The Master Blaster

I know many of you out there don’t believe in God because you ask “why would God let such things happen on earth as they are happening today?” To me its a very easy answer, it’s because you lack faith. What is faith? Is faith sitting in a park hoping everything will turn your way because you pray? Why would you need to even be here? Why wouldnt God have put you into a fenced in area where all the criminals and all of Satan’s kids could never penetrate? Do we actually believe Satan’s kids would leave us alone inside our gates? Who did God tell to be a separate people, Jews or Christians? Who has lost more over the centuries when Jews have been part of Europe, the Middle East, America, Australia, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, everywhere? What are Jews losing when they are the richest people in the world, run the media, in the highest offices of the land (world) and still growing? How many countries have the Irish been run out of or Italians, Germans, English, Polish, etc…? Why are Jews kicked out of every country they inhabit and very few other people as a whole are ever expelled? If people are expelled it is a result of Jews bringing them in. Why has this happened like clockwork over the years and how is it that it has been erased from our history books and classes in school? You might hear of the Holohoax, but it is a closed discussion. You are not graded on your ability to ask new and pertinent questions about it you are graded on how well you soak it all up and believe it. You are blasted with lies constantly everywhere and cannot defend the truth, however defending the lies is welcomed like a prodigal son.
If you are alive and breathing today and have common sense you can see the absolute barrage of lies we are getting from all sides, but always relating to Jews and people who changed their names or religions and claim not to be Jews. The lies are coming from Jews folks, the Jewish media, the Jewish war mongers, the Jewish marrano’s, etc. One thing we know is true Christians strive for the truth and are of good will or Jews would’ve never been welcomed in over and over again. Do Jews strive for the truth when their holy book says its ok to lie to non Jews? Oh, there’s a lot you don’t know about the Talmud if you would only look, but the general objective of Christianity and probably any good religion is to be truthful. If our History books were truthful about Jewish expulsions and both or all sides to the story I would be free to decide which was true, but it isn’t designed to determine truth and Christianity’s entire basis is to seek the truth. Basically History in America is designed to control you and ultimately own you and your trust.
13 “No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.”

Please, replay that last line? Is Jesus telling us that we will hate and love? I thought we weren’t supposed to hate? My boss is a non-Jewish fisherman and I listen to him.These are his own words and I am a Christian and what Jesus is saying is there are two extremes on the earth (2). One stands for the truth and one does not. One stands for mayhem and one stands for peace, one stands for evil and one for good. Can you love peace without hating mayhem? I can’t. Can you love Jesus and his followers and not hate Satan and his followers? They are the masters of this earth folks. Make no mistake about it. If you are for murder, for lies, for running gambling rackets and counterfeit money rackets and porn are you being loyal to Jesus? Think!

People nowadays have lost their faith in God and I have seen it deteriorating for years right along with the world like clockwork. I’ve given up a lot of things, but I have never given up on God, in fact my faith only gets stronger watching it all unfold. Gods people are speaking out and his enemies are on pure destruction mode now for everyone to see. Gods favorite people spoke out against the criminals and they just happen to be the same people then as they are today. Jesus was talking about 2 masters for a reason whether you think it happened or not. The fact is it rings true then as it does today and as it will tomorrow. We have made Jews our masters through usury, wars, porn, homosexuality, media, feminism and a slew of other things that are in direct opposition to everything Christianity stands for. Anyone who thinks there will be no consequences for this is simply calling Jesus a liar. There are always consequences and we are right at the altar of them now. 

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