I am not trying to get anyone to go out and purchase this movie so don’t even bother if you haven’t seen it. I saw it on eh eh plane just to kill time and watch the extent that people will go to lie. I’d just like to point out the way Jews get you into a situation that they already had planned for you and all you had to do was just never trust them to begin with. if there is anything on this earth I know it is to never trust a Jew- ever. If you don’t know that by now I don’t know what to tell you. You were most likely never to be part of this fight and just extras in some Jewish movie.

Munich starts out with the so-called Munich terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympians (like the Brooklyn Heights Olympians). Jews under another act of terror by those evil Arabs (the ones whose land Jews stole). So here we are right off the bat in this movie having to trust this act actually happened the way they described it to have. Like I said, never trust Jews. We should all know by now Entebbe was a hoax and they did a movie about that one too (with Linda Blair and Charles Bronson- a wrecking crew). They also dovetailed this hoax of a story into the end of “Last King of Scotland” (2 bull-crap stories tied into one). We all know about the Holocaust hoaxes, we know Jews did 9/11 and 7/7 and poisoned water supplies in Europe, instigated wars, ran the slave trade, drugs and on and on and on so who in the world could possibly trust even one of this motley crew? In this instance we will go along with Arabs killing Jews at the Olympics for the sake of explaining the rest of this movie.

Eric Bana and at least two or three other characters in the movie are said not to be Jewish, but like little boy blue, they needed the money. Can we possibly imagine Arabs doing a movie about the Mossad hit in Dubai or the King David hotel bombing or 9/11, etc? The truth is only Jews can get away with this and you can’t see the subversive nature of it. Jews put it on the screen and you suck it up like ice cream that wont get you fat. To even think that Jews were the bombers of anything and not Arabs is taboo in itself, but here are Jews bombing Arabs all over Europe and parts of the Middle East right in your face and it is meant to be a good thing. You see when Jews do it its good. See how brainwashed you are?

One of the Jewish characters in the movie is a bomb expert (no, it wasn’t an Irish terrorist bomb expert this time) and he made up contraptions to explode in telephones, TV’s, beds, etc. There weren’t many appliances, household items, etc. this guy couldn’t turn into a bomb, but he and his cohorts did three bomb jobs and killed the intended victims and this bomb expert later on says “we Jews don’t do wrong because others do wrong to us”. In other words those 3 bombings in appliances were perfectly ok even with women and children around when they exploded. These are the good guys, folks.

They shot one of their victims carrying a bag of groceries and a bottle of milk and killed others while dressed as women. Ladies and gentlemen we are talking psycho nutcase stuff. This is what Jews want to project to the world to us, that if we mess with Jews we are going to get bombed or shot coming home from the grocery store with a bag of kosher food. Here we have a Jewish media telling us every day that Arabs are terrorists and murderers and Jews are murdering them right on your movie screen which you paid to see. Not only that, but your sons and daughters are in the Middle East defending these nut jobs and their rights to do things like this again and again.
Nobody seems to ever suspect Jews would do 9/11 or the Beirut bombing or 7/7 or the Lavon Affair etc. even after watching them do it right in front of their faces in the movies. Its kind of ironic that in the very end of this movie there is a shot of the WTC towers in the background for about a minute. I guess that was just a coincidence. This movie Munich is so hypocritical there is actually some truth to it because Jews are hypocritical. It’s important to know where the hypocrisy begins and ends and it begins at the very beginning and in my opinion only ends at the very end. Jews depend on you to trust them right out of the shoot. The best time to gain your trust is in the very beginning so you don’t have time to change your mind. The question is why don’t you know that by now?
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  1. gordon says:

    That is the truth. I am trying to inform my Mum of this fact – the holocaust is bullshit, 911 was an inside job of mossad/CIA, Freemasonry is a giant tool for binding the most powerful goyim of the country’s hands by making them swear loyalty not to tell on their brothers allowing the Jews to commit any manner of crimes with impunity as the judges and police are all tied up since they have to help a fellow freemason, freemasonry being run on jewish law, etc. My brother had a lot of his money stolen by hollywood people – jews for sure. Truth is – never ever ever trust a jew and as long as you are not their friends their evil cant touch you as they can not suggest/corrupt you with their lies as they know you wont listen. Telling the truth is the most dangerous weapon to a liar. They steer well clear of the truthful one who is outspoken and will allow no falsehood or corruption (propagation of gambling, leud behaviour, etc) in their presence. I had a jew at work who did just this, and i shut him down while he was trying to get someone involved in gambling as he ‘had lots of friends at the races who he nods to and they give him a tip’ (ie its all rigged and if this goy come with us,we’ll take him to the cleaners). He hated me after that and tried saying stuff to anger me and i threatened to sue him. Keeps well clear of me now.

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