The World Is Not Enough

The world needs a James Bond today. Who will save the world from Goldfinger and all the Jew criminals roaming around in their yachts doing God knows what. They’re out there figuring out ways to destroy the world and become the owners of it? Some of these nut cases are willing to destroy everything to get what they want. Some people think they have Tesla’s death ray or using HAARP to create weather havoc on their enemies, spraying chemtrails, poisoning the food and water. What you once thought was safe is now unsafe, that which used to be good and decent has been turned upside down

Who will stand up for her majesty against these thugs? OK forget her majesty who will stand up against these thugs? Wait a minute one of those thugs is living lavishly in England and owns a football team and she doesn’t do anything about it. I think Spectre may have her captive and replaced her.
In just about every country in the world we have a Goldfinger, a Spectre branch, a Dr. No, Col. Von Hammerstein, a Sol “Horror” Horowitz, an Ernst Blofeld and a Netanyahu, a Marc Rich, a Sheldon Adelson, Rothschild, etc. I’m not sure Mr. Bond can handle it on his own so I am volunteering my services. All are welcome to help out and all are desperately needed this time because the villains are working together against us good guys and there isn’t any room on this planet for the both of us anymore with them around.
This may sound a little crazy or far-fetched, but the truth is it isn’t crazy to them. These people walking the earth today make Dr. No look like a choir boy and that’s no lie. We have a serious problem on our hands and this time we know who it is and dont have to hunt them down on their private island, space ship or distant place, they are right there out in the open. We don’t need special guns or bullet proof cars or missile launchers or cigarettes that shoot, etc… What we need is the courage and the will to speak out against this alien life form we have amongst us endangering our children, our planet, our ethics, our food and our way of life. This is no joke folks, this is Jew fantasy coming to life and their fantasy isn’t like yours. A leopard doesn’t change its spots and just because your History classes were watered down to make Jews look persecuted it doesn’t make it less bizarre it makes it even more bizarre that they were capable of making themselves look persecuted after so much death and mayhem they have caused throughout the years (inhale).
You think this is a movie, but this is the real deal. Ask Mr. Wheeler if it’s the real deal or John P. O’Neil or the thousands killed on 9/11 or over a million Iraqi’s and God knows how may Afghani’s, Palestinians, Lebanese, Russians, Germans, Irish, English, Hungarians, Polish, etc.. Ask them if it’s a James Bond movie.
Dr. No: The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake.
Bond: World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they’re Napoleon. Or God.
Our asylums better have plenty of room.
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