I don’t remember anything but hype about this movie and it fizzled out as fast as it came, but I am furious. My head, my heart, my toes are ready to explode when I think of the fact that I was blamed indirectly for slavery in America. I was blamed because my teachers at school felt the need to replace true history with false misleading lies instead about who brought the slaves here like animals. What fumes me even more is they blamed my Fathers for doing this, they blamed my Fathers right in front of my sisters. Yes I capitalize my opposed to their fathers. All of these lies and its malicious intent against my fellow countrymen, my sisters and their descendants make me almost capable of shooting lightning bolts out of my @#$.
I could be walking in a beautiful mountainous area or on a beach or on a green pasture or just sitting at home at my computer and whenever I think of the fact that these lies were able to POISON us it makes me FUMED!
Lets examine this somewhat shall we? Somehow Jews, it couldn’t have been whites folks, somehow Jews whether they be marrano’s (look it up), Rabbi’s or paid liars managed to get into our History books and rewrite them. How in thee HELL did they do this? Who was at the helm at that time? You better figure it out. Furthermore how is it we aren’t screaming this from the rooftops? The churches say nothing, the schools keep lying, the media says nothing, the politicians and historians claim they don’t see it, etc. We are living in a lying fantasy world. Somehow Jews can say whites are responsible for slavery and whites fear being called an anti-Semite for saying it wasn’t whites it was JEWS! How COWARDLY can you be? Do you see what I’m saying here? The fact that Jews brought the slaves here, started the NAACP and blamed it on you should make you absolutely livid, but you just keep taking it like some sort of fairy. I just dont understand it.
This one lie, this one gigantic seed will open up a Pandora’s Box of other Jewish lies and you have God’s permission and God’s seal of approval to tell the truth. I’m going to have to cut this short because sometimes I think that I am living in a Science Fiction movie and I’m not sure which is more strange, the mayhem, the lying, the perversion, the murder and the macabre of the Jews or the non Jews inability to speak out against it in fear of being CALLED A NAME!
I need a cold shower, but it wont last long! 
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