What’s Eating Gabrielle Giffords?

Does anyone out there think Ms. Giffords is going to get to the bottom of this shooting? Do you think she will investigate Loughner’s Satanic Jewish shrine and the intent Loughner really had for shooting her or the Judge that just happened to be in the line of fire that day? Will we all witness the power of this Jewish underworld on national news or will she try to blame it on anti-Semites like they usually end up doing? Will she warn other Jews about what may happen to them as well? Things aren’t as easy as they used to be with the internet nowadays because too many people are on to all the Jewish lies today.
This brings me to all of these so-called synagogue swastika graffiti attackers that seem to always draw the swastika the wrong way. The swastika has Christian roots in case some of you don’t know, but it is a specific symbol that turns to the right not left. The swastika is supposed to stand for Nazi’s, although the only Nazi’s Ive seen in my life are all Jews. In fact the most recent Nazi leader in Orlando, Florida was a Federal Informant. Frank Colin used to march around in a Nazi uniform and it ended up his name was Cohen and molested children. This is no different from the Catholic church today, Jews get in to destroy within and without.
I have often wondered why people don’t just put crucifixes or crosses on synagogues and be more specific, but I’ve never seen that happen. Would they claim that to be hate too? How about painting a picture of Jews selling Jewelry? How about a picture of Jews bringing slaves to America or bombing the USS Liberty? Anything you paint on a synagogue will be hate, but everyone else would simply just wash it off or get a roller and remove it- gone. The fact is there are thousands of things you could paint on a synagogue if one really wanted to, but I doubt it would ever make the newspapers. Frankly, I doubt anyone is even wasting their time painting swastikas anywhere, although I do see Jewish stars everywhere I go and nobody says a word. The fact is we have been programmed to hate a symbol of Christianity by Jews, at least you have. I am no Nazi, but I am a Christian and I believe Jesus and I agree on a lot of things.
This is what happens when Jews own and operate the media. Not only do they omit important news you should be hearing, but add news that you shouldn’t be. They have it down to a science and you act as if a cold wind blew down your shorts on a city street corner like its nothing. The truth is it is something, its perversion of truth, its poisoning the well, its ritual murder and all the things Jews always do in everything they do. They have you hating your German ancestors for reacting against Jewish Communist spies that plundered Germany and have you hating your white ancestors that Jews told you brought the slaves here. Jews brought them here and 99% of you don’t realize the damage this has done. You pay for this Holohoax one way or the other with your hard earned labor and you let your kids get brainwashed by this Jewish crap too and you pay for slavery that you never did. How do you stand for this?
Ms. Giffords wont say a word about Loughner’s Jewishness and all the shills out there will deflect any news of Loughner being a Jew. I’ve heard people flat-out deny he is a Jew, some are in bed with a bad back, some media people have lost their voice, some realized they had jury duty and some claim their dog just died (rest in peace Fluffy), eh ehhh ehhh I had my wisdom teeth pulled, anything to get out of telling the truth and going on offense for a change. Don’t wait for these shills to go on offense because they never will. Their plans will never work because they simply don’t know when to attack back and never planned on it to begin with. There is a large operation of shills all over just like Frank Colin and the Fed Nazi leaders and its time for the real McCoys to move forward.
Everything you have been taught in school about history is Jewish garbage and everything in the movies is Jewish garbage designed to mislead you or coral you into the slaughterhouse. Each one is waiting for the other to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!!! I suggest you simply call a Jew a Jew and from there the truth will ring free. You can’t start off a truth movement with a lie. Call it what it is for God’s sake!
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