The Bagelian Dialectic

  The Hegelian Dialectic is a philosophical approach that in principle explains how human beings progress toward a better and more egalitarian condition but in practice provides the power elite with a strategy for controlling society.
This one should’ve starred Woody Allen and Pee Wee Herman (Paul Rubinstein), but never got a dinnah (Red Buttonstein). The Hegelian dialectic should have been renamed to this title because it fits the Jewish agenda to a tee. Think of all the situations Jews have caused with this strategy against Christianity, for pro-Israel reasons such as 9/11 and the USS Liberty, the bank bailouts, the starting of the Federal Reserve, bringing slaves to America and then starting the NAACP right up to this day. Every type of this dialectic is directly connected to G_ds chosen people against the rest of us.
I equivocate this to the snake in the garden of Eden wrapped around the branches hitting Adam and Eve with propositions exactly the same then as it is to this day. You refuse a Jew temptation and the snake simply wraps around the branch and comes back right in your face with another one. Many great leaders have discussed this phenomenon,such as Hitler discussing the Jew waiting in the alley to ambush a gentile girl in this manner. In the Jewish Mafia they create a problem for their prey and then offer their own security and the innocent victim wishes he never took the first bribe to begin with. That is the key to it all, you don’t take the first bribe from Satan and think everything will be OK.
Today we are witnessing Hegelian dialectics in all areas because we simply have no free speech and should have hanged the main stream media years ago. You have no free speech, but Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity do. Neither of which served a day in the military and they cut off those that did and have an opinion like my own. You allow these gutless traitors to create a problem and then provide a solution for their obvious Jewish masters that you can’t talk about. They are simply grocery clerks that sold their souls to the devil a long long time ago. There really isn’t a traitor worse than those that turn on their own people (that is if they are ours). It boggles the mind that one of my own bloodline could do such a horrendous act.
We have so many cases not discussed now its like living in a cartoon. Why people aren’t burning these traitorous studios to the ground is beyond me. Why the Federal Reserve is still standing is a mystery to me too. They just go on and on and on until someone physically removes them. That’s simply how it ends every time. Jews paint swastikas on their synagogues so dumb Christians will believe Jews are persecuted. It’s the Jew snake, the same snake Jesus and John the Baptist spoke of.
I once started a thread called “Jewish Inventions” and none of it was good. The big one was the atom bomb. They are the only ones who take credit for that one, but I doubt they really had anything to do with the legwork of it. You will find that Jews don’t invent anything, they wrap around things and make them their own and I mean their so-called religion as well. Go ahead and research the inventions these people have given to humanity and you will be or should be flabbergasted how few inventions or even foods, etc. these people have brought to the world. If you look at porn, feminism and all the vices that moral people have you will find Jews every time. They are waiting for you to make the wrong move so they can take you to the next.
If I could give you one piece of advice it would be “never trust a Jew”, but for some fatally flawed reason non Jews search for Jews they can trust to tell the truth about lying Jews because they are stuck on that biggest lie of all “Jesus was a Jew”. It’s quite pathetic and they don’t realize its like filling up a water bucket with a hole in it. I didn’t create this Jewish problem we have, but I have a solution and its harsh, not quite as harsh as Jews have been doing to us, however (total separation).  We are losing our sons and daughters, our homes, our system, our religion, our religious leaders, everything! Are your sons and daughters going to reap your inability to stand up for freedom and their safety to live in a moral world? If you don’t this world will go straight to hell with you and your kids in it. I say this with no exaggeration whatsoever. In any battle there is an offense and a defense. Its customary and perfectly substantiated to go on the offense when you have been offended. You start by speaking out and then if you have to you dump over the tables of the money changers and let God take care of the rest.
Bernie Khazar (yes Kozar) was beaten by a Hail Mary pass in college, but the ball had to have been thrown offensively for this to happen.
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