Full Mel Jacket

I consider myself a truther, whatever that is, but that’s only to people who don’t want to know what a Christian is. You see truthers were Christians long before the so-called truth movement began. Being a truther is just another way to separate the masses and unite the Jews. The truth movement has no past and no future because they can’t decide on what the truth is. Jews know this and simply capitalize on it every time.
For instance some believe Hitler was a German Aryan or Celt and others believe he was a Jew. Actually some believe Hitler was half Jewish (whatever that is) and others believe Hitler wasn’t a Catholic, but something else. It never ends and we all claim to be on the same team fighting Jew crime or eh hem Zionist crime. Everywhere you look Jews divide us on what we don’t agree on or perceive to be the truth and I have news for you all out there, we will never agree on everything. I don’t even agree with everything my best friend believes, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t lay down my life for him fighting.
We have a major problem in the world today, as if you didn’t know this and we are arguing about who Hitler was. Most of these people I have noticed don’t even know if Jesus was a Jew or not, but I am willing to overlook their free will to believe what they wish if they would agree to stay focused on the true problems we agree on right now. Lately I have noticed people dodging the Loughner shooting, the 3 minutes I turned on the TV to see what they were saying and the reporter lost her voice in what was supposed to be breaking news about Loughner and his background. Was that convenient or what? Others simply flat-out deny Loughner is Jewish even though he has a Sukkot in his back yard. What are they waiting for, pictures of him in his yarmulke at the synagogue?
The division is just too much. As if Jews haven’t done enough to prove themselves as the enemies of truth and mankind already. Apparently people still aren’t convinced and are planning to take this all the way to their graves and let their kids inherit it. I don’t agree with anyone all the way and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but lets stick to the objectives. We are in a war whether we want to be in it or not and you have to know who the enemy is. When you go on a mission you must have an objective to accomplish it. Plan, form and achieve the objective. There is an objective isn’t there?
Jews will divide people wherever they go because their enemies don’t realize they have a plan already in place and its called Christianity. Read it some time and see what it says, ask questions, get to the bottom of it. You will see we are indeed in a war and we have the greatest General, if you may, of all time. Even Patton realized he led his people to war against the wrong people. The people that led him were the very people he should have been after to begin with. That should be evident to all people of truth now and waiting on Jews to make their moves so we can figure out if they pulled another fast one on us is just wasted time in my opinion. Jews are not of the truth and dont have to be truthful and will destroy us unified together or not. Our ancestors throughout time have already pointed out the Jews hatred of Christians and mankind itself. That’s the truth whether you want to say its my opinion or not. Christianity and truth needs to unify on everything we do believe and stand up together defending it or we lose the truth altogether. You can go back to believing your own nutty theories later on.
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