The Fiddler’s

You should be offended when you see people writing “We are the Egyptians” or “We will soon be Egypt” when looking at the current uprising in Egypt. When you look at the people who are saying this you find the usual suspects, the Marrano’s, Crypto’s, people who came in as a so-called veteran, a Reagan bottle washer, whatever they are using the term “We” as if we Americans are all on the same page against our own government. Well ladies and gentlemen I am not against a government, I am against a rogue government and an alien people who simply do not belong here nor in Egypt or Germany or Poland, Ireland, England, Hungary,Argentina, Rome, Greece, Jerusalem or even Israel. They are no more Israelites than they were Polish or German or American. They simply don’t belong.
Everywhere these so-called Jews dwell cometh destruction. We are the next Egypt because of our Jewish media, our Jewish crypto’s in office and like Egypt our political system does not represent us. This does not mean that we should start throwing things in our streets, breaking glass storefronts, starting chaos or jumping up and down like a baby that wants it’s diaper changed. It is time for truth and I mean truth that knows no competition. It is time to pin the tail on the Jew donkey.
I don’t know about you, but I am a builder not a destroyer and I don’t like cleaning up things twice or more. Egyptians are destroying what they built while their Jew fiddlers await their tantrums to cease and tire like vultures to a corpse. America must avoid this at all costs. A builder doesn’t want to waste his time cleaning things up more than once. If you are cleaning you aren’t building and doing a job anyone can do for the price of a skilled craftsman. A skilled carpenter repairing his house knows how to get right to the problem directly and trash it one time so he can move on. He doesn’t trash the house and rebuild the whole thing unless the people in the house have another place to live in the meantime. In America’s case we do not. We need to go straight to the source of our problems in America and trash them and use the best materials possible so this problem never comes back.
Most have already left this blog post so now its just you and me. Deep down you know this is the only solution. It was the solution to Rome, to Greece, to Russia and all the countries this alien life has been kicked out of or left for them to destroy. If you don’t face this problem directly, if you yield to these Marrano’s you desire to trust more than me or others not willing to face the true problem you will suffer the same consequences again and again. The problem is we have a people on this earth who think we are cattle, we are evil beasts, we are child molesters, Nazi’s, murderers, liars (everything they call us they are). Oh and we are all terrorists too. Go ahead and believe that Jewish TV and radio and you might as well just bend over (excuse me for that), butt that’s exactly what you are doing. There is only one solution and that solution has made most of you think this is the worst idea there is even though its been done over 100 times before and that is expulsion and separation from Jews. That’s the answer folks and if you don’t know that by now you need to take a camping trip, turn off that TV and listen to your conscience. To Jews it is “us or them” and they will never assimilate other than to parasite. How many times do you have to see it throughout history and how blatant does it have to be right in your face? Jews will be playing the fiddle while you burn down your own house just as long as you don’t burn down theirs (what you built for them).
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