Silence of the Lambs

Surely anyone with the sense of a cockatiel can see the blatant lies of the media today. They are so deep into it now that if they lie they will end up being hanged and if they tell the truth they will probably end up with two slugs in the back of the head. This latest silence of the  Jared Loughner case, the recent shooter of several people in Arizona and being portrayed as an anti-Semitic Nazi out to kill a Jewish congresswoman is dripping with corruption. The media simply made this fellow out to be a non-Jew on a rampage killing Jews and he himself ends up being a Jew and no apologies are made, no corrections are made, NOTHING!!! It is surreal folks.
Anyone that can’t see the vicious intent of this has to be without soul and completely unaware of the harm this does to innocent people everywhere. This goes hand in glove with everything else that’s going on today as well. Somehow the media was on full destructive mode to out this person as a White Nazi with an agenda to someone with no race or religion and no agenda over night. Whites are never distinguished from Jews when Jews commit crimes, but when Whites are blamed for a crime, the Jew factor is always left out. Jews brought Black Africans to America as slaves, blamed it on Whites and no corrections ever made. Whites are constantly blamed for the Jews crimes and very few out there seem to care that the bulk of the so-called White crimes are Jewish. Do the research, please don’t trust me. I would also venture to say with no doubts at all that Jews are also responsible for most if not all the crimes that Muslims or Arabs are said to have done if you take the time to look into it. They want you to think that Jews don’t look like Muslims or don’t pretend to be Christians or pretend to be White Europeans, but they are blended into all the European and Arab countries precisely to make their crimes look like someone else did them. When Jews commit crimes it somehow becomes ok and overlooked and its obvious Jews are sticking up for their own and accusing everyone else of committing the crime of the day. Dont believe me, just turn on that Talmudvision. The damage this does is beyond my description and I apologize for that.
How many White Europeans have Sukkot (Jewish) ritual shrines in their back yards folks? The guy praised or idolized what looks to be human skulls and nothing is coming out in the media and you pay to see movies like the one themed here. Is this also part of this Jewish ritual? Maybe its time you found out. I always tell radio hosts when I get the chance that it is good to check into the backgrounds of the serial killers and the mass murderers and terrorists and find out if they really are who they are said to be and if they were simply driven to do an act by Jews. You can see that every investigation ends when Jews are exposed as part of the crime (pick an event in history, recent or since the beginning of time). They either perpetrate the crime or they are on the reciprocation of one. Most of the time the crime was perpetrated to make them look persecuted for more police protection or government funds That is pretty significant stuff if you take the time to think about it. It means we have a people who are contrary to us just like the good book says and its 100% true in my opinion. Jews make up a small portion of the population yet they own the media, they are the bulk of the billionaires, they run porn, drugs and the slave industries throughout the years, etc… Is it smart to be in all of these criminal organizations? I think not, in fact not only is it contrary to mankind and shows ignorance, but it is contrary to God himself. To still somehow believe these are Gods people is pretty irrational thinking.
Who benefits from these acts? Jews are all over our high offices today and want America disarmed. Certainly Americans don’t want America disarmed and certainly America doesn’t want open borders and a Jewish Federal Reserve counterfeit money system. Jews own the media and can project whatever thoughts they want into your head and you just watch the movie. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to get into this directors trailer and let him know you aren’t going to stand for it anymore. What they are doing is stealing the country your Father’s fought and bled for. They are turning our moral system upside down through vicious deceit and deception. If you don’t stand up against it you can’t blame anyone else for not standing up against it. You know what truth is and you know what is harmful to your country. Don’t expect this media or this sold out political system to change for the better because it hasn’t done anything but rot for over at least 100 years now. Its time to call a spade a spade like your European ancestors did who died for your freedom. If you cant do it for yourself do it for them or your own children. If you don’t stand up against the true enemy you are standing up with him. You are either with them or against them. That’s just how it is.
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