The Big Mileikowski

I’m not referring to Jeff Bridgestone and John Goodstein’s movie because I never saw the whole thing and all I can remember is 2 Jews with a Polish name trashing Polack’s without saying they were Jews. Many of you don’t know that Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu’s name is really Mileikowski. I didn’t say his real name is Mileikowski mind you because God only knows what his real name is or how many he has had in his family history. This is precisely why I named this the title that I did. I had no clue what the movie was about and whatever this writing adds up to is what I think of all of it basically.
Netanyahu’s father’s name was Mileikowski, a Polish Jew. Now this brings up another quandary because I just gave you two names (Polish and Jew) and neither of which are true. They are not the Jews from Palestine during Christ’s time and they can’t prove they were. Go ahead and ask them and get some popcorn because it will take awhile. Consequently they are not Polish, although they may have lived in Poland. When you discuss gypsies you don’t call them Romanians or Bulgarians, etc… you call them gypsies. Bibi is a Jew, but he isn’t a racial Jew. Are you lost?
Let me interrupt this for a minute and clarify what I’m trying to say. When I was in about the 5th grade I knew Jews were people who wore beanies and ate bagels and lox, but I didn’t know a dumb Polack could also be a Jew, let alone someone I thought was Irish, English, Italian, etc., but it all makes perfect sense now in retrospect. I had a guy named Dumbrowski in my gym class at school and we had to pick teams and alternate the players so everyone played because it was gym class not a regular basketball team thing, although each team wanted to win obviously. Everyone had their good players and their bad players and the most memorable of these games to me was when Dumbrowski got the ball. The one scene I see in my mind whenever I think of so-called “dumb Polak’s” is when Dumbrowski was down court all alone in an important game one day, got a perfect pass and all he had to do was dribble the ball 3 times and do a simple lay-up and game is over. We were up by 2 already and even if he had just held on to the ball and or passed it we would’ve won, but he dribbled the ball 100 times like he was playing the drums looking straight down then threw the ball upwards at the bottom side of the rim still running. The ball came crashing back directly on top of Dumbrowski’s head and shot up 15 feet in the air. Now at that point everything turns completely upside down. Dumbrowski has no idea where the ball is so he decides to guard an opposing player, anyone he can find. About 4 seconds ago the game was in the bag and now we have a loose ball in the air, Dumbrowski facing the wrong way playing defense against someone he suspects knows where the ball is and before Dumbrowski can turn around the ball is down court and in the opposing basket. All of this happening in about 15 seconds. We went into overtime and lost the game.
The point I’m trying to make is things get turned upside down with these people somewhat like Dumbrowski. They simply can’t help it, they do what their nature drives them to do. I suspect they realize they will never get what they want simply by playing by the rules so they change their names, slip inside someone else’s religion or create new religions. They complicate things into a cauldron of hypocrisy. You don’t know what their real names are, what their real religion is, what country they claim as their own, they change Biblical verses upside down, claim they are persecuted when the are the richest people on the earth at the same time, perform heinous acts and then point their fingers at someone else. It just goes on and on and on. Nothing they do makes sense and if you ask them you just get more nonsense on top of more nonsense. Well I have news for you, we have Dumbrowski’s in high offices all over the world right now.
The Big Mileikowski as I said is hard to explain because it is millions of lies and millions of hypocrisies all tied in together and somehow when this guy shows up in NYC (Bibi Mileikowski), the media acts as if Elvis is in town. I am thankful I had several Dumbrowski’s teach me this at such a young age. I know that there are people out there that will be screaming for the ball and really have no clue what to do with it when they get it. I’ve seen it on the basketball court, the football field, in the churches, schools and today in just about everything the American government does from local all the way up to the big Mac Daddy himself and everyone else on both sides of the court. All those days I blamed Polack’s for being lunatics and thought white people were the people who brought slaves to America and God knows how many other things. I have to admit I have been Mileikowski’d several times and so have you.
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2 Responses to The Big Mileikowski

  1. melgibstein says:

    If there was a bigger traitor in my opinion than Hannity it would be this 2 bit POS Brian Kilmeade. I would hang him right along with Hannity by their tongues.

    This guy Kilmeade isnt worth a dog turd.

  2. melgibstein says:

    CNN may be fake news, but Fox News is even faker when it comes to Jews.

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