Mel’s Diner

No Kosher food here, in fact we go out of our way to bring you the best food untouched by Jews available. Some of you will find that offensive, but what can I say, 95% of you are clueless and dont realize Jews do this to you every day. You want the truth? I’m giving it to you on a plate right now. You want to go to the Jew franchise down the street run by clueless Jewish slaves, go right ahead, see where it gets you. We used to have Mom and Pop diners, restaurants, etc. and they were based on two basic principles, good food and good service. Ofcourse atmosphere and trust were important, but they were usually regular hometown places. The atmosphere was the town and the trust was the people who knew you and recommended you to others. How did we let this type of business go? Nowadays every town in America is the same and run by the same band of criminals that own everything else. It’s like we were put into a long game of strip poker we didn’t even know we were in and we are simply shirtless now.
Who do you trust? Who should you have listened to? Was it because you simply cowered from the truth or did you think things would change by themselves without your complaints or grievances? A good diner owner listens to its customers complaints because a good diner owner is in business to give people what they came for. When you ask for a cup of coffee and you get a cup of sink water you simply don’t go there anymore. When you ask for a fish dinner and its half way cooked you figure these people either can’t cook or just don’t want you coming back. Years ago we somehow accumulated a people who would go into restaurants and look for safety hazards, threaten the owners with a lawsuit if this and that isn’t taken care of, but they didn’t do this to make the restaurant a better place, they did this to run them out of business and guess what, they succeeded. What you have now are Jewish franchises everywhere you look in every town in America. You know the list, if you don’t just take a drive across America if you can afford the gas. Mom and Pop, the best restaurants of all are long gone now and you know why? You let the Jews run them out (did I say Zionists?).
It was dead silent when Jews raped our country because we wanted to be good people and not so-called haters. Those poor poor Jewish billionaires having to make all those Holocaust movies while they raped America every which way and you still don’t get it. I recently heard some of the USS Liberty survivors calling their attackers “Zionists” so to not offend all Jews (we never shoot back). We attacked Germany because of one man, we attacked Iraq because of one man, we will probably attack Iran because of one man, we killed millions of people at the behest of at least a dozen Jew wars. All of these wars and a whole lot more all had some kind of a Jewish influence involved in them. How could such a small minority have so much to do with death and destruction not only in wars, but in business, in history, in media, in religion (Christianity), in degradation of morals and of women and these people have a defamation league to protect THEM? Ladies and gentlemen it is preposterous. This is worse than a bad B movie. If you don’t speak out with conviction you lose and you starve along with your brothers and sisters.
Look around, how many people have been telling you its the Jews stupid for years? Jesus had to create miracles to snap you out of your stupor and probably will have to again. You can’t read false history and claim to be educated people. You claim you are doing what’s right for America and the world and you leave out the most important line like Mel Gibson. What good is half way? You will lead the sheep straight over a cliff slowly instead of quickly. I know of only a few people out there that speak the whole truth and they have been around a long time because I’ve been around awhile. These people who jumped in like a hulu hoop game a couple of years ago that are talking the talk are simply here to derail you. What they do is get an audience with some truth they pick up from others who they know are the real deal, make it their own and then drop a Jew bomb on you. This is all there is to it folks, you are either going to cut the Jew out completely or you will die of cancer. That’s all you need to know, its going to take separation. Now wash that down with a banana malt or something .
Jews own the media to lie to you and keep you in a constant state of division, illusion, distrust, etc.  Jesus called them “fathers of liars”. You don’t need to hear Liberty members tell you about Jews because Jesus said it a long time ago and he meant it. Why is it so hard to simply heed the advice of your God? He also said they were “sons of satan” and that’s some pretty heavy stuff. You think that means we should just be separate from these people? Apparently Christians have allowed these words to be misconstrued the same way their Constitution has been misconstrued, their restaurants, their money system, their political system, court system, entertainment industry, well for Gods sakes “everything”. All because you can’t defend Christ’s own words (your Father).
Many people are looking at Egypt on fire right now in their pajamas and have no idea that the media is even Jewish. They believe this media like they believe Chili’s or Ruby Tuesday’s or Denny’s, the same people who came to town to destroy your own freedom to have a restaurant or your own freedom of speech. It’s all the same dish everywhere, it’s all Jew iniquities flowing over the brim and fattening you up like cattle.
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