If someone stole all your credit cards and pretended to be you for a week, a month or even a year you would want to know who that thief was who was living off of your money and your good name. You would have to have him arrested and tried as a liar, slanderer, thief and keep this happening to others. If the police weren’t doing you any good you would have to go out on your own and do the leg work yourself or you would be defamed, robbed, cheated, etc… and then your children could be used the same way by using all the information they have on you. Your first step would be to realize you are being robbed not just once, but continuously. Someone is using your name and destroying your credibility simply by using a card or Social Security number with other people who have no clue who you are. This identity thief can be you when he wants to be and himself when he wants. To strangers he can say your mother is his mother, your son is his son, etc… Who is going to know other than people who know you personally?
Now suppose that there are a very coordinated tight-knit group of people who have stolen the identities of a much larger group of people who have been divided by all the identity theft of the thieves. Not only have they now taken over your identity, but they have made you forget your own. You are now legally someone else entirely and have put the thieves in charge of the offices your father’s used to hold. Does this sound crazy?
The first thing you do when someone steals your identity and you become aware of it is look for the thieves and find out “who” they are. You already know they are thieves, but who are they? Someone has to tell you that you are being robbed first. You can scratch your head forever asking “how?”, but how wont answer “who?”. When you find out who has stolen your identity you have to point your finger and identify “who” they are. After all they aren’t you, right? So it is necessary to say their real names, if they haven’t stolen them too. After all they stole your name, why wouldn’t they have stolen someone else’s? You can call him Stan or Bobby or Keith or whatever, but you aren’t identifying him with a name at that point because they steal names.
Ok you see where this is going, now take the next step. Go back to John 8:44 when Jesus called Jews “fathers of liars”. Jews or Edomites claimed to be of the house of Judah, but Revelations 2:9, 3:9 and 12:9 say differently as well. When you claim to be someone you are not your children have to perpetuate that lie. If someone stole your house when you went on a long trip and when you got home the son of the thief was in the house and said his father gave him the house it doesn’t make him the owner of the house. An honest person that seeks the truth will look into this matter and find out if it is indeed true, but a liar will perpetuate this crime and either not look at all or simply defend his father’s lies outright.
This is exactly what is happening in our world today. The true Israelites who were called to be the light of the world to keep the law have been usurped by the enemies of God and truth. It is a harsh thing to have to say, but without saying it nothing will be done. Like a child you don’t want to tell them certain things, but you do it for the greater good. The true Israelites are not Jews and its time we told them who they are and who we are for the greater good and because it is the truth. You are either with the truth or against it. You are either up or you are going down.
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