The Man Who Wasn’t There

I hate to start this off with a Jewish movie title, but it does seem somewhat fitting in this case. Many of you haven’t heard of the Edgar Steele case and many of you probably don’t know who Edgar Steele is. I hardly know who Edgar Steele is, but he has written some very truthful articles about the decline of America and who the culprits are. On those issues I am on the exact same page as him so I must trust he has been framed by the ADL (Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith and the FBI- you know what that stands for- the Federal Bureau of Idumea). You can read the fine details
Edgar wrote one of the best articles on the net I’ve ever seen called “It’s the Jews Stupid” and there isn’t a word in it not to be trusted. The only plausible scenario of this case is Edgar was set up and taken down by a very clumsy branch of the FBI with the help of Bill Maher’s, yes that’s right that half pint Jewish imbecile on TV who never saw something antiChristian he didn’t like, cousin Larry Fairfax and Bill Maher’s brother who lives close by. None of this has hit the main stream media, not one word.
Edgar was said to have paid his handyman Larry Fairfax, most likely a Jew being cousin to Bill Maher to assassinate his own wife and mother in law with pipe bombs under their cars. I’m not going to get technical with the case, but apparently the FBI claims to have a tape claiming Edgar asked this FBI plant (Fairfax) who had worked for the FBI before to carry out the deed. There are so many inconsistencies involved in this case its hard to believe they are trying to pull this one over on us, however Edgar sits in jail in solitary confinement awaiting his court date possibly one year later on completely bogus charges. My guess is he will mysteriously die in jail or this will be exposed bigtime. The truth is it will be exposed either way.
Anyone with any kind of common sense can see this is a frame job right in plain sight and nobody says a word. It’s as if the Morlocks have taken one of our people and not one of us, all but a few, dare say a word. All of this rests on a tape recorded conversation from a FBI informant and the FBI working together to nail Edgar Steele. There is no other evidence whatsoever, just the Feds against a common citizen ( a practicing attorney no less). Let all the other attorneys out there take heed of this. At the very least you should be offering your support for one of your own with your expertise. Offering no help makes you attorneys of whoredom not law.
Ladies and gentlemen if they can get away with this its all over for all of us. I’ve seen many lies uncovered in my day and to see nobody take action against them such as the Federal Reserve, the Katyn massacre, the destruction of our moral values in America, who really brought the slaves to America and blamed on Whites, who the real pedophile king of the religion and culture is, the degradation of our women (all women of morality) through porn, feminism, etc…, etc… by the very same people over and over and over again is just plain pathetic. We are going to have to take back our country and we are going to have to do it together. We’re going to have to figure out what it is we stand for and what it is our enemy stands for and put our enemy on the defensive where they belong. We all know what is going on and we know who it is doing it. If you want to make friends go join the enemy, but if you want morality and decency restored you know there will always be a people opposing you and you know who it always is. Whether we get attacked slowly or rapidly it is still an attack. You can’t win anything until you draw a line. Our enemy needs to be pushed back over that line and then driven out. Make no mistakes about it.
We better start acting as a force together because we aren’t going to win this alone. Together we have the greatest force on earth “the truth”. Time to stand up for it and time to go even further than that. Its time to take back our God-given rights and if someone took them from us they are thieves. You put thieves behind bars not innocent truthtellers. Forget all the BS Jewish propaganda. Be a Patton, a soldier or a yellow-bellied coward.
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