In the Garden of Good and Evil

Most people in America can tell you how many Jews died in WWII without missing a beat, but ask them how many Catholics died or Methodists or Baptists and watch them look for the exit door in their mind or literally look towards the door. Some may claim being a Jew means you are Jewish and being Jewish is a race as in the Jewish state of Israel right now, but don’t ask them where their long-lost brothers are, the lost tribes, because they don’t want to know. Its best for the so-called Jews that they never be found. Somehow they were all lost without even a search party. The people of Judah were taken into captivity, but the Pharisees say they were never in bondage in John. So much for them being a race with relations all over the world as well, but many believe they are so for their sakes I then ask them “How many white people died in WWI and II or how many blacks or American Indians, etc..?” and I get the same response, this time it is answered in a way that I am a Nazi or white supremacist or simply one of the people the Jews warned of (auntie semites). So here I am discussing Jews with someone who trusts Jews over their own people. At this point you can see the poisonous subversion that only Jews are capable of carrying out on their prey. Nobody else on earth is capable of perverting their oppositions own ability to properly reason factual evidence. You give them exhibit A and B side by side and they are completely incapable of recognizing their own bias they don’t even know they have. For instance you can tell them that 30,000 Catholics were murdered at Katyn, one by one shot in the back of the head, slaughtered like cattle and dumped in a pit by Jewish Soviets under Stalin and they refuse to believe you and dare not even see if it’s the truth and you can talk about Germans gassing Jews and they will soak it up like a sponge. It is truly a Science Fiction movie in itself.
You could go on to say that Communism is Jewish and they may be able to accept that, but it doesn’t kickstart the possibilities that Jews were behind the millions of deaths that happened as a result of Communism in their minds even in the slightest. There is a built-in trap in their thought process that will not accept Jews as murderers, thieves, liars, etc…I could give hundreds of incidents where Jews were responsible for massive deaths and destruction for over 2000 years and Jesus in John chapter 8 takes it all the way back to Cain himself. Think of all the death and destruction that has come from Jewish culture itself. You could start with usury and the culture of greed, instigating wars and making money off of death and destruction, slavery, homosexuality, feminism, porn, etc… All of these are the death of humanity, the death of purity, goodness, just plain old death of life as a whole whether it be people, animals or plant life. Jews are the Grim Reapers of life without a doubt in my mind. The amount of deaths they have caused is immeasurable and most people have that 6 million Jews figure implanted in their brains etched in permanently. That thought is simply more frightening than any horror movie ever made.
Jews run the media to lie to us every day and its a fact. They own the media so good people will never be able to expose the truth, the light. We are to be kept in complete darkness and that’s what it will be. Many times Jews were referred to as vipers, asps, snakes and what do snakes do? Some snakes are poisonous and others simply wrap around their prey and squeeze until their prey suffocates. This is exactly what is happening today. Even if the snake is killed it will constrict even more before it is eradicated. What do you do when Jews have taken over your money system, grocery stores, media, government, security, military, etc…? What do you do, help them kill you by working for them? Do you become an actor in Hollywood? Do you sign up for the military to go kill their enemies who are your friends? Do you become a police officer and protect Jews interests? Do you work at a Jewish clothing store that monopolized your father’s business? Do you become a contractor and hire illegal labor to be able to outbid Jews who hire only illegals at bottom rates? It is a remedy for total disaster in every instance.
I have said this many times before and it relates to your fathers who threw Jews out of their countries. They knew what was right for you and they did it FOR YOU! They did it to save your lives. They were 100% right and I thank God for them. No father lies to his children and you can not expect your brothers to lie to their children. It comes down to who can historically be trusted, your fathers and brothers or Jews? You see one or the other is working against you and by now you should know who that is. Honor thy father and mother and honor theirs as well, but one thing is absolutely without a doubt you are not honoring thee Father if you are not speaking out and defending what is right and good. What are you doing if you aren’t doing this? This isn’t just about feeding your family, this is about the balance of good and evil in this world. We have a very small minority amongst us that think their way is better than everyone elses. They don’t have to regard other as humans or care about nature or treat animals as Gods creatures because they simply cannot be of God. One of the most important things you need to do before you can do anything is figure out what is right and what is wrong and then you can figure out where the wrong is coming from. The truth is it’s always the same road leading to the same people. That’s the Gods honest truth. The media will not discuss this ever so don’t wait for them. Dont wait for your churches, your schools, your neighbors to seek the truth for you. You were told to seek the truth. On your way you will without a doubt see where the lies are coming from.
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