City of G_d

They say when your neighbor is out of work its a recession and when you and your neighbor are out of work its a depression, but I still haven’t heard what it’s called when Jews bring in their illegals and force you both out of work. That goes into the Jewish hamper and never  into the washing machine which is allowed to permeate right under our noses. We are supposed to claim we don’t smell this God forsaken foul odor. We must remember Jews are G_ds chosen people and never offend them and go kill anyone who dare speaks the truth about them. It is indeed the Twilight Zone.
Is there anyone out there that is that ignorant nowadays that can’t see someone is destroying the planet? Does anyone believe the planet just kills itself naturally? Everywhere you look there are Jewish scams right under your nose. The Jews biggest scam is the Federal Reserve. They make money out of thin air and you go out and sweat for it, kill for it, compete with your brother over it when a complete alien people control it precisely to have you at each others throats. I always hear people say “If I had enough money I could defeat these criminal Jews”. The truth is if you had more money you would end up like Michael Jackson or take your pick of the list of names who died prematurely surrounded by Jews. The money is completely corrupted- COMPLETELY and needs to be thrown out of America along with the Jews who created this stench. No honest money system will ever work with these people around because they are not of us or with us and against us. Here is what the Bible says about them- “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would [no doubt] have continued with us: but [they went out], that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” That is just a fact of life that you need to accept. The world isn’t destroying itself, a people or an alien is doing it.
We have no free speech and innocent people are not hearing the truth. We have to use alternate media because Jews have taken over the main stream. Isnt that alone enough to raise Cain over? They have taken over the money, the media, the food and natural resources and we sit back and pretend we live in a free country like lab rats. They (Jews) are behind every antichrist entity in the world today and we do NOTHING. It just gets worse and worse and worse until you are choked because you are afraid to react to evil. Where did you ever learn not to react to evil? You certainly didn’t learn it in the Bible. We even have liars in our alternate media. Folks, these people were born to lie.
The Jews point and you get your bag and gun like some cartoon and go along with Christ’s enemies who are behind every evil entity in the world today and all the way back to Cain. Dont believe me? Read what Jesus said himself. If anything at all Jesus taught us it is to speak out and all he spoke out against were Jews. Jesus said John the Baptist was the greatest man ever and all he did was speak out and separate himself from the enemy. They are indeed the enemy because if you are with them you can’t be with the truth. If you can’t see where all the truth is coming from and where all the lies are coming from by now you are most likely being drugged. If you are reading this now you have no excuse. Your own people are depending on you to speak out, your friends are depending on you to get the ball rolling, your ancestors are screaming from their graves for you to speak out and your unborn sons and daughters don’t exist without your defense of truth in the world. If animals are dying there is a reason, if people are losing their jobs there is a reason, if the borders are wide open there is a reason, if you are being lied to in the media there is a reason and its all coming from the same people.
I think its time you gave up on the Jewish fable that Muslims or Arabs hate our freedoms and faced reality. There are only one people on this earth that hate truth and our freedom to tell it and one of their strongholds are the people in that main stream media and their dupes all day long. You can go on Coast to Coast all night long and claim you spoke with the dead and they will let you, but if you tell them the dead are trying to tell you the truth they will cut you off. The longer you wait to come out of your closet the harder it will be. The system will never be the same again with these Jews around and that’s the Gods honest truth. They never get better, they only get worse. That small tidbit is always left out of the conversation and they call that freedom. I wonder what Andrei would call it.
Andrei Youshchinsky (look him up).
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