Spreading the truth is an art just like lying. People have been trained to hate the truth all their lives. They like football and beating their neighbor or brother in making money, gaining rank or fame.Most people are programmed and so busy sticking to the program they don’t even have time for the truth. They talk about freedom, but they sell themselves deeper into slavery every day. They aren’t cognizant of what God gave them because everything involves money. If you want to do something you must have money. Why didn’t God make money? People who believe they can buy their way out of this are the same people who sold us into it.
Jews know exactly what they’re doing and its done by networking together. They are in the tax offices, the courtrooms, the post offices, the schools, the churches directly or indirectly….. they can buy their way into anything with the money they can create out of thin air. The network has different levels and the Sayanim are the Jews on the street. They do your accounting, do the abortions, lead the homosexual movements, etc. This is a network of alien opposition to non Jews (all non Jews). Some people have this crazy idea that I hate people other than my own and its total balderdash. I have lived all over the world and I emphasize LIVE. I didn’t vacation there, I went into their homes, had dinner with families, saw the way they lived, their political situations, their government, their customs etc… and I came to the conclusion long ago that there are no people on this earth that willingly create havoc with their neighbors except one people. Since that time I have studied these people like others would study art or music. This certainly isn’t either of the two, but long ago I willingly took this profession pro bono. I don’t sell anything but exactly what I have learned and to not only help me, but all innocent people. Would I protect my people over someone else? Wouldnt you?
I’ve heard all the arguments about Jews from both sides and I’m sure there will be more, but I am convinced that these people work as a network against the rest of us. When you look at the big picture you simply can’t deny it. It is bigger than life so to speak. It is not of this world. They work together as a liver and a pancreas against us. You can find yourself amazed at one issue such as Jewish organ harvesting from little kids and then not pay them and be awed in amazement, but that’s just one of thousands of things these people have done to the rest of us. I am not just talking about other Peoples, but the earth and the animals as well. These people are indeed contrary to this earth.
The Sayanim is a network of Jews who simply keep tabs on the non Jews so they can work against us. If you make any kind of money they will keep you from gaining any power to go up against them. You wont beat them with money and they will get inside like cockroaches in the woodwork. They get inside and the world is much smaller now to run off to Iceland, Scotland or Alaska etc. They will be right behind you. They have to breed in to stay alive or they revert back to their original obvious skin.
You may think I’m kidding about Science Fiction movies coming to life, but they aren’t coming to life, they have been here all along. This isn’t much different from Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Night of the Living Dead etc. Listen to what Vicki Polin (almost wrote Palin) has to say. She isn’t saying Jews want a better financial system or want to rule the world or want to sell jewelry, she says they ritually murder children like they were animals. Who else on earth does this? Who else would take an innocent childs organs or molest them in such massive numbers? I don’t know about you, but I looked in my neighborhood child molester magazine just the other day and they were all Jew names except for an occasional black that looked physically retarded.
People need to start using their senses and understand we are dealing with something unlike anything most of us can comprehend. If I’ve learned anything I have learned that only the true chosen can understand this (what else can you call it?). These people are two steps ahead of you to derail any evidence about them. In fact someone out there reading this is copying my words to use in his own blog because he knows I am the real McCoy and they have to make you believe they are one of us. I am not making a dime on this and I am not using my real name. I don’t want notoriety, although some out there openly use their names that can be trusted, I choose not to. I don’t offer anyone anything they don’t need, but the truth about what is destroying our planet today. It’s not going to change until you understand what these people will do to us and waiting too long is exactly what they want you to do. Beware of Jewish fables was one of the commandments from whom many of us call “The Truth”. You can’t believe in the truth if you don’t go to the source of it. That’s been made into a corny childish thing to many of you out there, but to know the lies you have to know the truth. You have it built into you like a pancreas or a liver. It can’t be sold.
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