Katyn a Hot Tin Roof

I try to remember what single event it was that woke me up and the truth is I was most likely asleep when it happened and it came in like a cool breeze through my window in the wee hours of the night. Most truth comes to me then for some odd reason like someone is trying to tell me something and I’m just not listening during the day. Only when my conscience is completely at ease and at peace can my mind actually do the work I wished all day I could find. I certainly didn’t wake up with one issue, something unlocked my mind and let the truth in only after I unlocked my side of the door for the truth to come in. As I’ve stated before I have always known Jews were against me and every fiber in my body, I could talk to them, befriend them, but there was something deep dividing us and it wasn’t me. I’m not an idiot, I have known a lot of people in my life and had many Jewish friends. I simply didn’t understand what was going on beneath the surface.
I have learned a great deal since then and it’s just beyond the pale how much I was lied to about history and lied to by my so-called Jewish friends as well, of course they wanted to be my friend, even Al Capone said you can get more with a smile blah blah blah. Folks, they can smile at the drop of a hat if they want something from you, it’s simply their nature. Do you think they smile at Palestinians? In order for them to get in they have to be liked. Is that too hard for people to figure out? Can you risk your family, country, religion or soul with this choice? The answer is NO!
What woke me up about Jews I don’t know, but I am fully awake either way and can look back at the shysts and the cons I’ve seen Jews do up close and personal. They are very well-organized against us whether you like them or not. They prefer you like them, I prefer you don’t. Anyway one of the main events that really outrages me is the Katyn massacre. I am not Polish, but you don’t have to be Polish, you just have to be human to understand the complete, well its indescribable how this little tidbit of history just escaped right through our legs and not discussed. When you read about Katyn you will want to warn all your relatives about this one or you aren’t of the human species.
It’s best you went to historians to learn the truth about what happened at Katyn because I am no historian I am only someone trying to wake you up and give you truth instead of this diarrhea the media is giving you today. Read everything you can about the Katyn massacre and ask yourself why you never hear about this event. You will get disinfo, but you will learn who the liars are and who the victims were. Here is a snippet you can simply do a search on to find and read the rest.
Altogether the Soviet secret police had rounded up some 15,000 Polish leaders in 1939 — including nearly half of the entire Polish officer’s corps, the half that had the misfortune of being in eastern Poland at the time — and put them in three concentration camps in Russia: at Starobelsk, Kozelsk, and Ostashkov. All of the bodies unearthed in the Katyn Forest were of Polish leaders who had been confined at one of these camps: Starobelsk.Rounding up a country’s leaders and killing them was standard practice for the communists. The theory was that the leaders were bourgeois oppressors of the working class and deserved to die. As egalitarians the communists did not regard the Polish officers and intellectuals as inherently better or more valuable human material than the average Polish criminal or bum; the officers had simply used their class advantage to gain a better life-style for themselves. Of course, no one really believed that theory except the criminals, bums, and other resentful losers and ne’er-do-wells who made up the natural communist constituency. As a practical matter, however, killing all the leaders and potential leaders of a conquered people made them easier to govern. That’s what the Marxists had done in Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic countries.

In the case of the Poles there was a bit of a diplomatic problem, though. The Poles supported the war Britain and France had declared against Germany, purportedly on their behalf, because they viewed that as their one hope for getting back at least the western part of their country. They were not happy about the Russians taking the eastern part of Poland, but the Russians at least were fellow Slavs. The thing to do was get rid of the Germans first and then worry about the Russians. This Polish strategy suited Stalin fine. But it made it desirable for him to avoid alienating the Poles any more than necessary. When Polish exiles asked about their imprisoned leaders in late 1939 and early 1940, the Soviet government promised that they would be released shortly. Meanwhile, the decision had been made to kill all of them. And so in April 1940 the Polish leaders were taken from the three camps where they had been imprisoned, trucked off to various liquidation sites, and murdered. The ones who had been imprisoned at Starobelsk all went to the NKVD area of the Katyn Forest. After the war some of the NKVD executioners were interviewed in Israel and described how they had carried out the killings.

{end snippet}

The Jews of Stalin’s secret police rounded up the intelligentsia of Poland (thousands) transported them off into the forest where they were transported in small vans a few at a time to a building where they were each individually shot in the back of the head like cattle and dumped into a pit. The Polish were told to say it was the Germans or they would be shot. This my friends, my brothers and sisters is not talked about at all, doesnt exist. The Jewish media fears blaming the Germans or the Russians now because it was Jews. We fear being anti-Semites while the bodies of these great Christians are broken down by the elements of time screaming out with every cell transposed into the dirt. If you don’t hear them you simply

Katyn Memorial

aren’t listening.

When I first heard about Katyn I had no idea what it was all about and it hurt my head to even hear about it like so many other issues. I never dreamed I would cut through it all thanks to the people on the Internet and relentless study of who and what is destroying this planet. When that door was unlocked in my mind one sleepless night I depended on whatever it was to unlock more. What I once thought was too complicated and too tangled to ever figure out became second nature. I was never a great student in school, but whatever I set my mind to whether it be sports, craft work, etc. I could run with the best of them and so can you.  Jews killed those Polish Christians because they knew the truth about them like we do now. What this group of Jews did to those educated Christians that day or night should never be forgotten. This event should be in the Catholic churches in place of the Holocaust nonsense and a crime against all Christians everywhere, but it never will because this knowledge will lead people to more and more and more crimes against humanity like they have never dreamed of. Everything else is minuscule and that’s the Gods honest truth outside the Jew subject. Be smart as a serpent and do your study on Katyn if you are a Christian. This event is as important as the Civil War, slavery in America or any subject discussed in the school History books. These are your Christian/European brothers and sisters who lost their familes or simply brothers in truth that have been silenced forever. How many more Katyns, 9/11’s, USS Liberty’s, Marine Barracks bombings, wars, uprisings, expulsions, ritual murders, monopolies, all around anti- European, anti- American, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-human being acts, etc. is IT GOING TO TAKE? The world is waiting for you, God is waiting for you, nature itself is waiting for you to speak out in total disgust against this contrary entity that is simply against everything good on earth.

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14 Responses to Katyn a Hot Tin Roof

  1. Ragnar says:

    Ma olen eestlane ja ma tean täpselt, millest jutt käib. Teie valu on korvamatu. Paraku minu esivanemate saatus on samuti väga halb. See Siber ei lähe meil eestlastel mitte kunagi meelest. Ometigi meil läks väga hästi. Kunagi ei tohi unustada Ukraina näljahädasid. Kui keegi tahab minuga sel teemal rääkida, siis: ragnar.rosme@gmail.com

  2. Malachi Doyle says:

    Let me get this straight…..you are blaming Katyn on a Jewish conspiracy? Is this for real?

  3. melgibsteinIsAnIdiot says:

    So a huge army of Jews managed to escape the Nazi’s, and rounded up over 15,000 soldiers and Polish elite, put them in POW camps on Russian soil, and proceeded to take them out of the camps and kill them in the forest? You sir, are delusional. For anyone searching for what really happened, go to this link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_massacre#Executions

    • melgibstein says:

      Oh yeah, wikipedia will get you the truth- not. Im sure it will say Jews were the people who took Black slaves to America on their own ships too or that the Donmeh Jews genocided the Armenians in Turkey or that Jews make and have always made up the Italian and Russian Mafia’s. Im sure wiki explains who murdered the Czar and family or that Jews have controlled Russia ever since that day. Wikipedia can only write enough truth to keep you from throwing it all out, but like the entire media, the jew controlled school system it is considered hurtful to the jews to tell the truth about them. Unlike me I hope it hurts. And you aint seen nuthin yet.

      Your Bollockcaust lies are being exposed left and right, you fiat crime racket money system is being exposed, your perversion is all over the internet, your lies in every area there is are being exposed to the world and then one day “Shazam” like one of your comic books the sh** is gonna hit the fan. If I were you I would be packed. I live for that day!

      You think you are winning, but you are fools like you have always been. Trying to cheat everything will have everything against you on that day.

    • John says:

      Apparently you are dellusional. The extermination of Poles was taking place between 1939-1942 on the Russian occupied teritories. Jews lived there freely and freely. Thoses Jews never saw concentration camps. Get your facts straight.

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    • melgibstein says:

      US complicit in Katyn cover-up
      Katyn massacre


      Newly released documents seem to prove that the Roosevelt administration deliberately and cold-bloodedly helped the Russians to cover up the Katyn massacre of 1940. Why? Because they didn’t want to upset Stalin.

      Over 22,000 Polish citizens – the elite of Polish society at the time – were systematically massacred in the woods of Katyn, a forest on the western fringes of Russia.

      “Three years later American prisoners of war sent secret coded messages to Washington with news of the massacre after seeing rows of corpses in an advanced state of decay in the forest, proof that the killers could not have been the Nazis who had only recently occupied the area”, the Independent reports. [1]

      These newly-declassified revelations seem to knock a massive hole in all the rubbish we hear from a certain part of the world, about ‘defending values, freedom, democracy, abolishing tyranny’, and so on.

      Keeping cosy with Stalin – huh!

      ~Mel Gibstein says “Thanks for the pingback, but you left out the most important part, the Jews”

  5. HKW says:

    Thank you so much for bringing up this subject to public attention.
    The backlash was to be expected as jews hate those tragic events being now exposed.
    In fact, it was a jewish ritual murder and revenge for the year of 1920 when Poland saved Europe from the Soviet invasion, which many conveniently do not wish to remember.
    I am a Polish female who grew up in Poland without learning about it at history classes.
    I only managed to overhear my parents when they discussed politics with friends over a cup of coffee. It was a forbidden subject. Some older people knew of these massacres. The younger generation didn’t until much later.
    The Germans and the Soviets carved up Poland in September of 1939 both collaborating in killing off her best elite. Germans at the very beginning of 1940 already killed off 70,000 Polish intelligentsia.
    Now, some of the pro-nazi fanatics claim that Hitler liberated Poland, which I find very insulting to millions of those who died at the hand of those ‘liberators”.
    Polish civilians just before the execution


    WWII War Crimes and Atrocities Against Poland Committed by Germans, Soviets, and Ukranians

    The IV Partition of Poland;

  6. Ralf says:

    Perhaps you should discuss the Bromberg ‘Blood Sunday’ massacres to understand why the Germans retaliated against Polish civilians.

  7. melgibstein says:


    Jews as usual can slander anyone they please, but “revealing” that Jews were the mass murderers of events such as this (Katyn) is “antisemitic”.

    Folks we have to turn things right side up. Forget your so called leaders AND DO IT, your leaders SUCK!!! How many more years are we going to let our limp leaders lead this parade when they do NOTHING, in fact they cant even get people smart enough to quit praising Jews when it is Jews killing our people.

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