Jewrassic Park

I am not the originator of this idea, I am basically just showing my agreement and spreading it around. I sometimes add a piece to the puzzle on my own and sometimes simply enforce others as truth. This is one of those times.
I don’t watch TV anymore and it’s not because I don’t like getting current events or watching a good movie because I do, but the truth is the media has become a cesspool of lies and filth. The movies all seem to have an evil about them that your spirit tells you is simply not good. You can’t always put your finger on it right away because it is done in subtle ways only Satan himself is able to. There always seems to be some kind of an agenda to steer you away from Christianity or morality, whichever you prefer.
This isn’t about the overall manipulations of the media, it’s about one small part that is affecting me more and more. Most of the actors if not all are Jewish nowadays and if there are non-Jew actors usually a Roman Polanski or someone like that is the director. They use these non Jews who will do anything for money like cattle and it is more sublime than the movies themselves. Often you see White men as the stars, but there are always Jewish women. I would venture to say often you see men you think are Whites in the movies with obvious Jewish leading actresses. Why is this? How did Jews simply take over the movie industry and leave morality and Christian values out the door with the pet dog?
Since I left TV and the movies I have been barraged by severely unattractive Jewish women wherever I go being used as some kind of lure to their make-up and false boobs and bleached or colored hair, botox upper lips and those oh so unforgettable reptilian eyes. How can you miss them folks? They stick out like a lizards tail. The question is why are these women being forced upon us in the check out lines, the billboards, all over the internet, etc.? I don’t want to see them, but they are everywhere?
There has to be a reason for this, folks. Do they want us to interbreed with them? I don’t even want to look at them, how can that be? Are they simply just shoving it in our faces, the ones who know they are all Yenta’s? They are indeed all Yenta’s and they look like reptiles. It is right out of the movie “They Live” I kid you not. Not only do people watch them in the terrible movies, but they watch them go pick up their awards, dropped off in limo’s with the latest most expensive clothing and jewelry while non Jews in the military are living in dirty tents surrounded by sandbags in Afghanistan. People are so lost and so controlled by this media and fake boobs that they don’t even know left from right.
Many of you have been shown pictures by your friends of their wives and its appropriate to say she is pretty or something even though you might not believe it because you want to be polite, but this isn’t like that folks. These women are trash, they are without morality, they are antichristian aliens of our people. Its time you came out from these reptiles and back amongst your own before you become one. Maybe that’s exactly what they want and maybe as usual it’s exactly what you shouldn’t want.
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2 Responses to Jewrassic Park

  1. melgibstein says:

    Sorry pal, cant let you push Antiwar. com around here. Antiwar is anti free speech and they are all pussies. All their radio guests are pussies, all the writers are pussies, Ron Paul is a pussy and Jesse Ventura is a pussy. No pussy stuff allowed here. Call the Jew a Jew or hit the road.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its another Jew owned site designed to keep business as usual. Maybe they and other Jews dont understand or maybe they are simply confused or maybe they are simply controlled op, but America’s problem today, the worlds problem today is J E Ws. If you dont know it, cant see it, wont say it, who the hell needs you?

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