Schmulee’s Gold

In no way am I trying to be cute with this title, I want the world to know what I think of this little punk and his rat Uncle. This kid (Boteach’s 22 year old nephew) Effraim Diveroli was hardly even mentioned in the media for the crimes he did to the American military. You see, its unimportant what someones background is when they are Jewish or even related to a famous Jewish Rabbi that was on TV all the time and used as a voice of trust, a voice of holiness, a voice of Gods chosen, etc. It is so pathetic it’s beyond description (it always is).
Diveroli first ran afoul of the Feds two years ago, when the Times revealed that he’d been selling ammo from decaying Albanian arms stockpiles to the U.S. Army as part of a $300 million defense contract. Diveroli concealed the origin of some of the ammo – which had been manufactured in Mao Tse-Tung’s factories decades earlier – in order to circumvent a Pentagon embargo against Chinese-made arms.

This 22 year old criminal punk got a 300 million dollar contract with the US military and sold them CRAP! How did this happen folks? Ladies and gentlemen if I was in the military, whether I be a Private First Class or a four star General I would have this kids tail. I would expose this guy to EVERY member of the military EVERYWHERE. He would be known as a traitor and this investigation would be turned upside down and dumped out into your living rooms. His background would be exposed so this could never happen again and so people could compare criminals to other criminals that do such traitorous crimes.

As the Miami New Times reported last year, however, Diveroli continued selling huge pallets of ammunition through a new company called Ammoworks on Lincoln Road, and finished two federal defense contracts worth $10 million – all while under investigation and indictment.

Ofcourse he just kept at it because we have nobody with a pair in the military or politics today to expose this as a traitorous act worthy of hanging. I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake up the military, but if they think they are safe over there with Jews guiding their moves and into all the contracts they are complete imbeciles. Jews can go on shooting sprees and nobody says a word that it’s a Jew, but they were ready to blame it on a white in a Manhattan second. If it was a Muslim we would be sending another carrier to the Gulf, Netanyahu would be on all the shows proving how right he is and has been, but the truth is he is wrong, dead wrong and a liar. The truth is they want whites singled out in America just like Palestinians (the ones who know the truth), no doubt in my mind and the traitors in the media will help hang their own people for money that’s going down the crapper. Jews can blow up buildings with thousands of people in them, Jews can bomb American ships, British railways, Mexican Congressional buildings, Marine Corps barracks’, blow up planes, spy, take over our money system, take over our media, bring slaves here and blame it on whites, take over our sporting industries, bring in porn, drugs, gambling rackets, allow our borders to stay wide open and drag us into wars and you people wont say a damned word.

There is nothing to live for if you don’t have people who will fight for what they believe along side you. Jews own EVERYTHING in America and they are aliens, cheats, swindlers, etc… These people have destroyed our country and you know it’s the gospel truth. If you are waiting for things to get better while you watch football, faghettaboutit!
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