Once Upon A Time In America

Every once in a blue moon we see an honest portrayal in the movies about Jews, but of course it is made to look honorable, holy and a slew of other things Jews are not. If it’s a portrayal about Italian mobsters they will always throw the Catholic church in to blame as well even though the Italians are also Jews. Either way you are going to get BS’d even when you get some truth about Jews depicted as who they really are in the movies. No two peoples in this world can be gangsters whacking law abiders off in the streets, rise to power like Tony Montana and be Holocaust victims a little before, during or even a little after that very same time. In fact you can switch the channels from one channel to another and see Jews being persecuted by the Nazi’s and then Jews being persecuted by having to live an honest life in New York City when a movie like this is on.
So much for that honest Irish police officer walking the beat 12 hours a day trying to keep his neighborhood safe, going to church on Sunday, bringing up honest kids, those days are long gone. You see the cop is there to protect the Jew and look the other way. So much for the veteran who is suckered off to a war thinking he is putting his life on the line to protect America’s freedom or Constitution because thats a movie nobody wants to see. He will be looking for the crooks who did this to him and nobody in Hollywood or the media would care to tackle that one.
Movies have gradually taught us that the Gordon Gecko’s of the world and the marrano gangsters are the way to go. This nonsense about making an honest living and treating others with respect is old school. Today its nice guys finish last. If your competition is outperforming you, you just douse his place with gasoline and set it ablaze or bring in illegal aliens and pay them a fourth the going rate and put Americans out of work at the same time. It’s not so hard to be rich if you know how to do it. You don’t have to invent anything when you can steal it or knock someone off for it. You can walk around wearing a suit, drive a car the girls think you earned, make the kids think you are hot shots, but it’s getting old. You see it’s all been done before and its coming around again for the uncteenth time.
The movie we all have built into our own instincts know there is a beginning and ending. In real life the scoundrels get theirs in the end. Yes they will have some fun and they will get away with murder, but the balance of nature doesn’t hold out for them. The goodness of the earth is kept by good people and without them there is no reward for the crooks. Good people wont protect crooks or their children and even crooks want their children to grow up safely. Pretty soon crooks have all the money and good people have no reason to work hard for crooked money anymore. It doesn’t matter if money switches to gold, silver, diamonds, oil, steel because it’s not a money or a trade problem its a people problem.
You would think right about now people are putting the pieces of the puzzle together and clearly seeing that the Holocaust folks and the billionaires from one side to the other are the same people. They are not only from beginning to end, but they are on both sides of the extremes as far as they can be working against the middle. Its doesn’t take a genius to figure it out nowadays. They have all their people in place in the media, judiciary, banking, etc… They are sticking their heads out their windows with their tongues out calling you honest folks fools, but you look the other way and pretend you don’t see it. Telling Jews they are vipers and thieves isnt in the movies only in books you dont read. This is the most bizarre movie anyone could possibly see, but its the real thing. Welcome to Russia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Britain, Spain, etc. Its that time again and wherever we go they will follow. Welcome to America, we are here! Nature if it is truly natural will not take it any longer, but it seems the brainwashed natives can take whatever is given to them.
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