The Game

Most people haven’t figured out the Jew game yet because they’re not even looking for Jews to begin with. They believe whites and Jews are the same people, just different beliefs, capable of doing the same things. I have studied Jews a long time now and I venture to say longer than 99% of the people I know anywhere and look back in my life often to apply what I know from the past just like watching a movie, rewinding it and reviewing it and reinforcing my beliefs in what I write and say. After awhile you see the game, the act that is meant to fraud you and the only people who are capable of doing it. You might say I was born with a Jew sense, but there was no-one around to take it to the next level until the Internet came along and now, well the rest is history. The game is on and its in your face.
Everywhere in the media or even Internet you constantly hear someone blaming someone else for something. This has been going on forever of course, but never can Jews be openly exposed and this is precisely what leads them to expulsions. You hear talk show hosts going after black quarterbacks and no recoil, you hear idiots like O’Reilly going after the French (he doesn’t know they are his own blood relatives) for years and stop when France gets a Jewish leader. The media stirred up a frenzy over the hatred of France and stopped when a Jew gained power of it. Is this not enough for you to see the blatant hypocrisy? I constantly hear the media and some Internet media say that we should let the banks fail and Bush or Obama should let them fall naturally, but it’s not the banks they are really protecting entirely, it’s the Jews. The media and politics protect Jews every day building up a huge crash just like the economy.
Anywhere you go and see someone arguing with the post office, the tax office, the courts, the police, the school teachers, etc. it’s because of your inability to be free to talk about Jews directly or indirectly. It is indeed an octopus of chains that enslave us all. When people call me an anti-Semite they don’t have a clue that I am trying to help them (non Jews). I am certainly not trying to help Jews do anything but pack their bags and go. Devoting myself to exposing the crimes of Jews is beyond most people’s comprehension because they are completely taken over by Jewish lies. The game is to keep them there, but I am starting to realize that Jews know this simply wont last and they will lose again.
A game isn’t just a game with Jews, most of them are psychotic nutjobs and if they can’t win their game they freak out. They know that’s the only thing that works for them and they stick to what works and as little work as possible. Most of the people in the media already know this all to well and have to block it out of their minds in order to live in any sense of reality. They have to think like Jews themselves for any joy in their lives because looking into the truth about themselves is just too ugly to accept. They are the undead headed for everlasting punishment for their treachery to their own people. How do I know this? I know this because I know there is justice beyond the Jew courtrooms.
When you see someone bringing up the Black/White issue or the Muslim/Christian issue or the Catholic/Protestant issue etc. realize that together we can wipe out the bulk of the worlds problems together focusing on the head of the snake. John the Baptist and Jesus didn’t call them snakes for nothing and we know chasing the tail is senseless. If you want change in this world you have to stand up for it yourself and speak out. The rest of the world is waiting for you to be heard in the flesh now and not just over the Internet. When it gets to that level the Jewish game is over.
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