The Stoning of Saint Stephen

If John the Baptist rated the highest regards from Jesus, Stephen wasn’t far behind in second place. Most people don’t know what John the Baptist said and did to make him the most admired by Jesus and Stephen is rarely even part of the conversation in Christianity anywhere. To discuss Stephen, John and Jesus at the same time is more than the cowards and enemies of Christianity (our media) can handle so the cowards deflect the attention to Iran and call them barbarians for stoning women for adultery. It doesn’t occur to them that Stephen was stoned to death and entirely innocent by the very people the media people work for and defend. They defend the Jews that crucified Christ, that have the blood of Christ on them without blinking an eye.
The reason why these media cowards defend women of Iran isn’t because they care about the women, the media could care less about Iranian women and simply use whatever they can to make them look barbaric. At the same time they are mute about the murderers of their God in the flesh on earth. While their Christian brothers and sisters were being bombed in Lebanon by Jews and in Palestine by Jews no words condemning these acts left their dirty lips. Ladies and gentlemen if you can’t see the cowardice in this you are blind. The media will make themselves look like they are moral, smart, charming, whatever they want and you wont have an opinion. They give you their opinion- period. There is nothing you can do but watch. These media slaves whether they claim to be Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, etc. are nothing but Jewish Shabbos Goyim (look it up). A Shabbos Goyim is a person Jews hire to do their work on the Sabbath to do their work for them even though the book says that no servants should work that day, not even the cattle. This is just one of the dozens of contradictions Jews have you believing. They aren’t supposed to practice usury either and that’s their main way of making a living. They tell you they are the people of the Bible referred to as Jews and you believe them just like you believe everything else they say.
When Muslims come on shows like OReilly, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham, all the Jew slave shows these goyim (or crypto Jews) know who and what they are defending and it isn’t Christianity folks. They talk over these Muslims, interrupt them, yell at them, mock them, belittle them for their masters, the Jews who hanged Jesus from a tree. It is truly evidence to me that the entities in this world are exactly as Jesus said they would be. Jews make twice the children of hell out of their proselytes. It doesn’t matter that a Muslim has no voice to tell his side of the story in our so-called free media, but the one time they come on they are violently disrupted. The OReilly’s, Hannity’s, Beck’s and Limbaugh’s of the world are up to their necks in lies and when the rubber hits the road these guys will be left out for the wolves. I wont lend a finger to help them.
Its one thing to lie about catching a big fish and another to start a war or silence someone trying to tell the truth. When you silence someone’s inability to tell what he perceives to be true you silence out Jesus himself no matter who that person is. The truth is these media sell outs, traitors have no regards for the truth, Iranian women, Iranian men, Muslims, Christians or anyone else on earth but Jews and their own skin. They are boxed in a corner with their own paint brush. I have no pity for such people and these people may claim that stoning an adulteress woman is wrong, but by not hearing the other side explain why they do what they do and what they think of what we do is nothing but a stoning without a trial. Try to tell these media slaves this and they will start acting like punks who will take their football and go home. I am deeply ashamed of these media people and if it were up to me they would all be removed from the bottom right up to the top Jew dog. They are indeed liars exactly how it is written and to defend these people is like defending Satan in a head to head competition against Christ. That is really what it comes down to whether they believe it or not. They wont let the truth in because it will expose them for the cowards they are. I deny any connections to these people who say they are Christians, they are the Jews grocery clerks and anyone that uses these people as Christians in either a good or a bad light is flat-out misleading.
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