The Jewish Connection

You’ve heard of the French Connection, now you will hear of the Jewish connection. I get tired of seeing movies like “The Italian Job”, movies about Irish bombers, Italian mobsters, Russian mobsters, Spanish drug cartels, Romanian vampires, etc. Why do we never hear of the Jewish crimes that are staggering humongous elephants in the room?

We don’t hear of Jewish Mafia connections that make up the so-called Italian and Russian Mafia’s. People don’t realize that Jews change their names and also live in Europe, India, Africa, Asia, all over the world. You have to understand why Jews are never implicated because it opens up a whole new can of worms.

Do you hear of Jewish organ harvesting rackets or Jewish porn rackets (stop). Are Jews Jewish and are Jewish people Jews? What is a Jew? Are there people who claim to be Jews and are not, but of the synagogue of Satan? Look that one up. (Go) We don’t see Jews involved in slavery when they completely dominated it in America and anyone who can’t see that is just plain programmed. Do you see “Blood Diamond” movies with even the word “Jew” associated with it? Leonardo DiCaprio wont mention it because he’s in bed with one.

Do you see or hear Jews mentioned when talking about the border in America? Who wants the borders wide open for global dominance? Just look at the largest illegal bust in America at a kosher meat-packing plant in Iowa (the heartland). Who could do such a thing?

We wont see the Jewish connections in the drug cartels such as the Roosevelt/Delano connection to the opium trade. This is the great Roosevelt family we have all been trained to know and love. Not a word about how they acquired their blood money. Will we hear about the Jewish connection to homosexuality movements, feminist movements, abortion or child molestation? No, instead you sit back and let the Jewish media defame Christianity.

All I can say is it is shameless for Jews, but it is equally shameless that the bulk of non Jews are not speaking out against this obvious alien life force we have amongst us. If there were 100 of me I would have this media shut down and back up running telling the truth in 3 days. Without taking back our media and telling the truth, you, your family, your history, your culture and your honesty is nothing more than a grain of sand in the desert. You fear pointing out who the culprits are and accept the blame for their crimes against humanity. Ladies and gentlemen that is a crime against humanity.

The media is back on the warpath against Muslims. I am not a Muslim, but I stand for truth and the Egyptian Muslims want Israel out of their politics, out of their lives like hundreds of other countries have done already. There is nothing wrong or out of the norm for anyone to want Jews out of their country if you study true history. The fact that its taking so long in America is only due to the American media lying to us on a daily basis. Everything you see on this Talmudvision is a Jew scam- EVERYTHING! They are all traitors to America.


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2 Responses to The Jewish Connection

  1. Paul Revere says:

    Isn’t this cute? Slavish media whore and professional tool of Jews Hannity in a reverse interview with Zionist Pimp Bolton.

    • melgibstein says:

      Not even 2% Jews in America and all these Jew shoeshine boys just dont see the Jews they talk to one after the other. I think if we put them on a spit and roasted all of them they would see them. And that is exactly what needs to be done.

      They are writing Christian books on the side while working for jews exclusively (they arent very tricky and their days are numbered). If anyone in this world needs to be put in jail or given the death penalty it is this complacent media. Jews cant get away with anything without their front men. The ideal revolution would be to take these traitors out first and foremost. We all know who they are- the list isnt very long really. Take out the Jews voice and then you take out its guts.

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