Night Gallery


You have to wonder why they don’t play reruns of these complete brainwashing episodes of Night Gallery. Of course one of the first three episodes was about a German prison camp guard with a scar on his face (as if this person was any different from any other non-Jew on the earth to a Jew) who somehow lived in peace going to a museum escaping into a picture of a man fishing on a river. You see this man was an evil prison guard of the German concentration camps where 6 million Jews were gassed, made into lampshades, made into soap, had their heads shrunken, were whipped, stripped down naked, etc. and its final, no more debates or contradictory information is allowed. Like anything involved with Jews, Jews will decide who was right and who was wrong and in case you have been asleep for the last 100 years Jews are never wrong or lie. You see Jesus doesn’t count in this sensitive Holocaust issue or any other Jewish issue anymore when he calls them the fathers of liars.

I remember seeing this episode for the first time and my initial response was “Oh God, not

Oy Vey!

 another Jewish Holocaust story”, but little did I know there were hundreds if not thousands more to come. Jews must always project themselves as old decrepit innocent old men (Shalom Jaffe) limping or going blind etc. for the best effect. I think he played a blind guy in “Caveman”


a Ringo Star movie.

Can you imagine a movie about a German explaining what happened to his country and how Jews swindled Germany out of its wealth? Can you imagine the Russians doing a movie on how 6 or 7 oligarchs took more than half the wealth of Russia or burned the churches down and starved tens of millions of Christians? Can you imagine any movie at all other than fiction explaining Jews how they really are and how they have been involved in so many wars, thefts and general all around destruction of great countries? Can you even believe not one of these movies never made it out to the public sector? That in itself is truly mind-boggling. Anyone that picks up on the massive destruction of the Jews throughout time is awe-struck that these people aren’t locked up once and for all. Just one look at the Katyn massacre that most people never heard of would get you on the right path. Jesus said they were guilty of all the righteous blood spilled from Abel to John the Baptists father, Zachariah (look it up), that is over 4000 years.
The truth is that German was looking into the same picture we do when we watch TV or watch a movie nowadays. We are looking into an escape route away from truth. There is nothing truthful at all coming over that TV, radio or movies these days at all, NONE! They are all Jews or controlled opposition to you and your own. There is no escape route in the media, it is designed to enslave you. This German may have gotten into the picture of Jesus, but he is back again. They forgot to mention that. 

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