Rain Men

It’s not hard to figure out where this one is going. Somehow the world, not only America, figured out we have some sort of a human relative called Jews or at least a people who look somewhat like the rest of us. Some people have been aware of this relationship with Jews and some still think Jews are winning them money in Vegas and in various rackets they don’t even care to know about. Many countries adopted Jews because they thought it would bring them good luck, they think Jews are Gods chosen people and whoever helps them will be blessed. I’m not sure what else America, I can’t speak for Europe more than 100 times, but you have to wonder if people in America realize yet they aren’t blessed for helping the Jewish state or Jews- period. It’s not enough that our fathers were sent in to fight their own blood relations (Europeans) in Germany for Jews or fight ourselves in America over Jew slavery (just two mentioned of several), but we had to let them into every high office of the land. The most notable office isn’t really an office because people are too cowardly to say it, but its the Jew office of making money out of thin air right in your face.

Many of us that grew up in America have seen the Jew contradictions to morality, but we sat on our hands and looked the other way. You see we figured out a way to enable them to be immoral and go against all our rules while we played by the rules. I’ve said it before, it’s right out of a Sci Fi movie. We somehow along the way adopted this creature among us and praised him for his abilities in the courtroom (to trash immorality), its ability to stand for freedom of porn, feminism, homosexuality, etc… while we stood idle watching it drive the car up and down the driveway we knew we could never let out on the freeway. Well folks, he is on the freeway now and he doesn’t know where the breaks are. Have you seen him?

We see people who have stood up for an honest monetary system only to suffer with their brains blown out, mysteriously dead in plane accidents, hurled out of high-rise buildings, blackmailed, set up, neutralized one by one. This isn’t something we want to take on alone because they simply knock off individuals or get them put into insane asylums, etc. through the court system they run. There are various ways they get rid of their opposition, but they fear more than anything an angry mob that knows the truth about them despite them telling us this is exactly what they want I think they are bluffing and theres only one way to find out. That’s what is going to happen eventually anyway and we all know it. This balance of evil has to be kept at bay or even the crooks wont have reason to live. Where will the crooks live if they can’t live in a good and honest neighborhood? People are starting to realize in a big way that the psychopaths are the Jews and not the Nazi’s or Palestinians or Lebanese or Spanish, Hungarians, ad nauseam. They can’t live amongst each other because they know they’re all liars. They have the largest per capita child molester rate in the world, they make their money off conning others… are we to believe they wont do the same to their own? Wouldn’t there be the same result of peace just treating others as your own? Who will these people claim victory against? What honorable non-Jew would give up the chance to retaliate the second they have a chance? Ladies and gentlemen it is nothing more than a Rain Man left in a room with Jeopardy, Wopner and Wheel of Fortune on all at the same time.

The Rain Men are all over the planet now and not long ago they were in their shtetl’s, ghettos and asylums. We can go thinking things are gonna be alright and they will snap out of their psychotic behavior, but we know this is clinically impossible. It’s just a matter of time before people realize who Rothschild is and who Chertoff is and who Kristol, Greenspahn, Abe Foxman, Marc Rich, Yukos Oil rip-offs are and on and on and on and on. They are all Jews folks. Something is going to have to be done and I don’t think we have the money to pen them all up and feed them again. No more rabbit stories, no more being alone with our women and kids. Its time to put this story to bed.

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