Weekend At Bernies

Actually its more like “A Lifetime At Bernies” and I’ll explain why if I may. Thank you! Now that the recent Arizona shooter has been uncovered as Jewish or a Jew (is there a difference?) it is magically unimportant what his background is. This is exactly the same scenario as “who really ran the slave trade?” or “who really did 9/11?” or “who really bombed the Beirut Marine barracks?” or “who really started war after war after war?” or “who really killed Kennedy?” etc. etc. People just don’t seem to care, they only accept what is given to them by the biggest liars of all time and it doesn’t occur to them to research things themselves. Their new Gods are Fox Jews with Brett Barmitzvah, B’nai Brit Hume, Bill Israeli and Dr Baden. Not only has the media stopped their wailing and I mean some of them really wailed, but they have completely given up on the fact that the shooter liked Hitler. They could continue on that one and some may even do so, but either way the fact that he is Jewish or his mother is Jewish wont be part of the picture at all. It is blatant bias in your faces, in fact they might as well have dropped their drawers and mooned you right on national TV and radio. We are supposed to believe it never happened and go on to the next subject. If I or someone else could have an opposing view on national radio or TV I wouldn’t care what these people say, but the fact is they have the gates closed and on 24 hour guard to any opposition and people just can’t see that big wall in front of them.
 My particular local radio host actually made up a story that he missed his Jury Duty call and that the police may be coming to pick him up at any moment just to change the subject of the facts of the Arizona shooter on an open line day (that is open to Jews). I’ve never been called for Jury Duty in my life and this guy somehow figures out in the middle of the week he missed his call on Monday (unbelievable folks). The police never came and he escaped without discussing any more on the shooting. Amazingly everyone that called in were completely captivated by this lie or were also part of it. The day before every call was about the shooters background when he was known to be white and pro Hitler. They will lie till Kingdom Come folks and it’s another reason why I believe in God because that’s exactly what the book says.
I email people and tell them that the shooter was Jewish and I get an email back saying “who cares what he is?”. You see most people don’t like me because I tell them things that are not on their frequency. They are on the Talmudvision frequency and I am on the no Jew nonsense frequency. It is one extreme to the other and one of us has to cross a minefield to get to the other side. I have to constantly cross that field to carry them to reality. The truth is they are flabbergasted when its a so-called NAZI or Muslim and when its a Jew they are programmed to shut down. It is a lifelong job and somehow I can’t fire myself.
People are exactly like Bernie except for the seer’s (not the Jewish store). The seer’s seem to have known for somewhat a long time and a few stragglers pop in all the time and try to tell me what’s going on. I’m supposed to be happy they finally see, but I am unhappy it took them so damned long. All of a sudden it becomes a race as to who can expose more of the corruption than the others and I don’t care about that and not after popularity or praise, my ultimate goal is to run Jews out of my land and if you knew true history you would know why. I’m going to be honest and if allowed to speak I will explain why, but we already know that wont happen so I want them out. My freedoms are under attack and I don’t sit back on the defense. So when you hear Bibi, the mastermind of 9/11 (criminal master mind) just remember when he says Palestinians want to push Jews into the sea they have good reason to. People have reasons for pushing people into the sea, no? Maybe we should hear their reason, but I’m to believe they shouldn’t have the right to speak just like me in MY OWN COUNTRY!
No, I’m not going to lie folks and I don’t care about all the Bernie’s who are completely void of life and reason. These people are lifeless, brainwashed corpses who don’t know what the Constitution is, they don’t know what the Bible says, they don’t know history nor want to know true history. They simply take anything given them like the Little Rascals lined up for Castor Oil (all but a few). So I am supposed to calm down what I perceive is truth and what I know can’t be heard because these zombies can’t handle it? I can’t do it folks because you are either with the truth all the way or you aint. If you want to reach a destination you can’t be riding the breaks. The truth is the truth and if the truth hurts a people they weren’t intended to live with truth. Anyone with an ounce of truth in him today can see the absolutely massive deception going on all over the media, in the schoolbooks, in the Judicial system and on and on and on and guess who is always always always INVOLVED? You guessed it. They aren’t scared to lie you right out of a house and home not to mention a country and soul and you are hesitant to tell the Gods honest truth. I am often disliked and I know exactly why. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I actually wrote this guy and never heard back from him. I think he may be Jewish (the marrano-not the pig-you know what I mean).
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