The Birds

Movies, especially Science Fiction movies are coming to life these days or maybe I should say death. I have an extra fire extinguisher awaiting “The Blob” at any moment now. No telling really what kind of mutant species these psychotic Jews are dreaming up. The latest is a synthetic cell a group of Jews invented (why don’t I believe that?). Actually I think someone else discovered it by accident and this group of Jews led by Craig Venter saw a way to do what they always do, contradict mankind.
You have to ask how a group of people were allowed to drop a synthetic cell into our waters without our permission. This is similar to the bank bailouts because Jews create the problem and provide the solution. They shouldnt be allowed to do either. You have to wonder how people sprayed a chemical all over the Gulf as well. You have to wonder why the people who did this (all of them) aren’t hanging from the flagpoles of all the countries this will affect. The people of America just sit back and do nothing, however like cud chewing cows. These people destroyed Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Germany, Russia (getting the drift?) etc. and now its America’s turn and as Reagan once said “We are the last stand”. 
The media lies day in and day out protecting Jews and Jews alone and the true Americans who stand for the Constitution just don’t see it or wont. They think it’s a Republican/Democrat thing  (it is so pitiful it’s beyond the pale). There might as well be Martians running America because most of Americans just don’t care, they let the Jews think for them. The one people on earth they shouldnt be trusting and they trust Jews over everyone else. Jews know what’s going on because they know Jews run the media, they know the Holocaust was a hoax even though they will say otherwise, they know Kosher seals are all over our food products showing their power in America, they know Jews are massacring their neighbors every day in the Middle East, they know the huge pedophilia problem that Jews have and know its being blamed on others purposely, they know Jews control porn, drugs, homosexuality, feminism and on and on and on and they don’t say a word about it. If they do they try to make Nazi’s look worse simply to claim Jews aren’t the only madmen on earth even though the Nazi’s had a Jew problem and basically havent been heard from since. When pedophilia comes up they include Catholic priests to smother their humongous sickness. Not many people Jews can compare their Rabbinical organ harvesting rackets to, but I’ll bet they are trying feverishly. If Europeans were doing what Jews are doing right now I would openly deny any relations with them like I would Hannity and O’Reilly.
Well look around folks, birds are falling out of the sky, fish are washing ashore dead, the economy is trashed, we are in occupations in the Middle East directly against the will of the founding Fathers and more importantly God Almighty, pedophilia runs rampant, etc. This is what happens when you let the antiChrist into leadership positions. Even the birds and fish are trying to tell you something, but you have to be hit over the head with some in order to wake up.
I have known this would happen all my life if these people ever got power like they have today. It is a sin to God to put these people in charge of anything over us. That may sound harsh, but it is correct. Find me where in the Bible it says to put Christ’s enemies before him and obey them. You will find quite the contrary in Luke.
 If the birds decided to attack humans today it wouldn’t be Science Fiction because they have every right to, that’s how upside down things are. It would prove that birds are smarter than us, smarter than Jews because they are destroyers and smarter than non Jews because we don’t do anything about it. Our European ancestors are turned over in their graves. I am positive they cannot fathom the cowardice that has somehow polluted their blood.
Many of you just passing through are thinking “how did the Jews do this?” Ladies and gentlemen its simply perfect logic and only Jews are capable of this. I don’t have to catch a Jew with his hand in the cookie jar to know a Jew did it, you just follow the trail of crumbs and history. God is not going to swoop down here and save you, you are supposed to be speaking out and sticking up for truth and Gods creation. If you can’t get on a national talk show you need to burn it down. If people aren’t letting you tell the truth on national or local radio they are traitors to America and traitors to God himself. Until you feel that way things will spiral into the abyss and you will see things you never dreamed of against nature. It has nothing to do with 2012 it has to do with you triumphing over evil. They have you convinced you lost the fight before you have even entered the ring. How gullible can you be? Every politician, every media fathead, every government official is derelict in his duty. Anyone who has taken an oath to office is derelict in their duties because they wouldn’t be in the job they have if they weren’t. How do you look at yourself in the mirror? It’s no use you simply don’t listen. Then you ask “Where is God?”. If God knows what I know about you cowards who don’t speak out and I know he must, he wouldn’t come to save you. He would let you each take a shot in the back of the head one by one like Katyn. You were put on this earth for a reason and it wasnt to work for Jewish kosher food. Every one of you are capable of standing up for truth and you pretend you are too busy with something else. Nonsense! If you are too busy so is God. I agree 100% if you aren’t going to stick up for him why in the hell should he stick up for you? You were given an earth with everything you could possibly want and all you had to do was preserve it and that means keeping freaks of nature out of powerful positions. Now you get to live your favorite Sci Fi movie.
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