follow them flying away now. They just waltzed in and plugged them all- truly G_d was on their side. Luckily they had that cannon because they needed it to take out the airport tower where Ugandan soldiers were obviously sleeping until they heard the cannon go off 5 times or so. At least 11 according to Wiki.
7. Yanni Netanyahu, the ground commander was the only one killed other than the bad guys and 3 hostages. In the end all the hijackers are dead- no questions answered from dead people and Yanni dead (the glue that held it all together). The pregnant woman never heard from again. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Even Idi Amin said “Israel is a small place and most people are related in one way or the other”. All the usual Irgun, Stern gang suspects involved.
8. 248 passengers, roughly 2500 miles away, swooped in the dead of night and pulled this thing off and rounded up a cast full of Jews like a Chuck Norris movie. If only we had Jews to rescue our POWs in Nam.
9. The airport lighting mysteriously went on 10 minutes before landing. This was another act of G_d.
10. The hijacked plane obviously had Holocaust victims aboard kvetching that “Its all starting up again” very much like The Pawnbroker movie. They want you to think something happened twice or even three times, whatever it takes to get you to believe them. The hijacked plane had Holocaust old men, pregnant women, Woody Allen type Jews, etc. and rescued by Arnold Schwarzenneger types. They have a wide variety of people in the Jewish state. One old man said he was keeping kosher and normally didn’t because the food was so bad. Oy!
That’s the story folks and they’re stickin to it, but one small tidbit I found simply reinforced the religious aspect of this from my standpoint. Not many people realize that Idi Amin played by Yaphet Kotto (a Black African) is an African Jew. His mother in real life supposedly converted to marry his father (they have all the bases covered don’t they?). I am willing to bet she claimed she was born a Jew just like Yaphet’s father. You see Jews want people to believe you must have a Jewish mother to be Jewish and at the same time make you think anyone can become Jewish by conversion including Blacks, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, whatever. The truth is the Bible is a racial book certainly without Jesus in it. The only thing that makes people think the Bible isn’t racial are the words of Jesus Christ. Jews don’t believe in Jesus. Do you think they told Yaphet he wasn’t a Jew during this movie? I don’t think so.
If Jews believe in the writings about Esau and Jacob in Genesis they have to believe in a racial lineage. If Esau or Edom married into a different race it was against God’s will. I’m sorry, but that was Gods will according to the Bible, but here they are glorifying Yaphet as being a Jew and giving him this part in the movie to assure their little hoax is carried out according to plan. You see after a while the lies get harder and harder because the more they lie the more they have to keep their other lies alive. It gets harder and harder and it’s why we have no free speech

Do you see the con?

in America today. There is simply no way we can ask questions directly to Jews in national media or the whole house of cards comes down. Of course one person cant do it alone, it is going to take a mass of people to expose their lies at one time or it’s simply forgotten and business is back as usual like Hitler used to say in much better wording. When Jesus said be smart as a serpent was he talking about Gods chosen people? How could he do such a thing to his own people? He didn’t. You know who his chosen people are and you are here to be a light of truth and balance to this world. Who else will do this? Like a football game you do what you are told by John 8:44 Jews and completely disregard what your Father has commanded. In fact you didn’t even read the playbook. Entebbe was just another Jewish football game, nothing true, no value, only losers- you.

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3 Responses to Entebbe and Me

  1. Fantastic info, some of which I was missing for a story we ran on Israel’s involvement in the AMin coup.Instead of using your research would you be interested in doing a piece on Entebbe for us? http://www.euroepanknightsproject.org Regards, N

  2. melgibstein says:

    Natasha, I couldnt add any more to the Entebbe hoax without adding to the Holohoax the Fed hoax, the Katyn hoax and every other Jew hoax (Jews themselves) and what Im trying to do right here. Take it, spread it around, I dont want money, I dont want notoriety nor fame or even popularity, I just want justice to be done and ultimately I want these parasitical blood sucking worms dealt with (ok I do want them dealt with on my terms, that I am guilty of). I want them out of my sight and out of sight of anyone who knows and has the guts to say what they do for that reason only.

  3. Thanks for the response. I will certainly ad your story to the http://www.europeanknightsproject.org site and will credit your blog. I will do my best to drive people here so you can continue to spread your message. I agree, it is not about notoriety-but at the and of the day we need to continue to get the word out. Drop me a lone on facebook or send me an email in case I lose track of how we communicated once the story has been posted.

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