Back To The Jew Future

Before anyone labels me a crazy anti-Semite linked with some radical anti-Semitic, anti-American or even anti Christian organization I would like to take this time to say that it is all lies. I don’t think Jews are Semitic because that would make me somehow related to Jews and there’s just no way that’s possible. I am pro-American, but as we know we have a bunch of Jews running America today so I am definitely not happy with Jews deciding what America is because it is certainly not the same America I want or once knew. I am certainly not anti Christian because I would welcome Jesus if he wanted to come and comment here and if I owned a radio station I would let him speak all day long on my program as I would the disciples and John the Baptist. Of course some of you would claim Jesus was still a Jew until he was given permission to speak openly as he did over 2000 years ago. You see as long as they can keep Christians quiet in the media they can claim Jesus was an atheist if they wanted because you couldn’t get on to defend him.
As I sit here I know my local radio program is putting on a show about this latest Jewish congresswoman shooting and comparing the shooter to the Muslim Air Force Captain who went on a shooting spree. The entire program is nothing but vicious Jewish propaganda and nobody is allowed on to call it what it is. The callers can call in and demonize Muslims, demonize white people, but when a Jew is the villain (which always is and I’ll explain why as we go) we are not allowed to point it out. The Columbine killers were Jews, but it never came out in the media that these people were connected to any kind of radical organization and in my opinion (which I’m not allowed to say) is that the most radical organization in the world is modern Jewry. We could start with Communism and all the deaths and mayhem this alone has caused or we could go into Jewish ritual murder or the writings in the Talmud or Jewish holy days like the Kol Nidre. Ladies and gentlemen I could go on all day long and in fact I’ll go along a bit more. We could bring up these ghoulish organ harvesting syndicates Jews are always part of or this God forsaken porn industry Jews have wrought upon us, we could talk about Jewish freedoms like homosexuality and feminism and who the abortion doctors always seem to be, we could see what roles Jews have played in instigating and benefiting on wars, but the main one we always have to remember is the Jewish false flag. Jews simply start fires and make you put them out. One must always bring up the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, the Beirut bombing, 7/7 and 9/11 and who paints swastika’s on their own synagogues and in their own schools, etc. Of course my grammar isnt that good so I must be the next anti-semitic shooter according to the media.
The truth is this has been going on for centuries and in every instance Jews have been thrown out. You cant expect an alien to blend into a moral based society and expect them to change who they are. They simply get into power positions such as the media and cut you off. They will make your country look like it’s already destroyed and that we need Jews to straighten out the country they destroyed knowing full well exactly what they do. The goal is to make them look like Gods and the rest of us like  people who just can’t make it without them. Like I’ve said before they turn everything upside down. The truth is the parasite thinks it can become the host itself.
When you have no ability to tell the truth about Jews or what is killing your country and your family and your neighbors are being constantly barraged with lies day in and day out it isn’t me you have to fear or worry about nor Muslims or anyone Jews are making out to be the villains. You see it’s all been done before over and over again and the result has been war, mayhem and ultimately expulsion of Jews. If Jews are praising you, you’ve done something wrong and vise versa, ask Martin Luther. They lie folks and Jesus called them the fathers of liars. Do you know what that means? I’ll wait. One thing you have to remember, however is they have their people on both sides of an issue just like it’s the movies while you sit and watch the same results occur, more erosion of freedom and morality. Is this the place you want to bring up your kids? The levee is gonna break soon folks, that’s the truth. If you have a conscience at all it will without a doubt cause you to act just as the first Christians did.
Most of the Muslims out there understand I agree, they see the absolute demonic nature of Jews and you don’t hear them on the radio at all. Don’t you think they have something to say? Don’t you think they would love to expose all the Jewish rip-offs, who controlled slavery in America, who shoots their kids on a daily basis? Christians on the other hand, most of them still believe Jesus would be on the Jews side and agree with what they are doing and Jesus never agreed with anything these Jews (Edomites) do or ever did (he made that crystal clear I thought). John the Baptist called them snakes, Jesus called them a racial lineage of Cain and a murderer from the start. If it isn’t true you tell me what those words say in your Bible. The fact is Jews don’t want to hear it because its truth and they know they can’t handle the truth. Thus we are right back where we were once again.  If they’re talking in the media or politics today they are talking for Jews. If I differ from them I am a proud Christian all the way. I am not Jesus obviously, but if you want to treat me like Muslims or Jesus for telling the truth so be it. Neither of them made America into the pigsty it is today. Go ahead and bash me in your lying media, but don’t let me on because we will see who the real criminals are. All of these Jews are being elected all over the world and are in the highest offices of the land now, control the media and that’s not because we have a large anti-Jewish population it’s because we have a large lying Jewish population.
During all of this we have a guy named Edgar Steele behind bars for the attempted murder of his own wife and mother-in law. Bill Maher of the media’s brother and cousin were involved in setting this man up (Jews), but we don’t hear a single word about it in the media. The Anti Defamation League is no doubt tied into this case as well led by Abe Foxman. The hypocrisy and the lies and the deception are nothing new. History repeats itself because too many people disregard or even fear the past that they claim to believe.
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  1. wael says:

    well-said brother
    I hope Jews take this into their consideration,however; I believe that all aforementioned is not the fault of Jews, it is the fault of Zionism movement which include non-Jews people.
    thank you

  2. melgibstein says:

    Jews cant be trusted-period. I don’t know about you, but when I’m fighting Jews I don’t want a Jew in my fox-hole. Sorry that’s so shocking to you, but it aint to me. Don’t try to give me it aint all the Jews. My answer to that is “its not all of the rest of us that deserve Jew crime either” and its all coming from Jews. If you trust Jews you are a danger to my country, my religion, my culture and my kids.

    You are right, there are non Jews who Jews have bought with their fake money, but they are fueled by Jews. I am for cutting those traitors legs off because they are indeed traitors who aid and abet Jews against those things mentioned above. I hate those sell outs even more than the Jews. They too believe its not all the Jews or even any Jews. If you don’t believe we have a Jew problem big enough to go to war against Jews than you have been conditioned. If there was ever a war on this earth that needs to happen its a war against Jews here and now (and anyone who sides with them).

  3. when you say jews you refer to all jew so your saying there’s not one good jew but every jew is a stealer lier this is rasist bec. of some bad jews you are calling 14 million jews bad its like saying all italians are in the moffia or all blacks commit homiside its the same old anti semitism mel gibson shut up the only reason why you say this bec. your jelous that we have money yes we are 2% of american population and 53% of US BILLION AIRS are jewish !!!!!

    • melgibstein says:

      Firstly, being Italian isnt a race. Italy is a landmass. Israel is a people and Jews are not of them. Therefore, yes all Jews are liars. Indeed, that’s what Im saying (Mark Fuhrman).

      How could I be a racist when Jews are not a race, but a plethora of races mixed with the Kenite seed? God hated Cain and Esau. You need to figure out why.

  4. stop being rasists you are ruening the world jews where procecuted 4 2000 years finaly we come 2 America the land of the free we are free so we went to work & made money let us live in peace!!!!!! same old anti semetism every thing every 1 of the world problems are the jews !!!!!!

    • melgibstein says:

      Frankly Mr or Ms Tzivali, I dont give a dam what you think. I am past even listening to you whine. Unfortunately you brought all your old Jewish crime along with you.

  5. Carrie says:

    Omg I luv the Jews like just look at a Jew how could u not luv a Jew it’s a Jew we all must luv the common jew

    • melgibstein says:

      Carrie, why dont you do what your oqn fragile brain tells you. You certainly dont even want to know why I feel the way about Jews because you have already made up your mind. If you love Jews there are only two reasons for it:
      1. They pay you
      2. You are one

      I am going with the latter.

    • TZVI says:


  6. Jewsarecoolerthanyoumelgibstein says:

    Wow… umm what this is the same bull crap people have heard for a while, I myself am not a jew but totally support them. And as you said above^^ I do not get payed by one, so this is not why I am commenting. Jews are great people, while the Jews were all slaves they didn’t give up, they used their knowledge to think of how to still have some sort of job because they weren’t allowed to have the other jobs other people had. So they started saying to people, “Hey I’ll give you $5 if in 5 weeks you give me $6. It wasn’t cheating people or any crap like that, it was simply to make some money to live their lives. The reason they are so smart is because they value education unlike most Americans. I can’t believe idiots like yourself who are rotten assholes.

    • melgibstein says:

      Funny, the name on your email sounds quite jewish to me. Usury, my dear jew is against the laws of the Bible (better read it first). Funny how you dont include “Israelites” into your slave talk because it was Israelites in Egypt not Jews. Say that 10 times so it sinks in.
      The Pharisee’s that were mostly Idumeans said in John chapter 4 that they were never in bondage.
      Are you a Khazarian Jew? Your name indicates that you are, so you were not only never in Egypt, but never in Judea at all. You are not even related to Shem and mixed with Edomites (where you get Judaism from). Anything else you’d like to add?
      Oh and the Talmud isnt the Bible. Did you know that?

      I may be mistaken, you may be one of those jews that doesnt believe in Judaism or related to Judah openly. There are all kinds of Jews these days (its a cacophony of BS)

  7. okey says:

    that’s so wrong. We are so different but in the same time the same
    your behavior affected by your home and society
    and jewish have nothing in common that other don’t have with them except their religion
    and some of us even closer to yours . you can say what ever you want to say about us , thats not true . we are not smarter not uglier and not all of us are liars . some of us smart and some of dumb , some of us got smaller nose then yours and some of us have a huge nose , some of the jews lies very often I wont deny that but not less then other peoples in the world . jewish are the same as you , we come in all colors (black until white) in all shapes (thin until fat) in all brains (genius until fool) if you desperate want hate somebody hate someone you actually know . LOL
    (sorry about my terrible grammar I just hope you got the point , english is not my first language)

    • melgibstein says:

      Thats your opinion. Beauty is skin deep and the truth is Jews represent ugliness as a whole. History teaches us that and there is nothing you can do. You cant help it it appears. You may be nice to me now, but you can never be trusted. Its a fact of life. Like a wild dog may sometimes not bite right away or immediately, Jews cant be given the benefit of the doubt.
      You may think its funny, but I dont. In this world its not important what you jews think of yourselves, its important what others think of you. We cant afford to trust you or have you around and thats why you always end up back in the ghetto. Its your destiny.

  8. Kol ben Dani says:


    The USA, and a multitude of other European Christian Colonial powers have deliberately created separation between all people favoring the European-Nordic race and Christian religion over all other people.

    If you were any bit up on your academia, You would know that the theory of the thirteenth tribe and the Jews of Khazaria has absolutely no validity amongst your “Holy” Western Scholarship. Let me break it down for you: It is probably true that a small population of Khazarian Nobility made conversions to Judaism for political reasons, however, they INVITED WORLD JEWRY to inhabit their jewish nation in the Cacaus. Just as many Hebrews never left egypt, and were absorbed into Africa, The Hebrew People of the north became white looking due to being lost, and persecuted heavily in the NORTHERN part of the world. That being said, Khazaria was quickly taken over by Muslims and the entirety of the converted Jewish population was lost as All other Semetic Jews became heavily persecuted and were once more spread throughout the world.

    Do some genetic research, Most Jews, whether having lived in Iraq, or Russia have the the same Semetic Hebrew Genetic Lineage. There of course have been conversions…

    All this Being Said,

    The Violence and Evil that the State of Israel perpetrates is distinctly and utterly Zionist. You, my goyii Friend melgibstein must understand that Once a Jew gives up their unique state of displacement, which carries along with it certain thought forms and actions that Land-Occupying People do not engage with, They Subsequently Become a Goy, or a land-occupying person. They are a member of a nation.

    This Distinction is extremely important for you to understand, as a true Jew has nothing to do with the current State of Israel, and in fact most supporters and occupiers of the State of Israel, are simply deemed Zionists and not Jews, as they have nothing to do with a Jewish Mind or Body or state of Being.

    Hopefully, Your hatred can be transformed into Love for Yourself, as I see you have obviously been lacking love, from your parents who for generations have been trained in the low-art of self hatred.

    I Send you my Love, mr melgibstein and hope that you can look in the mirror and love Yourself as much as I do you.

    • melgibstein says:

      So you are saying Ashkenazim are Hebrews? Why do they call it the Jewish State then? I have not heard one Jew call themselves of the tribe of anything but Jews.

      Jew can also mean Judean who werent of Judah. Your theory is BS. You will never have a debate on it either. If you will, please reply and we can show everyone.

    • melgibstein says:

      I suggest you listen to your Jewish kin like Ben Friedman who said you Jews tricked Americans into war with Germany and destroyed Germany’s country with your usury ( that you arent supposed to be taking part in). You Jews are supposed to be a separate people, so why do you keep following us?

      Why didnt you go to Birobidzhan and have that world of your own? You are bloody parasites and hate is an emotion. You cant stop someone for hating crime and you jews are responsible for all of the worlds crime.

      Id be happy to debate you anytime, but bring that Torah with you, you’re gonna need it. I know you dont know nor follow a word of it.

      • Noah Baliff says:

        Have you ever had the tenacity to say this to a Jew’s face? Real question, provide a story, if you may.

      • melgibstein says:

        I will say it to your face alone or if you want you can bring your friends and I’ll bring mine. Ive said it on National radio about 1000 times. Is that good enough for you?

        Will I call a Jew a lying Jew? Youre damned right I will. You want to meet me in person? It can be arranged.

        Why do you Jews insist on being related to Noah? Dont you know Noah was perfect in his geneaology unlike you bastards?

  9. thunderb says:

    what branch of the service did you serve in? How long did you serve? Where did you serve?

    • melgibstein says:

      Marine Corps punk and you have no questions for me because you dont know what to ask, but go ahead and give it a shot. None of your damned business how long I served. I will tell you how long I just took a crap maybe. I didnt “serve” like you kikes like to say and Im not here to brag about my time in the military, I am here to tell about the raping and pillaging of my country by pervert jews like yourself. If I knew the Jew star was on every officers sword and knew what I know now I would have chucked every one of them in the honey bucket I could get my hands on.

      If I gave you the facts you would

      1. not believe it because you would then have to believe everything else
      2. you would use the truth to pervert in some way

      I was in 1/9 and 3/9 Marine Corps infantry (9 th Marines) look them up.

      Kiss my arse!

      As far as your brilliant obsrevance that I have no friends you can also distinguish I have no Jew friends (and in this you are quite correct because I dumped them long ago), but to claim I have no friends at all is a pretty bold statement and frankly it is foolish. But then again nobody here anyway has ever claimed Jews were smart.

  10. thunderb says:

    I call bullshit. You never served in the military and if you did you were booted out for psychological problems. You won’t take your meds and you live on disability in Florida. You don’t have many friends, and you have convinced yourself that all of your problems, psychological and otherwise, are the fault of the Jews. And you didn’t lose any friends in NYC on 911 as you have implied. You are bullshitting fabulist, making up tales, pretending to be brave, full of rage.

    You opinions about Jews are as reality based as your made up biography.

    • melgibstein says:

      You are reading though arent you? You want me to prove I had friends killed on 9/11? Maybe you want my address too. I dont give you kikes anything you dont need. If you dont believe me I couldnt give a damn, but your little beliefs are false. You Jews are such truth abiders and called jesus a liar too before you whined about having him crucified. If you dont believe me its because it makes what I say the truth and you cant handle it. The truth will put you back behind locked gates (and hell).

      Most of my friends growing up moved to the city to get their jew stockbroker jobs. My conscience didnt let me for some reason and trust me, I tried myself. When I appled for a trader job it was like going back to my old High School. I knew all of them. I watched a lot of them make a fortune and turn into coke heads, now most of them are painters and or clammers and have enough shame to last the rest of their lives. Why I am wasting time on you is for others not your candy jew arse.

      Which individual subject of the Jews do I blame for my own misfortunes. Lets take them one by one.

      I dont want to eat your grubby jew stamped kosher food. Do you understand that? Perhaps you dont.

      I dont want your filthy usury in my country, in fact its against my religion and should be against your BS religion too. Maybe you are pro charging non Jew interest because you are all NUTJOB FREAKS!!! I could go on all day, but lets start on those two ok with you, kike?

    • melgibstein says:

      What kind of benefit do you get from saying I have no friends? Are you saying nobody will listen to me because I am a dysfunctional person? If that were the case, what is your reason for wasting time writing to me? No no no no, you hate the truth- period. Im still waiting for your questions to prove Im not an ex Marine as you suggested. Mr Bar Baliff ? Someone put out an APB out on the jew, please?

      Ask me questions only Marines know the answer to jewboy. Im waiting.

      Enough of the Jew offense questions, let us hear what the definition of a Jew is. Being a Jew yourself you must know right?

  11. thunderb says:

    Hey Douchemaster General, I was in the Air Force for over a decade, been to war, and I know bullshit when I hear it. You’re poser. Everybody who was in knows there are no “ex-marines” as you describe yourself. Once a marine, always a marine, and you were never a marine. You probably tried to get in but could for psych reasons or were identified and kicked out in boot camp for the same.

    Get some help. You need it. You are a fraud.

    • melgibstein says:

      Listen Jewboy, if I say I am an ex Marine its because I mean it. Just because jarheads want to say you are never an ex Marine doesnt mean it pertains to me so eat dog dirt. Your assertions have no substance and I dont believe you were in the Air Force. I know one thing for certain, you Jews are going back to the ghetto soon.

  12. melgibstein says:

    Some asshole Marine said that to me the other day (a Black recruiter). This asshole has nothing to do with what I trusted to be the Marines. These people are mercenaries and Im not a proud Marine because you kikes are behind all the wars. Take your Marine BS and stick it up your skinny shinned backside. You cant ask me anything about the Marines because you havent a clue. Go to hell!

    Theres only one thing that would make me a Marine again and that is to be dropped with an infantry Division right into Tel Aviv.

  13. thunderb says:

    Whatevs. You are a fraud and delusional. Bye.

    • melgibstein says:

      A Jew doesnt believe me, Im hurt. Well I dont believe Jews period and that means one of us is lying and thats why Im here, to expose ALL your Jew lies. The biggest liars the world has ever produced. No-one else is even on the radar. Bye you son of satan demon. Thats what I want to hear you all say. You kikes control the media to give us your truth. Unfortunately EVERY DAY more and more people are figuring out why. You are building your own little arrowhead fish trap you will not be able to escape from this time. This time the world is catching on not just the Nazi’s etc etc etc (all at once). I wouldnt wanna be ya. You forgot to mention I had 2 friends killed in Beirut by you scumbags. Im working for those EX Marines too.

  14. thunderb says:


  15. thunderb says:

    I was wrong and I am a lying Jew!

  16. ur jelious mel says:

    Mel your just jelious that we have money.. give it up allready you can have money to work hard and make money thats what alot of jews did to make money it doesnt grow on trees we didnt plant it. and if you wana know some of our succsess is because we valu education alot..

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes, you write with such intelligence. Spreading porn isnt intelligence Mr Jew it is a disgrace (for one of a truckload of examples). You can leave your list of Jewish inventions here. It shouldnt take you very long (outside criminal inventions like usury or monopolization for instance). Yes, your Kosher food industry is very intelligent. You turned the food supply into a Jewish cesspool of corruption. Only Jews are capable of such inventions. Good inventions- there are none. You arent capable and thats the truth. So show us this list. You got bagels (zero I mean). You didnt even invent the bagel.

  17. Hitler Fan says:

    Albert Einstein (smart Jew!) said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. At some point God is going to give them yet another smackdown in the vain hope that the worst of them learn some respect for their fellow Man, and the best of them keep the rest in line.

    In the future Post-Apocalyptic wasteland that the Middle East will be, the surviving Jews will say: ‘We should have taken Madagascar instead, and left the Goyim alone!’

    Behind every Israeli Sub is a Russian Stealth Sub. Guess what happens if you try your Samson Option.

    It is the future you chose.

  18. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Einstein is another one of the fake miracles of the Rechabites. A c and d student in a second rate college. An oblivious dunce. Dunce becomes genius with a little help from his tribe (the media monopoly). Maxwell and Poincare originated the basis of those theories, but it’s very curious why they never took off on a mental masturbation experiment, like Einstein did.

    It’s Francis Bacon’s 4 idols of science, applied. And, what you get is the mythology of the authors. Black holes, where all this energy and material goes in and nothing comes out. This describes modern science to a T. Modern science is a black hole that has never yielded any fruit. Gotcher dark matter; a crutch to prop of their incorrect theories of gravity, like that thing up Stephen Hawking’s (The bubble boy poster boy for it all who can’t even stand up or speak for himself) ass to keep him ali(v)e. It’s what they spew. A synonym for bullshit (is it a rule that they have to leave clues to the truth?) Relativity and wormholes; think about it.

    Calculus was retro-fitted to fit hard lab data. Nobody had an intuition for it. What the tribe did was choreograph math and physics to fit their black mythologies, like the renaissance scientists did in truth. Do they know they do this? I wonder what their tribe head doctor, Freud would say about that. Their black hearts sublimate in everything they do.

    Without the fake usury money, the only thing the tribe ever ruled was the ghetto. Every time! Peter Stuyvessant, governor of New Amsterdam built a wall on the island of Manhattan to keep the marranos out. He was forced by the Dutch East India Company, who had funny money power and long tentacles, to tear it down. The tribe, in their nasty vindictiveness, named it Wall Street. It gained power and prominence when their funny money got some traction starting in 1913. There’s a documentary on the history channel about it. They subtlely say it was pigs (marrano means pig) that the wall kept out. Did New Amsterdam have a wild pig problem?

    Gen 4:12 When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield to you it’s strength; a fugitive and a wanderer shall you be on the earth.

    A nation (goyim) that can’t be self sufficient by producing for it’s self has to mooch from the nations (goyim) that CAN, and will forever be a non-goyim. Have they ever defied Gen 4:12 or even tried to? They know they don’t defy a curse from Yahweh. They have their parasitism down to algorithms. That desolation inhabited by scorpions, the land of Jacob, lives on what the tribemembers abroad steal. Ben Franklin was right: vampires can’t live on vampires. If they had their own land …. There’s no better proof of what Yahshuah said about them, than THEM!

    I haven’t seen more jews come out of the woodwork with their tirathite LOUD SPEECH, since the last time I was in an AOL chatroom. Their own feeble words are the best evidence against them. Don’t expect them to be insulted or ashamed of their folly. Shem means Shame and they are antisemites, by definition. They’re a race of psychopaths and you do err to even think of them as equal. You have to study them like something in a petri dish, or lab rats. Good for sharpening and tempering the 2 edged sword.

    Will they shut up and put up to prove me and Gen 4:12 wrong? lol, I won’t be holding my breath.

    You gotta be doing something right there, to catch all this dark matter, Mel Gibstein. Good work.

    • melgibstein says:

      They subtlely say it was pigs (marrano means pig) that the wall kept out. Did New Amsterdam have a wild pig problem?

      They said the same thing about Ireland too- never any snakes in Ireland. The sad fact is they can’t take a hint.

      Everyone is looking for a solution to Jews and there is only one, odd that is exactly what we were told – to separate from them. The shills think of new reasons not to separate from them every day. We have these self proclaimed leaders who claim to be out their fighting for our heritage bla bla bla and they dont even know what our heritage is. They are there to lead the blind right into the pit. I just heard David Duke sticking up for homos. He thinks its the food that makes newborns into homos. You see they are born wanting a males schlong up their behind and dont just like men to talk to they like porking them in the rear end too (born into it like a reptile).
      This is what our so called leaders believe. Jews have to keep up with the truth as it comes out to railroad it and thats what 90% of these truth leaders are doing. Most of them have their faces plastered all over the internet. They must not have any family because Jews will go after family and they know it. Thats the only reason why I keep my face off the internet.

      Interesting fact about Wall St. Do you have any links for that?

  19. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I think it was Willie Martin who filled me in on the details, but it’s in old encyclopedias. The prize is the 1926 Encyclopedia Brittanica, I’ve heard, but it’s in a 1972 set of world book encyclopedias I found at a flea market. No word about jews in that one though. The wall was to keep the ‘enemies’ out. They make smaller and smaller mention of things like this, with each new edition until they stop making any mention at all. The 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica was the last edition produced by white people, before the jews bought it to corrupt history and so much else. Willie Martin discovered that every library had a little censored area and he was able to finesse his way into them.

    I think it was about the time the tribe was getting kicked out of Brazil, that many decided to make New Amsterdam their new home. Peter Stuyvessant bult a wall to keep them out of the christian society. In those days, they knew the jew. The jews had the same resources as the christians, but their side of the wall was a ghetto, like it always is when laws are just.

    HA! I just found out Roosevelt’s ancestors were among those jew marrano conversos.

    David Duke doesn’t say anything without taking a poll first, it seems like to me. He parrots the ‘jesus was a jew’ and ‘the jews are the chosen people’ lies that are so pivotal. Those whoppers are bigger than the holocaust. (BTW, there’s no entry for “holocaust” in this 1972 encyclopedia) He’s also been caught gambling and snorting cocaine with his donations. He was stuck on the 19 goat farmers did 911 until that became unpopular, I guess. The KKK does NOT believe jews are gods chosen people or that jesus was a jew. The Maryland KKK has good info about that. Besides that, one of those K’s means secret. When you see a KKK member pontificating on a stump, you’re seeing a fake. I’m in a KKK area and it’s very polite, civilised and friendly.

    Bill White exposed all of those WN “leaders” for the frauds, perverts and satanists that they are. I visited their satanic website that he found, and spotted where they get their cliches like “Jesus was a bastard son of a whore and a roman soldier”, STRAIGHT OUT OF THE TALMUD! People wised up to that one, so they don’t say that anymore. But I remember who has said that and I see who still parrots the stupidity I saw there. So, here they come after Bill White calling him a jew (but of course!) and “Unity Unity Unity. You’re causing division”. Another thing they always do when they get busted. “Onward christian and satanist soldiers and TOGETHER we shall defeat … ummm… wha’..?”. BULLSHIT!

    A few months later, Bill White found himself in supermax in Florence, Colorado where he stayed for 3 years on some flimsy allegation by Hal Turner who was trying to save his own neck. Bill White was a BOLD sumbitch, before that. Now he’s a shambles of a man. They broke him. So, whose cage do you think he was rattling? That WN crap is obviously a little project of the tribe. They have him back in prison now for publishing some corrupt jew judge’s address. His site was I found him by an Edgar J Steele link, who is also an atheist in jail. This so called atheism is a mark of the beast and they can be sacrificed by their masters.

    The best way to make a phony chameleon jew show his true colors is splash some lake of fire around. Just speak the truth of Yahweh. When they get splashed with lake of fire, they hiss and spit and scream holocaust and genocide. It works everytime.

    Loud uniform speech is their first order of business, then the monopoly, then the censorship.

    • melgibstein says:

      Duke is somehow placing himself as the leader of the pack and doesnt even take phone calls. Every one of his guests I wouldnt follow into a Swedish ski team sorority meeting. He seems to attract every shill in the bizness. Yesterday I heard him speak of the “Jews” being in bondage in Egypt. I dont recall Joseph ever being a Jew and dont recall Alan Dershowitz’s family ever being in Egypt so who the hell is he referring to? Like wikipedia under “Exodus” it starts out with Israel being in Egypt and before you get to the third sentence it turns to “Jews” for the next 6 paragraphs. You can claim you dont believe the Bible, but at the very least be able to explain why properly. These high level voices have to keep these lies rejewvenated to keep people befuddled.

      Someone will bring up something true about the Bible that has been overlooked and Duke and his minions (trust me it isnt just so called white leaders) will get on their megaphones to make sure that fact does not get around their circles. Its getting more obvious all the time.

  20. Ray Zerwitt says:

    They’re slick talking salesmen and showmen, groomed on Madison Avenue. They have the sing song voices and the mesmerizing manner that lulls you into a state of suggestibility. They have research labs and colleges for this and funded with deep pockets.

    Sitting in a bar in Breckenridge Colorado on 9/11/01, I saw that lying f*ckhead of an anchorman say “building 7 has just been ‘pulled'” I thought “Does the fire department have missiles for that? How do you destroy a building when it’s too dangerous to even walk in to? Surely, they have some way”. Then, back to the televeneous drip, they were just moving right along and nobody had a chance to think about that. Of course, we believed them. They had footage. They had an authoritative looking guy with an authoritative sounding voice in front of an authoritative backdrop. He wore a tie. They had witnesses. They had reports. They had the opinions of experts all across the country. They had live reports via satellite hookup and I knew they were live when it said ‘LIVE’ on the screen, and I especially knew it was live when “LIVE” blinked. They had footage. Oops, did I already say that? Underline it. Noone would ever question the seriousness and dedication and honesty of newsmen if they ever watched “Superman” or Walter Cronkite or “The China Syndrome”. Get some kulchur, you oafs!

    Worse yet, I didn’t hear one word more about WTC 7 for at least 2 years. Not on Infowars, not on Rense, not on any of them. I asked and I was just ignored. I was believing I must have got something confused in my head, and that just never happened. And then they ALL started talking about it at the same time. Nobody even knew what Jeff Rense looked like for 5 years. Then, when people start asking, they trot out this polished Madison Avenue image. A little bit homey and trustworthy, but a little bit out there too. That picture looks like something created in a computer lab to serve that very purpose. And such a polished voice and speaking manner too. Al X-Jones, Je Frense, Jeff Rents, Jeff Rinse Wash Repeat.

    There’s hardly any I trust anymore. Like you, I see the ONE comment in a blog that just might actually have some shattering revelations followed by a blitz of watery spam about orgone and big foot, and let’s not forget that the bottom is going to drop out of the economy this Thursday. Keepin it in the dialectic here, Boss! Holdin ‘er down and keepin ‘er stupid!

    Of course, they would be all over it. Their lives depend on it. Their presentations are a lot like magician’s tricks. I’m still hoping their lying media was the 4th structure to fall that day.

  21. melgibstein says:

    Breckenridge? You werent far from Uncle Miltie Kapner (another one of our leaders). When all fails get a Jew like Jesus supposedly was to do the job (that one actually works like a charm too).

    I honestly think Rense, Duke and Don Black (Schwartz) are all Jews. You can run from the truth, but you cant hide. Jews didnt just let the internet grow without using their money to lead the opposition. When you see so called doctors who dont know what a race is, grown men talking about the Bible when they are completely clueless of it openly or historians that dont know where their own people come from or care to look, in my opinion they are Jews. Only Jews have the nerve to make such idiots of themselves. They just come out again the next day and do it all over again. Many people in the so called truth movement spend half their time talking about Jews and the other half kissing Jew arse. This imho is Cohentel. They know how to pilpilize every area with the same old lies to bring the lemming back to total state confusion.

    Why do these guys need money for what they do? Once someone pays for someone else to do the work they themselves are supposed to do, they no longer do it. They pay money to become owned! Why cant they call other radio shows to prove they are right and the radio host is wrong? The only way to find the truth is to find it yourself. No one man has it, but any man who claims he knows the truth and wont let himself be challenged on it is a liar. I think we know who most of the liars are.

  22. Ray Zerwitt says:

    “They just come out the next day and do it all over again”. BINGO.

    How many times have I seen that. As popular as Duke is, I’m sure his errors have been pointed out many times, especially where his pseudeo-christianity is concerned. But, does he stand corrected? He serves the fence, where most people are, not the truth. His motives are obvious. It’s hard to give up hope on these professional showmen. If you don’t, they only sow doubt.

    So, now he’s giving a nod to the homos. That perverts a person’s understanding of nature, among other things. If chemicals can change your sexuality, the chemicals would change your genitalia along with it. Your body is all in your mind. When a person loses an arm, they never stop feeling it, because it hasn’t been amputated from their brain. They still have the phantom limb when they lose the limb. Someone needs to tell Chaz Bono that whatever they put on her is not a penis. I can’t get in touch with my “feminine side”, because I don’t have the attendant vagina to go with it. It’s not even a secular truth. It’s a whole hog departure from the christianity he claims. He doesn’t have the courage of his professed convictions, like so many other frauds. When his words are tried in the fire, they just burn up. They’re priests of baal and these churches are the high places of baal.

    Another thing I see is the never ending donation drives of these 666 bean counters. Do you notice how the donations always come up short? By the predictability of it, it becomes obvious to me that they know what to expect and they inflate that figure to make it unreachable. Then, they start assigning blame and guilt. It’s as if the whole purpose of it is to keep every person drained of every last spare dime they might have, or suffer the guilt. People need to learn what tithes are. Buying booze can be a tithe. Bro Nate is the biggest offender of this I’ve seen these days. Are any of them cheerful givers, or do they have whips cracking above their heads? I’m happy to support people who I believe to tell the truth. I’ve sent money to American Wisdom Series, because they taught me so much, but I’ve also sent money to some frauds. You have to be careful about that, because that money could be supporting the beast. They have to be thoroughly vetted.

    Say, you worked hard for your money, and you wanted to build your own machine shop to make guns and ammo or drones of your own? In these days, you could call THAT a righteous tithe to a righteous ministry and no middle men to lose 95% of it on the way to the safe. And, you would be a cheerful and generous giver.

    Bro Nate was nowhere to be seen in the High Rockies on 9/11/01. But, shouldn’t he have been? Isn’t the word he preaches supposed to be timeless and unchanging? Other christians knew. Dr. Wesley Swift knew Pearl Harbor was a fraud in the 50’s. Willie Martin was there. Funny, how so many come out of the woodwork when it becomes something they understand : a lucrative market.

    What is it about cleaning up your own house first? It’s looking filthy.

    • melgibstein says:

      All true. Yes they have to go with the flow and keep jumping in front of the parade. There are unfortunately places we know they aren’t going and that is becoming evident now. They have to pull something off because although they may have the masses bewildered at this point, there is one group of folks that seem to be growing against them.

      The false opposition is out there to distort Christianity and never join race together in with Christianity as the major force that it is. You get the anti Christian white crowd, the Judeo Christian pro white crowd who think Jews are the Israelites and none of these folks ever seem to be able to put two and two together (or wont). People eventually will put it together as things get worse and people will see who debates and who wimps out. In order to debate the Bible you have to have read and understand it and in order to discuss race you have to know what a race is and where yours came from.

      Like shaking up a champagne bottle, its going to spurt out. They have no choice but to avoid debate (a real debate- wide open at least 3 hours long), but they cant debate because they have no idea what they will be hit with. They are waiting until they have enough info to get in the ring. Why isnt anyone debating the Bible? All the words these people use come from it. Why isnt Jewry being exposed in the main stream? Because of people like Duke (David Duchovny) we will never get the truth to the masses. Instead of Duke and others going to the media with the truth that will KO the Jews they go in to lose on purpose because they dont allow in truth themselves. How can you debate the Jew media about something you do yourself? It is hypocrisy and we know who the fathers of hypocrisy are.

      All of these internet hosts are scared sh**less to go into depth about the subjects they claim they are about. They are like those carnie’s in the dunk tank waiting to be dropped off their perches and they just get right back up. There is no spine, no soul, they are Jews.

  23. Mr. Goldbergstein says:

    Oy vey, that’s offensive! Need I remind you about the holocaust? 60 trillion jews died!

  24. Mr F says:

    i fucking love how in google images this is the second result for searching “jew”

    • melgibstein says:

      Me too, if its true! Why wasnt it number 1 now? I wanna know. Its antisemitism. Why I only made that page once is odd too.

      • charms says:

        It may be that the Jews is going to suffer what there forefathers did to say let His blood be on our children. The Isrealis was the Jews. Jesus was a Jew in the word of God it said that Jesus said. In your own country you will not be believed. It is not all Jews that are corupt because if you also read the word of God 12000 out of every tripe shall be save because of the promise God made to abraham. The isrealis was scatered throug the 4 coners of the world. America is to be said that it is also a Jewies Nation by inhertance. You may be a Jew as well you don’t know were your forefathers came from. At heart you may be a American but from far back you may be a jew a isrealit. The thing is if I am you ill get out of America because if you also know the truth in the word of God you are going to be destroyed. And leave the judgeing to The Lord. You may have a perspective of what the Jews did but you own country is in danger because your country forsaked God so did most of the goverments as a hole. Dustruction is comeing to the hole earth my friend not just to the Jews. Jesus own people give Him up to to killed. And did that on there childrens childrens childrens souls. They are cursed because of there fore fathers and what some of them stil doing and not believeing that Jesus is the Son of God. They think He was a profet and they still today think that Jesus will come soon again to make them a nation as hole again but unfortunly it will be the antichrist that will also be a Jew. Jesu only comes after the trubulation in those days read matt 24 vers 29. Here comes grate dulution and grate destruction. And America is in phrofecy. As we’ll as the Jews and Russia and so on. But out of the 12 tripes 12000 is chosen that will servive in fact it will be the 144000 of Isreal to the promise of God to Abraham. God Speed and there is hop my friend live you life for Yashua and keep the faith in Him because when He comes He is bringing justment on all of the world except those who is ritten in the book of life. Keep The Faith

      • melgibstein says:

        You sure about all that? I think you may have misspelled a few biblical words, purposely of course. Lets just start with your first line. Yes Jews will suffer what they and their forefathers did and still do, lie cheat, steal and murder, to name just a few. Jews are not of Judah or they would be called Judah, right? Israel is still Israel, correct? Israel is Israel but Jews are not Judah, just think that one over a spell.

        Ive been hearing lately that Jews have similar DNA, but I dont believe in DNA because I cant prove it exists and if it exists it is BS. All you have to do is look at Jews, if Jews are or were Hebrews and white people came from Jews and not the other way around with a non Hebrew mix then science does not exist. Just look at all the whites and look at Jews, Hebrews made up all the people of Adam, Shem, Ham (except Canaans kids), and Japheth, all of their sons, all of Abrahams sons, all of Isaacs sons (except Edoms sons), all of Jacobs sons…….and supposedly Jews are Judah? No, my friend that makes no sense whatsoever…no not at all. This is all quite simple to figure out, the fact is nobody wants to. Jews dont make the world disappear, maybe in the lemmings eyes not mine. Jews are mongrels period, only they are a special mongrel with the seed (sperma) of Satan- the adversary- the contrary. All of this zionist BS is baseless nonsense, every jew is a zionist that commits a crime, but the truth is the jew has already committed the crime by continuing the jew lies one way or the other. Give me a jew and I will show you his lies. Mike Rivero was the guest on David Duke today, Duke thinks this is a good jew. Rivero has done nothing but slander the German people for a decade at least now…..he is anti so called Israel, the land mass and doesnt pinpoint the jews in the USA like the Fed- all jews. He calls them the bankers- I call them Jews.

    • melgibstein says:

      Looks like the Albino Filipino of Der Stormer has all of those first pictures now (David Dukes posterity). The Albino took off like a jew F-16 and nobody even questioned that he isnt white. Hmmm. It just shows the state we are in.

      Kosher hoax- Miltie Kapner leads the pack. When I first started on the Kosher hoax about 3 of my articles came up first from different places on the net and Miltie Kapner was probably just a dot on Juif Renses radar.

      Odd how “Kosher Quotes” and “Jews of the IRA” are still holding up, you’d figure the Albino Filipino would have a few words about that.

      No radio host anywhere has ever asked me to discuss this issue- ever, yet even leading Irish antisemites have written to me agreeing with me and had no clue. I dont give a damn if anyone asks me for a bagel, but you are getting the truth here.


      “There you go again Mel, taking pot shots at prominent white representatives out there doing good work”

      And I say “prove they are white”. If they dont look white and they pervert the Bible without a debate, guess what, they aint white folks.

      You think Hitler would notice the difference? Maybe not. Me, I notice.

  25. You must be so happy, finding friends amongst the maladapted and sickly. You writing shows you’re a fake, a liar, a coward and a creep. Your prolificacy shows you’re insane and unemployed. And your stubbornness shows you are stupid. If only you’d drink acid and make this world a better place for the rest of us. Or at least they kept you away from computers at the mental institute, so you don’t spread the crazy out so much.
    Good thing humanity is evolving to outcast and cut off harmful fiends like you and your sectioned friends.

  26. melgibstein says:

    Jews will burn your house down with a smiley face.

    They are psychotic lunatics (actually the words dont even exist) and that fact must always come first whenever dealing with a Jew if he is smiling or not.

    They always love to throw in the “unemployed” BS. Yes we should be out there working for that Jew counterfeit toilet paper system that Jews perverted. How about you kikes give me a 6 o’clock news anchor position? You can give Bhantu Dish Dancers anchor positions why not me?

    Because they are lying, evil, cheating, bastard Jews………and their gig aint gonna last much longer. The bee’s nest they are teasing is going to make their world even worse than they imagined. Anyone that has to keep the truth silenced has to be a hard worker. They will tire out.

  27. Ray Zerwitt says:

    The jew inspired something like a revival. It’s a shocking truth that they do work 24/7/365 to maintain their lies as if their lives depended on it, because their lives DO depend on being the sophisticated and subtil parasites that they are. So, who is on the hamster wheel here? Looks like they are. They took a wolf by the throat and now they don’t dare let go. The hamster wheel magnifies their insanity. Let’s amp it up some.

    I like what John Elway’s center Bishop said to him with a minute to go, and behind in that AFC championship game against Cleveland. He said “We got
    ’em right where we want ’em”.

    Even more, I like what the fictional Lucas Jackson said in “Cool Hand Luke”: Sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand. I would amend that and say that nothing is always the winning hand. What did the anti-bankster gangsters of the 30’s have? Nothing. They kicked the bankster’s policy enforcers ass badly in every gun battle. The policy enforcers had everything to lose. The gangsters had nothing to lose. Nothing is the winning hand and they dealt it to us.

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews are attacking from every angle to keep that dam from coming down, just a little too much weight on any part of it and whooosh. Jews keep saying “they are jealous of us” or “they hate us for our money” over and over and over again and people dont know how to react to it. They think the Jews really mean that and that they are unaware of their criminal behaviour.
      Eventually people will feel exactly like me and most people of truth and of a conscience and say, “Times uP, we dont care what you think anymore”. Their words are meaningless.

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